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EU offers 'solidarity' to quake-hit Turkey

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(BRUSSELS) - The European Union on Monday tentatively offered to help would-be member Turkey "as necessary," following an earthquake that killed 57 people at the latest count.

European Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso offered condolences and Brussels' "solidarity" in a statement, inviting the bloc's foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton to "keep me informed, so that assistance can be mobilised as necessary."

Ashton finally visited quake-hit Haiti last week, delivering further pledges of long-term aid which, adding national contributions to EU-level assistance, have now reached 609 million euros (828 million dollars).

Haiti's January quake killed more than 222,000 people and left 1.3 million people homeless in and around the capital Port-au-Prince.

The EU began membership talks with Turkey in 2005 but the negotiating process has ground to a standstill due to Ankara's failure to open its borders to EU member Cyprus.

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Earth changes and its reality

Posted by Andi Prama at 08 March 2010, 21:34 CET
Earthquakes in Padang, Indonesia, Haiti, Chile, Turkey? So often!

Please watch my video. It's about Earth Changes, caused by continental drift. Continental Drift - One huge supercontinent, became 2 continents, then 5 (or 6) continents, and then? Continental drift is an Earth's nature cycles, extreme greenhouse gas emission makes climate change move faster.

Informative News

Posted by Maya Campbell at 23 March 2010, 12:29 CET
Thanks for sharing the informative news Greece is ready to grant Turkey any possible help needed to face the impact of the natural disaster, the Greek prime minister added.
With Regards
Maya Campbell