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EY survey reveals France top in Europe for innovative & industrial investments
The 2019 edition of EY's 'France Attractiveness Survey' published on 4 June confirms France’s increasing appeal as an investment location.

EU leadership in ocean governance must help curb climate change impacts to global food security
In a policy briefing published today, WWF calls on the EU to lead on global ocean governance in the face of climate change impacts on fisheries and food security.

EuroCommerce and GS1 in Europe agree to strengthen cooperation
EuroCommerce and GS1 in Europe signed on 29 May a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to work more intensively together in the field of supply chain cooperation, standards, and technologies.

New report shows some EU Member States intent on burning coal for electricity beyond 2030 whilst banking on EU funding for a just energy transition
Today, a new report by Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe and Sandbag reveals Member States are receiving EU energy transition support but not committing to phase-out coal.

Better work-life balance would shrink the gender pay gap
The gender pay gap reveals the different realities that women and men face in their professional and personal lives. Today, women across the EU earn on average, 16% less per hour than men. The biggest gap in earnings is among couples with children - showing that the financial cost of having a family falls heavily on women’s shoulders.

Fragmented Parliament needs unity to tackle climate emergency
As a result of the European elections concluded yesterday, the two traditional major parties of the social democrats and conservatives will no longer have a majority in the European Parliament.

EU elections show that Europe matters
The results of the European Election are a call to act", said SMEunited President Ulrike Rabmer-Koller.

Retailers and wholesalers welcome adoption of Single Use Plastics Directive, but ask for more robust waste management infrastructure
Speaking today at the formal adoption by the Council of the text of the Directive on the reduction of the impact of certain plastics on the environment, EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren said:

The future of EU rivers: New paper exposes business lobbies' wish list of destruction
Unsustainable industries, including industrial agriculture, hydropower, and coal mining, are lobbying for devastating changes to the EU water law - the Water Framework Directive (WFD).

EU agriculture ministers crack open door to climate action
EU agriculture ministers appeared to begin to recognise the urgency of climate action, and the crucial role farming has to play, as they considered the EU’s draft long-term climate strategy today. While many ministers highlighted the difficulties in cutting emissions in agriculture, there was the beginnings of a discussion on how to make it happen.

Starting tomorrow, consumers will benefit from cheaper intra-EU phone calls
People making phone calls from their home country to someone living in another EU country will see their phone bill drop thanks to a new EU measure which will apply from tomorrow.

Merkel shows support for climate-neutral EU by 2050
After months of dithering, German chancellor Angela Merkel has shown support for a target to make the European Union climate-neutral by 2050 and asked her government to investigate how Germany would achieve it.

Retailers and wholesalers commend Commission action on AB InBev
Speaking today about the agreed resolution of the Commission's investigation of AB InBev's actions in hampering cross-border sales of beer, EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren commented:

"This time I'm voting" - EuroCommerce supports campaign to mobilise citizens to vote in European elections
Speaking today on the occasion of Schuman Day, EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren said: "On 9 May 1950, French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman issued the declaration which laid the foundations of what, some 70 years later, has grown into today's European Union. This is indeed an achievement we should all celebrate today. The EU has brought all of us immense benefits, which it is sometimes easy to take for granted."

Sibiu Summit could have been the green turning point for the EU. It wasn't.
EU leaders today failed to give a strong and clear backing to a greener, fairer and more inclusive Europe, thereby missing a key opportunity for putting the Union on a firm path towards prosperity and sustainability for the five years to come.

Leaders fail climate, sustainability and change test at Sibiu - Friends of the Earth comment
Europe's prime ministers met today in Sibiu, Romania, for a largely symbolic summit intended to renew commitment on the 'issues that really matter to people'.

Sibiu summit - Europe and climate need transformational change says Friends of the Earth Europe
As Europe's prime ministers meet tomorrow in Sibiu, Romania, to shape the future of Europe, the EU's next five-year priorities and long-term climate goals, Friends of the Earth Europe urges them to grasp the nettle of transformative change.

EU Overshoot Day 2019: If EU consumption was the global norm, the Earth's yearly budget would be exhausted on 10 May
10 May 2019 marks the date by which humanity would have exhausted nature's annual budget if everybody in the world lived like EU residents, according to a new report by WWF and Global Footprint Network.

Electric car sales not taking off in lower-income EU countries, new data shows
The European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA) has published new data highlighting the correlation between the affordability of electric cars and their market uptake.

Truck makers call for EU-wide introduction of high-capacity vehicles to bring down CO2 emissions
As part of wider efforts to reduce CO2 emissions from road transport, the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA) is calling for a policy framework that supports an EU-wide high-capacity transport system. This should allow for high-capacity vehicles - specifically designed to carry twice as much freight as standard trucks - to travel on dedicated parts of the EU road network. ACEA made this call to policy makers at an event in Brussels today.

WWF submits request for EU report on climate impacts of CAP
WWF has submitted a Freedom of Information request for a crucial assessment of EU farming policy’s impact on the climate.

Registration Opens for the 21st Annual Global MilSatCom Conference
SMi Reports: Attendees can now book their seats online for Global MilSatCom 2019, taking place in London on the 5-7 November.

Bremain in Spain comments on Spanish election results
Bremain in Spain, a pro-EU campaign group, says that Sunday's Spanish election result has brought welcome reassurance for Brits living in Spain, with the ruling socialist party, PSOE, gaining an increased share of votes. The voting turnout increased to 75%, despite this being Spain's third general election in four years.

Improving the Single Market for SMEs
SMEs in Europe enjoy the freedoms of the Single Market and recognise its added value for the European Union, an added value that goes beyond boosting the economy. However, the Single Market has been built over several decades, there is therefore still room for improvement to make it deeper and fairer as well as to make it function seamlessly.

Scientists and indigenous groups right to raise alarm about impact of EU trade - Greenpeace
Over 600 scientists from across Europe and representatives of 300 Indigenous groups from Brazil have called on the European Union to make trade talks with Brazil conditional on the protection of human rights and the environment.