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Corona crisis: almost 1.5 million vehicles in production losses for European auto makers 09 April 2020, 11:39 CET
Factory shutdowns as a result of the COVID-19 crisis have resulted in lost production amounting to 1,465,415 motor vehicles to date, according to new figures published by the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA).

COVID-19 is a wake-up call to end sky-high medicine prices 08 April 2020, 13:34 CET
The current pandemic is a stress test for our health care systems and sky-high medicines prices are one of the problems that need solving. As vaccines, testing kits and treatments are urgently needed to tackle COVID-19, BEUC urges the EU to ensure that public funding into treatment research results in medicines that are affordable to all. Experience shows that public investment in medicines research − such as cancer drugs − does not always ensure fair prices.

Renewed EU sustainable finance strategy can help economic resilience 08 April 2020, 13:29 CET
Today the European Commission showed it is pushing forward on greening finance. It launched an insightful public consultation on the EU’s new sustainable finance strategy, almost sticking to the planned timing despite the coronavirus outbreak.

On World Health Day, WWF Central and Eastern Europe Calls for a Halt to the Illegal Wildlife Trade and Forest Crime 07 April 2020, 14:02 CET
This World Health Day, the world is grappling with the worst public health emergency in recent memory. The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has brought the link between zoonotic diseases - those transmitted from animals to humans - and wildlife trade into sharp focus.

UK trade deal: EU auto makers call for far-reaching agreement 07 April 2020, 00:00 CET
The scale and ambition of the trade agreement that replaces the United Kingdom's membership of the EU must reflect the deeply intertwined nature of the automotive sector, urges the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA). If not, this would not only severely damage the industry and the wider economy, but it could also hamper the roll-out of electric vehicles.

COVID-19: Jobs of over 1.1 million EU automobile workers affected so far, data shows 31 March 2020, 18:19 CET
The jobs of at least 1,110,107 Europeans working in automobile manufacturing are affected by factory shutdowns as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, according to data compiled by the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA).

Coronavirus: joint statement Copa-Cogeca, FoodDrinkEurope, EuroCommerce 27 March 2020, 00:16 CET
Copa-Cogeca, FoodDrinkEurope and EuroCommerce represent the core actors in the European food supply chain: farmers and agri-cooperatives, food and drink manufacturers, and wholesale and retail distribution.

EDRi calls for fundamental rights-based responses to COVID-19 24 March 2020, 00:00 CET
In a recent statement released on 20 March 2020, European Digital Rights (EDRi) calls on the Member States and institutions of the European Union (EU) to ensure that, while developing public health measures to tackle COVID-19, they:

Coronavirus: EU auto industry faces unprecedented crisis 20 March 2020, 23:40 CET
The effect of the coronavirus on society and the global economy is unprecedented, with grave consequences for the automobile industry.

Statement of the European Social Partners on the COVID-19 emergency 16 March 2020, 23:22 CET
The social partners urge the governments to approve measures

Retailers ask for rising card fees to be tackled in Interchange Fee Regulation 13 March 2020, 21:45 CET
Commerce Director-General Christian Verschueren commented today on the publication of an Ernst & Young study for the European Commission on the effectiveness of the Interchange Fee Regulation (IFR) and the launch of its own report on retailers’ on-the-ground experience of the IFR’s application:

Support for SMEs needed to master Corona Crisis 13 March 2020, 21:38 CET
President Alban Maggiar reacted positively on the COVID-19 crisis measures announced today by the European Commission and hopes that the Finance Ministers quickly adopt them.

Circular economy needs harmonised approach across Europe and whole supply chain involved 11 March 2020, 18:32 CET
Responding to the Commission Circular Economy Action Plan published today, EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren underlined the retail and wholesale sector’s support for the plan’s objective of for speeding up the transition to a circular economy:

EU makes bold pledge for resource-friendly consumer goods 11 March 2020, 17:36 CET
Consumer products sold in Europe will become more environmentally friendly, in a bid to better use depleting natural resources.

SME strategy: SMEs lack systemic change in policy making 10 March 2020, 22:36 CET
In a first reaction to the SME Strategy, SMEunited acknowledges that the strategy develops a very clear picture on the challenges SMEs face, however falls short in creating a gamechanger in policy making.

EU opens door to climate-neutral industry 10 March 2020, 22:08 CET
The EU's new industrial strategy, published today, is an important step on the road to climate-neutrality, making a clear link to the need to decarbonise Europe’s economy.

Industrial Strategy: don't forget services, competition in the EU - and consumers 10 March 2020, 17:58 CET
Commenting today on the Commission package of the Industrial Strategy, strengthening the single market and on SMEs, EuroCommerce Director-General welcomed the concrete steps proposed, but added some thoughts on how to ensure that the Commission ideas were successful in making the whole EU economy globally competitive:

Experts: nuclear, gas and some bioenergy not sustainable under EU taxonomy 09 March 2020, 23:52 CET
The EU’s finance sector will take strides for the climate if the European Commission follows just-published expert advice.

SMEs Call for Economic Support due to COVID-19 Impact 06 March 2020, 12:41 CET
Following the outbreak of the corona virus in Europe and measures taken to contain the spread, SMEunited is receiving information from members indicating already a disastrous impact on some sectors in the economy, especially for SMEs.

Spreading the risks: when genetically engineered organisms go wild 06 March 2020, 00:08 CET
A new peer reviewed paper is published in the international Environmental Sciences Europe journal. The paper addresses specific environmental risks associated with genetically engineered (GE) plants that can spread and propagate in the environment. It is the first publication with a focus on on the risk assessment of so-called next generation effects. The review addresses unintended effects that were observed in spontaneous hybrid offspring but absent in the original plants. Some of the risks include a higher invasive potential of the GE plants and/or disruption of the associated ecosystems.

Climate law sets direction but lacks urgency 05 March 2020, 23:50 CET
The European Commission published a proposal for the EU’s first ever climate law on 4 March. By setting a target for 2050 at the latest, the EU’s proposed climate law puts Europe on an essential course towards net zero emissions.

Climate Law: More focus on SMEs needed 05 March 2020, 23:37 CET
Following the presentation of the new Climate Law, SMEunited approves of the key principles underpinning the Commission’s activity to reach climate neutrality at the latest by 2050.

Failing SDG14: EU on a cliff edge for ensuring a sustainable ocean 04 March 2020, 00:53 CET
Five years on from the adoption of the UN 2030 Agenda, a new WWF report sounds the alarm to European decision makers and the global signatories of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) over failed progress on SDG14, the Goal for conservation and sustainable use of our ocean.

Wholesalers key to Europe's economy 04 March 2020, 00:48 CET
EuroCommerce today launched its report "Wholesale at the Centre of Europe’s Economy" setting out wholesalers' key contribution to making the European economy work.

Settlement reached: Volkswagen to compensate consumers in Germany affected by Dieselgate 02 March 2020, 00:34 CET
German consumer group Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband (vzbv) and Volkswagen (VW) have reached an out-of-court settlement to compensate drivers affected by the 2015 Dieselgate emissions scandal.