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Budapest airport security status downgraded: Civil aviation

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(BUDAPEST) - Air passengers departing from Hungary can expect added security checks when transferring within the EU as Brussels has downgraded Budapest airport's status, a Hungarian official said Tuesday.

"At the end of May inspectors checked whether the airport kept European security standards and the airport failed around a dozen of them," Hungarian aviation commissioner Attila Marton told a press conference in Budapest.

Budapest Ferihegy Airport's status is now changed from "clear" to "unclear", which means Hungary is treated as a non-Schengen-zone country so passengers may face added security checks at their destination countries.

The airport has between two and three months before another audit to correct the failures and be cleared again.

The new security measures which the airport failed were introduced by the EU on 29 April and Ferihegy Airport was the first to be checked by an inspection.

"We have established a new committee to check how to improve security standards at our airport and we will size up what needs to change," said Karoly Szilagyi, spokesman for Ferihegy Airport.

The audit assessed the country's capability to provide secure entry into other EU states by checking whether security measures have been implemented effectively.

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