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Turkey should be treated fairly in its EU bid, German FM says

01 July 2011, 22:15 CET
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(ISTANBUL) - Turkey, as a strategic key player in its region, should be treated "fairly and respectfully" in its membership negotiations with the European Union, the German foreign minister said here Friday.

"The region around Turkey is going through an historical change. Turkey is playing a key role. This is the reason for a fair and respectful negotiation process in Europe for Turkey's full-membership," the Anatolia news agency quoted Guido Westerwelle as saying.

"We are not talking about commitments or determining certain dates. What is important here is to look each other in the eye from the same equal level and treat each other fairly and respectfully," Westerwelle said in a joint press conference with his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu.

Germany, together with France, currently opposes Turkey's accession, instead advocating what has become known as a "special partnership" with the EU for the mainly Muslim nation, an idea Ankara has flatly rejected.

Germany is open accelerating Turkey's membership negotiations to address specific concerns, Westerwelle said, without elaborating.

"I will be in favor of discussing and solving current problems," he said, adding that both Turkey and EU should work on opening new "chapters" in EU commitments.

Turkey and the EU are at an impasse in talks over Ankara's bid to join the 27-nation bloc, which have faltered largely due to a deadlock over the divided island of Cyprus, which joined the union in 2004.

Talks in eight key areas remain frozen due to Turkey's refusal to open its ports to Cyprus, an EU member that Ankara does not recognise owing to the island's 36-year division between its Greek and Turkish communities.

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Turkey should be treated fairly in its EU bid

Posted by Christos Eleftheriou at 03 July 2011, 22:25 CET
Turkey in order to become an EU member she should first become a normal state
by acknowledging her criminal past following the example of Germany which went a long way until she became a normal state and now is a leading power in EU.

For how long will Turkey be permitted to defy international law and order without punishment?
For how long will Turkey be excused for the gross violations of human rights it is continuously perpetrating not only in Cyprus but within its own borders as well?
For how long will Turkey be allowed to continue to hold the entire population of Cyprus including the Turkish Cypriots whose interests she claims to be protecting, hostage to her own ambitions?

When advocating Turkish claims to EU membership, people tend to forget that
EU is not ΝΑΤΟ.


Turkey should be treated fairly in its EU bid

Posted by Christos Eleftheriou at 03 July 2011, 22:56 CET
Regarding the crimes which Turkey has committed in the past, The U.S. ambassador James Gerald had written <<The principles of Justice are more important than oil or railroads (I would add also or any geopolitial importance)and that <<The Turks should not be accepted into the society of decent Nations until they show sincere
repentance for their crimes. Fraternizing with them on any other terms creates the suspicion of sordidness and complicity>>

Above stated by U.S. Ambassador are still valid today

Turkey should be treated fairly in its EU bid

Posted by Stoyan Antonov at 11 July 2011, 21:54 CET
Everybody should be treated fairly, Greece too - it is illegal in EU to put national debt of memberstates to become EU debt, it is against the EU Treaty, and that is what Greeks do - very successfully. It is great shame. Before some two years WSJ depicted the old greek runner as scavenger