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Da'esh, Al Qaida face EU-wide anti-terror sanctions

20 September 2016, 21:57 CET
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(BRUSSELS) - The EU will for the first time be able to apply sanctions autonomously to Da'esh and Al-Qaida and their associates and supporters, following a strengthening of its legal arsenal in the fight against terrorism.

Until now sanctions could only be applied to persons and entities listed by the United Nations or by EU Member States acting individually.

The EU will now be able to impose travel bans on individuals and asset freezes on individuals and entities that are identified as being associated with ISIL (Da'esh)/ Al-Qaida. This means that all their assets in the EU will be frozen and that EU persons and entities will also be prohibited from making any funds available to listed persons or entities.

The measures' targets include those who have taken part in planning or perpetrating terrorist attacks or have provided ISIL (Da'esh)/ Al-Qaida with financing, oil or arms, or have received terrorist training from them.

Persons or entities could also be listed for activities such as recruiting; inciting or publicly provoking acts and activities in support of these organisations, or being involved in serious abuses of human rights outside the EU, including abduction, rape, sexual violence, forced marriage and enslavement of persons.

The EU will also be able to impose restrictive measures on individuals travelling or seeking to travel both outside the EU, and into the EU, with the aim of supporting, ISIL (Da'esh)/Al-Qaida or receiving training from them. Such measures will target particularly the so-called "foreign fighters".

As a result the EU will be able to list any person who meets the criteria - including EU nationals who have supported these organisations outside the EU and who then return. The travel ban will prevent listed persons from entering any EU member state. In the case of a listed EU national, the travel ban will prevent the listed person from travelling to any EU member state other than the member state of which that person is a national.

Once Member States have agreed listing proposals, persons and entities will be listed through a Council decision and a Council regulation adopted unanimously.

General Affairs Council, 20/09/2016

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...EU wide terror....

Posted by Demir Arabaci at 21 September 2016, 19:57 CET

Behind all these parasites (terrorists) is a russian hairless white ape called put-it-in.
He is powerless against the west but tries to distrupt
the order of life by resorting to terror as well as creating fear among the helpless populations by bombing the schools, hospitals, roads, airports,shops and any other un-defended locations.
That is his way of getting revenge for being repeatedly sodomized when he was 16 by a gang of his friends. He joined the underground police force, and later the KGB so that he could hunt and kill every one of them.
He did but one got away and lives in the west.
So far he has been unable to locate and kill the last one.
You could call it "the revenge of the hairless white russian ape".
That should make an interesting movie.
Come on Hollywood. Show some guts!!