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Serbia, Kosovo blame each other for talks failure

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Serbia, Kosovo blame each other for talks failure

Shala - Ashton - Thaci - Photo EC

(BELGRADE) - Serbia and Kosovo on Wednesday traded blame for the failure at EU-sponsored talks to reach an accord on how to ease long-standing tensions, but both say they are ready to do more to compromise.

Little has been made public on the details of the 12-hour talks in Brussels overnight that ended without an agreement.

But a Serbian government source who did not want to be named said Wednesday that EU officials had "proposed to both sides to sign a kind of a general accord aimed to show progress made so far and to leave details for further talks".

The source pinned the blame for the failure squarely on Kosovo's prime minister Hashim Thaci.

But in Pristina, Kosovo's deputy prime minister Behgjet Pacolli said Serbia was the one at fault.

"Unfortunately, Serbia once again proved that it is unprepared for peace," Pacolli told reporters.

And Thaci said that the "Serbian side has requested additional time for consultations".

"We can not declare the process ended or failed. These are not easy decisions for any country or a leader, but we must not remain hostage to the past," Thaci added.

The big sticking point through the eight rounds of talks has been the future of the Serb minority living in Kosovo, especially in the north, since it declared independence in 2008.

While Serbia has offered to recognise Pristina's authority over the north, it wants autonomy for some 40,000 Serbs living there who continue to reject Pristina's declaration of independence.

Following the marathon discussions, Serbia's President Tomislav Nikolic met Prime Minister Ivica Dacic, and his deputy Aleksandar Vucic to weigh what ground to give in order to reach a consensus.

Vucic said that Serbia "is in a very difficult position" and should give its "response" by Tuesday.

"We will have to chose between two extremly difficult options... (Serbia) is now between accepting a very bad plan for the Serbs in the north and rejecting to sign any agreement with the (Kosovo) Albanian side and the EU," Vucic told Serbian state television RTS.

According to the Serbian government source, there was hope that a compromise could still be reached.

"Nothing is over yet," the source said. "We still have five or six days to reach an accord" before the issue of a European Commission report on April 16 on the progress of the talks.

That report, which will be forwarded to EU leaders to evaluate at a summit in late June, is crucial in paving the way for Serbia to join the EU, as talks on membership are contingent on normalising ties with its former province.

A glowing report would hand Serbia a date to start EU accession talks at the June summit and could get Kosovo an agreement on an association accord at the same time.

"This is still a phase of arm wrestling," the source said, adding that "several days of shuttle diplomacy could be expected" in order to overcome the gap between Belgrade and Pristina, described by EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton as "very narrow but deep".

Ashton, who hosted the Brussels talks, did not mention the proposals discussed or what decision she expected from the two sides, only saying that they would inform her "in the next few days of their decision".

In Pristina, there is a push to get Washington -- Kosovo's main ally and one of around 100 countries to have recognised majority ethnic Albanian Kosovo -- involved in the dialogue in order to hasten an agreement.

"There has not been any process in the Balkans that has functioned without a direct and strong intervention of the United States," Valon Murtezaj, professor of political sciences at the University of Pristina, said.

He referred notably to the leading US role in reaching the Dayton peace agreement that ended the 1992-1995 war in Bosnia.

"So, that is why they have now to take over a stronger role" in the Kosovo-Serbia negotiations, Murtezaj said.

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serbia, Kosove blame.....

Posted by Demir Arabaci at 03 April 2013, 22:53 CET

the best thing you can do is to kick the 40,000 serbian murderers out and then sit down to negotiate a settlement.
those bastards have the blood of old men and children on their hands.
show them no sympathy.
do what the jews have been doing for centuries: "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth"!!!!
Nothing less...

serbia, Kosove blame.....

Posted by IrishPat at 04 April 2013, 00:51 CET
The Serbs should have just put the "Albanians" on a train and sent them back to the glorious land of Albania and then torn up the rail lines.

serbia, Kosove blame.....

