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ANEC - the European consumer voice in standardisation

ANEC brings together representatives of the national consumer organisations in 33 European countries (28 EU, 3 EFTA, FYROM & Turkey). An NGO, we act as the voice of the European consumer in the development of European legislation related to consumer products and services, and in the elaboration of European technical standards intended to support the implementation of that legislation. We also have interest in the use of third-party certification schemes and marks as means to improve consumer protection and welfare. The association is staffed by a Secretariat of ten people in Brussels. ANEC is supported financially by the European Union & EFTA, and has signed the EU Transparency Register (identification number 507800799-30).

Consumers to be helped by new labelling of the power supply of electric vehicles 04 November 2018, 17:14 CET
ANEC welcomes adoption of the European Standard, EN 17186 'Identification of vehicles and infrastructures compatibility - Graphical expression for consumer information on Electric Vehicle power supply'.

World Standards Day 2018 - How will standards meet the Future? 17 October 2018, 20:52 CET
The theme of this year's World Standards Day is 'Standards meet the Future', as the rapid change, brought by a new generation of smart technologies, will need standards to help address the challenges ahead. But ANEC stresses that standards will meet the future only if they reflect the needs of civil society.

The Internet of Things: A brave new world for consumers? 28 November 2017, 13:54 CET
Four global and European consumer organisations today presented their recommendations to make consumer rights, privacy and security core features of the Internet of Things. The consumer organisations recognise the benefits of IoT applications but urge developers, manufacturers, policy-makers and regulators to deal with numerous challenges and risks.

ANEC welcomes European ministers committing to tackling deaths and serious injuries on EU roads 30 March 2017, 22:32 CET
As part of an initiative of the Maltese Presidency of the Council, and the European Commission, European transport ministers on 29 March signed the Valetta Declaration on road safety during a High-Level Ministerial Conference held in Malta.

Let's keep our children and their secrets safe! 08 December 2016, 00:27 CET
Internet-connected toys, now available to consumers in many countries, engage in 'conversations' with children by using built-in microphones and speech recognition technologies. But are children's secrets safe with these toys and could even their personal safeties be placed at risk?

Car seats become more consumer-friendly 18 November 2016, 00:19 CET
ANEC welcomes adoption of the second phase of Regulation 129 by UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (WP 29).

Window covering cords can KILL 23 June 2016, 16:18 CET
The OECD Global Awareness Campaign on Window Covering Cord Safety runs from 23 to 30 June. ANEC joins OECD in wanting to ensure parents are aware of the risks that window blind cords can pose to young children.

ANEC 21: celebrating 21 successful years of making a difference for consumers 15 June 2016, 15:36 CET
Since its creation in 1995, ANEC has represented consumers' interests in standardisation, complementing the contributions of business, in order to ensure standards and related legislation protect European consumers and their welfare.

A barbecue grill can kill: don’t use it indoors 01 June 2016, 23:15 CET
On the occasion of today’s 6th Carbon Monoxide (CO) Round Table, hosted by MEPs Linda McAvan and Marian Harkin, ANEC - the European Consumer Voice in Standardisation - urges consumers never to take a charcoal barbecue inside because of the risk of lethal CO poisoning.

ANEC Brochure: What we do for you 03 February 2014, 18:30 CET
Few people are interested in technical standardisation and even fewer have heard of ANEC. Yet, although standardisation may not seem at all sexy at first glance, it is an essential component of modern life and the role of ANEC is key. Standards make products work: from the simplest of nuts & bolts to the most complex of smartphones. But without effective consumer representation in the writing of standards, products need not be as safe, as interoperable, as accessible or as green as they might be. ANEC fulfils that role in European standardisation.

Stop toying with our health! 03 February 2014, 18:18 CET
A significant number of notifications related to toys and to chemical risks has been revealed with today's release of the 2012 RAPEX Annual Report.

MEPs support the universal mobile phone charger 03 February 2014, 18:17 CET
On 26 September, the Internal Market & Consumer Protection Committee of the European Parliament unanimously adopted MEP Weiler’s report on the proposed directive on radio equipment. ANEC welcomes the support of MEPs for an amendment intended to see the introduction of a universal charger for all mobile phones.

Standards for playground surfaces should better reflect the balance between play and protection against falls 03 February 2014, 18:17 CET
Falls from playground equipment were the focus of an international conference hosted yesterday by TÜV AUSTRIA, a third party inspection, testing & certification body, and ANEC, the European consumer voice in standardisation.

Toys: who 'plays' with chemicals? 03 February 2014, 18:16 CET
In the weeks before Christmas, many parents will have the annual pleasure of choosing the right toys for their children. Although the new Toy Safety Directive, which entered into force in July 2011, certainly brought some improvements to toy safety in Europe, ANEC calls upon policy makers to take the health of children more seriously by significantly strengthening the chemical requirements for toys.

The New European Consumer Agenda: the start of a 'Consumer Spring'? 03 February 2014, 18:16 CET
"ANEC welcomes the proposal of the European Commission, unveiled today, to strengthen consumer confidence and put consumers at the centre of the Single Market", said ANEC Secretary-General, Stephen Russell.

Belt up! i-Size ready for take-off! 03 February 2014, 18:16 CET
On 9 July 2013, the new child restraint regulation came into force. Manufacturers are now able to have Child-Restraint Systems (CRS) meeting the new i-Size Regulation type-approved. The new Regulation (R129) can be seen as an enhancement of the well-known UNECE Regulation 44 (R44), and covers integral harness ISOFIX child restraints exclusively. They can be recognised by the i-Size label on the product.

Consumers wrong-footed on environmental footprint 03 February 2014, 18:16 CET
ANEC has published a detailed critique of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) as a measure of environmental impacts: "Environmental assessment goes astray. A critique of environmental footprint methodology and its ingredients", and calls on the European Commission to re-think its approach to environmental assessment.

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ANEC acts as the voice of the European consumer in the development of European legislation related to consumer products and services, and in the elaboration of European technical standards intended to support the implementation of that legislation.

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