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Spreading the risks: when genetically engineered organisms go wild
A new peer reviewed paper is published in the international Environmental Sciences Europe journal. The paper addresses specific environmental risks associated with genetically engineered (GE) plants that can spread and propagate in the environment. It is the first publication with a focus on on the risk assessment of so-called next generation effects. The review addresses unintended effects that were observed in spontaneous hybrid offspring but absent in the original plants. Some of the risks include a higher invasive potential of the GE plants and/or disruption of the associated ecosystems.

Climate law sets direction but lacks urgency
The European Commission published a proposal for the EU’s first ever climate law on 4 March. By setting a target for 2050 at the latest, the EU’s proposed climate law puts Europe on an essential course towards net zero emissions.

EU taxonomy: Expert report to tackle greenwashing in finance
The EU’s battle to end greenwashing in the finance sector should gain ground on Monday 9 March when proposed rules on which investments should qualify as climate-friendly are published.

Climate Law: More focus on SMEs needed
Following the presentation of the new Climate Law, SMEunited approves of the key principles underpinning the Commission’s activity to reach climate neutrality at the latest by 2050.

Failing SDG14: EU on a cliff edge for ensuring a sustainable ocean
Five years on from the adoption of the UN 2030 Agenda, a new WWF report sounds the alarm to European decision makers and the global signatories of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) over failed progress on SDG14, the Goal for conservation and sustainable use of our ocean.

Wholesalers key to Europe's economy
EuroCommerce today launched its report "Wholesale at the Centre of Europe’s Economy" setting out wholesalers' key contribution to making the European economy work.

Settlement reached: Volkswagen to compensate consumers in Germany affected by Dieselgate
German consumer group Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband (vzbv) and Volkswagen (VW) have reached an out-of-court settlement to compensate drivers affected by the 2015 Dieselgate emissions scandal.

Heathrow runway ruling sets world climate precedent
Commenting on the worldwide implications of the Friends of the Earth campaign win today to protect the climate from Heathrow Third Runway, after a legal victory in the UK court of appeal,

Two-thirds of 250 products bought from online marketplaces fail safety tests, consumer groups find
Six consumer groups from the BEUC network tested 250 electrical goods, toys, cosmetics and other products bought from online marketplaces such as Amazon, AliExpress, eBay and Wish. They selected the products based on possible risks and found that 66% of them fail EU safety laws with possible consequences such as electric shock, fire or suffocation.

Green Deal: Success lies in SMEs
The Green Deal will be successful if it creates the right conditions for new business opportunities for SMEs.

Retail and wholesale see EU Digital Strategy as a positive step towards European competitiveness
EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren, speaking on the launch of the European Digital Strategy by Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, executive Vice-President Margrethe Vestager and Commissioner Thierry Breton, underlined the many positive elements in the Commission communication:

A human-centric internet for Europe
The European Union has set digital transformation as one of its key pillars for the next five years. New data-driven technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), offer societal benefits - but addressing their potential risks to our democratic values, the rule of law, and fundamental rights must be a top priority.

The European Union deserves a future proofed budget
Ahead of the extraordinary European Council on the next Multiannual Financial Framework, SMEunited President Alban Maggiar reminds European leaders on the priorities ahead. Europe will only be able to provide welfare to its people, if it invests in future competitiveness, based on a greener and digital economy. Therefore, President Maggiar asks the European Council to agree on a budget framework able to deliver on these priorities.

Europe's digital future must benefit consumers
In response to the European Commission's artificial intelligence (AI) initiative and data strategy - both presented today - The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) calls for the EU to put in place safeguards to mitigate risks from AI and data sharing for the EU's 450 million consumers and to protect their rights in this digital revolution.

New scientific paper: Global action plan could limit decline in freshwater biodiversity
With biodiversity vanishing from rivers, lakes and wetlands at alarming speed, a new scientific paper outlines an action plan to reverse the rapid decline in the world’s freshwater species and habitats.

An Unbreakable Smartphone? Global Launch Of Athesi Professional's New Smartphone Range
The go-to manufacturer for durable, resistant mobile phones for professionals working in extreme conditions, Athesi is now set to be the go-to for all smartphone users.

EU-Vietnam deal: a long time coming, but still good news for consumers
EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren commented on 12 February on the approval by the European Parliament of the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (FTA).

MEPs massively back European Central Bank climate role
Today the European Parliament voted in plenary in favour of the European Central Bank (ECB) taking climate action.

Why is French Retail Tech a friend to the high street?
In July this year the proportion of all UK shops that are empty reached 10.3%, its highest level since January 2015 according to the BBC. Yet despite the struggles faced by the high street, retail tech is booming & contrary to popular belief, it could be key to saving the high street. From France's vibrant tech scene, key global players in retail tech are emerging.

Ooh là la-unch of French EdTech's international Bachelor of Culinary Arts at Bett 2020
After a busy start to the 2019-2020 school year with more than 10,000 French students joining their digital learning platform, Skillogs is expanding internationally to train learners across Europe at Bett 2020 (stand SR40).

OECD negotiators must now agree on how to modernise international taxation
Ahead of the talks in the OECD this week in Paris, EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren pressed negotiators to make concrete progress on modernising international taxation systems:

Driving times and Tachographs: Political agreement recognizes construction specificities
On 21 January the TRAN Committee of the European Parliament approved the trilogue agreement on the "Driving times" and "Tachograph" Regulations reached before Christmas.

MEPs endorse a climate role for European Central Bank
This morning MEPs voted in favour of the European Central Bank taking climate action.

Auto industry sets out plan for carbon neutrality under EU Green Deal, amid shrinking market
Forecasting the first downturn in EU car sales in seven years this year, the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA) today outlined the major challenges faced by the EU auto industry, as it embarks on the transition to carbon-neutral transport.

European Parliament shows determination on biodiversity protection
Today, the European Parliament gave a resounding 'yes' to biodiversity protection and restoration by voting for a strong EU position at the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) COP 15 summit in October of this year. With one million species facing extinction, time is of the essence.