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EU Greens criticise Hungarian media law, constitution

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(BUDAPEST) - European Greens criticised Hungary's contested media law and its draft constitution at a party event here on Thursday.

"The media law must not remain as it is today," because even with amendments, "it is still does not conform to democratic norms," said Green party co-chair Rebecca Harms, speaking at a four-day European Green party council starting that began Thursday.

Hungary, which chairs the European Union until July, was forced by the European Commission to amend its media law that critics said was gagging media freedom.

"The new constitution has at least as many faults as the media law. It would be a big setback for democracy if adopted in the form we know it today," Harms added.

Hungary's government, which has an overwhelming majority in parliament, is striving to adopt on April 18 a contested new constitution endorsed only by the ruling party.

Constitutional law expert body the Venice Commission criticised on Monday the draft for among others things for the lack of transparency of its drafting process and for curbing the scope of action of the constitutional court.

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