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Poland grants amnesty to illegal migrants

26 August 2011, 17:51 CET
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(WARSAW) - European Union member Poland which is also part of the 25-state Schengen free travel zone on Friday granted amnesty to some of the estimated 50-70,000 illegal migrants believed to be living on its territory.

"We want Poland to be an open, hospitable and friendly country for those who are looking for the opportunity of a better life here," Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski told reporters after having signed the amnesty Friday.

Approved in parliament in late July, the amnesty law will come into force January 1, 2012 and migrants wishing to make use of its provisions have six months to register with Polish authorities.

The amnesty applies to foreign nationals residing in Poland illegally since at least December 20, 2007, as well as illegal migrants who were refused refugee status before January 1, 2010 but stayed on in Poland.

Citizens of neighbouring non-EU Ukraine make up the majority of illegal migrants residing in Poland followed by Georgians, Chechens and Armenians as well as Vietnamese and persons hailing from the Middle East.

Those seeking amnesty will gain residence rights for two years, including the right to legal employment.

The new law also streamlines procedures for persons seeking refugee status in Poland.

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Poland, stop it now!

Posted by Henryk Nowak at 27 December 2011, 09:16 CET
Dear Poland!

Have you not seen what is happening all over Europe with illegal immigration and the "open" and "including" immigration policy that has been practiced?

France, Germany, England, Sweden, Holland...the problems are out of control! Crime is up, violence, shootings, rape is normal - just google "Rape" + any European country and see what comes up! See the streets full of burning cars and "angry" youths, attacking police, firemen and ambulances!

Poland has so far been sheltered from this marxist crazy ideology of self-suicide by Western-Europe. Just look at the streets of Poland at the Independence Day Parade last month! Imagine that 10 times worse!

Is Poland really willing to let her people suffer so some EU beaurocrats can have nice dinners and high salaries?


Poland, stop it now!

Posted by king at 13 February 2013, 22:15 CET
dear i dnt knw ur male or female . but this i knw that you are still communist and racesist .how u can say this by entering imigrants u people lose future of your childs
wat future your childs have now look in poland they give social for one child only 10 euro .and in countries like france germany this social is 20 times more than poland . coz of wat they give forgners let come in there counties and they bring money and invest in these countries and doing good and paying tax ... u can also see in these countries people have nice clothes nice phones like appel and samsung new models and in poland still people r using nokia 3310 lolzz .. so dear dnt say this and kill ur this kind of stupid thnking