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WHO raps EU for seizing generic drug shipments from India

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(GENEVA) - The World Health Organization on Thursday rapped the European Union for seizing Indian generic drugs in transit for patent violation, saying that it was a misuse of rules against counterfeit medicines.

"Let me be very clear. WHO deplore those things. WHO deplore that this has happened," said Hendrick Hogerzeil, who heads the essential medicines programme at the UN health agency, at a press conference.

"We have asked both Netherlands and EU at that time what was happening, and we ask them to make sure that this does not happen again. It was an improper unfortunate use of counterfeit legislation."

Several shipments of India-made generic medicines bound for Latin America and Africa have been seized or halted while on transit in the European Union, with the first of such case dating to late 2008.

The move has sparked trade dispute at the World Trade Organization, with Brazil and India filing separate complaints against the European Union for violating international trade rules.

The two countries claim that developed countries are using the cover of a fight against counterfeit medicines to protect pharmaceutical giants and suppress legitimate generic drugs.

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India part of G-77

Posted by Frederick Dalpay at 21 May 2010, 12:49 CET
The World Bank and IMF was a "temporary" Post WWII measure of the Marshall Plan, to aid in the recovery of Europe. UN agencies distribute the aid from G-20 nations to the G-77 and other hostile nations. As a result; the productivity of industrial nations is reduced past the tipping point.

G-77 nations are united against the West in a political struggle where they bite the hand that feeds them ...literally.

India part of G-77

Posted by Stoyan Antonov at 28 May 2010, 22:52 CET
this is a good message, and I would like to add something, if you do not mind- India is growing even more self assertive, along with China and Brazil, they put more and military power on the naval routes, and buy more and more EU high techs, look what Mittal last time advised the French workers of Arcellor - to compare their working compensation to those of India. however who let all those hedge funds and private equity funds in EU, who helps orientals steal EU high tech? And which is the world's biggest firm for generic medicines, do you want me to tell you?