Posted by Yellena Michales at 05 April 2013, 17:16 CET
Albanians at Kosovo are no angels to. Do not forget organ trading, killing of innocent Serbian older, women and children, 2000 missing non-Albanian people from Kosovo. Do not talk of bloody hands. It whose a civil war and their whose heavy casualties on bolt side. And after war, in march of 2004 I remember that Kosovo Albanians burn a several of Serbian Historical monuments in Kosovo, Orthodox Churches and Monasteries (Medieval from 10-th to 15-th century). Kill some Serb children on the play ground, frame up Serbs for something that they did not do and afterword it woes proven that they are innocent for the crimes, but to late.
Do not think for a moment that people in EU and US, Canada and other states and countries don`t watch you and see what you are doing. The question is for how long we will be patient whit yours mischief and behavior? After all we so you as a victims than, but now I rely wonder that we make big mistake.Maybe the Serbs are the victim here?
I do not think it's easy to eider side to sit down and negotiate, look at each other face to face. Peoples lives are in question. Form my point of why it is a simple solution, ask the minority what she wants and than give that to them, if you wont to be a democratic society as you clam to be. Belgrade will agree to that. But I`m just a professor of Civil rights what do I know of the subject.

serbia, Kosove blame.....

Posted by BloodyKosovar at 15 April 2013, 11:55 CET
Well it was a war but can't attribute the CIVIL part on it, A civil war is when hopefully soon will happen in Serbia where you Serbs will be fighting against your own national Government.(This is Civil War)

It is weird that during all the fighting in Kosovo, serbian authorities never admitted any losses of their troops in Kosovo they always said "Civilians" , well let me tell you lady that Not only Military, Police but civilians as well took part on killings of Albanians in Kosovo, and as for the 2004 let me tell you that one church in Prishtina was burned to the ground because the Serbian priest pulled his AK - 47 and shot at the protesters walking down the road. What do you expect?
Reference to the Churches in Kosovo, it’s a lie that they are Serbian? Only one can be attributed as true Serbian Church (Grachanica one) the rest, well the rest time will tell.
In any given time I assure you serbs cannot will not be victims ever, they always were, are and will be the most genetically degenerated people in Balkans, and will always be held accountable for what they did.

But remember things are changing, you Serbs are not anymore the Factor in Balkans, you are not anymore the ones to decide for other, and you are not anymore the ones to write the history, it’s over.

So my advice would be - give the hand of friendship and ask for forgiveness from the peoples of Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo, make something that you never want, Accept the miseries that you have made in the past, look for the future, that what counts now.

serbia, Kosove blame.....

Posted by BloodyKosovar at 15 April 2013, 13:44 CET
Quote Yellena "But I`m just a professor of Civil rights".
Hmmm, I missed this part, of course you are a Professor of “Civil Rights”, I am very sorry for the students that have the fate to listen to your lectures, definitely they will be having a lot of questions on the ethics of their Professor on Civil Rights. How can you bring organ trading as an issue when you know very well that this point has been fabricated and as a result of that Carla Del Ponte was kicked off because of this. Let me remind you that first time this issue was mentioned on the February of 1998 (if I am not mistaken in Serbia Parliament by Vojislav Seselj) now the funny thing is that all of that did not happen coz there was no war at the time. The Fighting started in September 1998.
Allow me Professor of Civil Rights to ask you this question:
What about the rights of people in Vojvodina that are asking for their rights in having autonomous province (for real) every day you have the Governmental reps who are stating and even threatening that Serbia will never allow that.
You as Civil rights professor shouldn’t you be lecturing the people from your own Government on how they have to respect the civil rights in Serbia – “THE PRADISE COUNTRY FOR CIVIL RIGHTS”

Re: Kosovo

Posted by IrishPat at 04 April 2013, 00:35 CET
Kosovo is a joke of a nation. The idea that this little province (which is what it is) can be seen as a legitimate country is a sad joke. Serbia should just annex the Northern section of kosovo with all 50;000 Serbs living there, and then let the rest fall into oblivion,

Re: Kosovo

Posted by Yellena Michales at 05 April 2013, 17:18 CET
I agree

Serbia, Koosovo talks blame each other for failure

Posted by Mirk Ivancvic at 15 April 2013, 08:02 CET
This title is lie. Serbia defend legal borders.