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Ben Ali's party sacked from Socialist International

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(STRASBOURG) - Tunisia's former ruling party, ousted president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali's RCD, has been sacked from the worldwide International Socialist movement, German euro-parliamentarian Martin Schulz said Tuesday.

Schulz said at the European parliament that the party, a member of the grouping of socialist movements since the 197os, "has been expelled."

The movement's website confirmed it had decided "to cease the membership of the Constitutional Democratic Assembly (RCD) of Tunisia."

"This decision, in extraordinary circumstances, reflects the values and principles which define our movement and the position of the International on developments in that country," it added.

The RCD also signed a cooperation agreement in June 2009 with the European People's People's Party (EPP), the largest and most influential political party in the European parliament.

It groups parties leaning to the centre-right.

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