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Business news and information from the European Union

Commission moves to strengthen product safety 20 December 2017, 17:59 CET
Legislative proposals tabled Tuesday by the EU Commission would make it easier for smaller companies to sell products across Europe, and strengthen national controls against the sale of unsafe products.

EU energy reforms disappoint critics 20 December 2017, 12:07 CET
Member States agreed four legislative proposals under the EU's Clean Energy Package Monday, mapping Europe's energy transition over the coming decade, but disappointing environmental groups.

Brussels opens probe into IKEA's tax affairs 20 December 2017, 12:06 CET
The EU Commission opened an in-depth investigation Monday into the Netherlands' tax treatment of Inter IKEA, one of the two groups operating the IKEA business, the world's largest furniture retailer.

EU reaches deal on energy performance of buildings 19 December 2017, 23:44 CET
The EU presidency secured provisional agreement with the European Parliament on new rules on the energy performance of buildings Tuesday, with final approval expected at the start of next year.

EU adopts track and trace system for tobacco 18 December 2017, 23:22 CET
The European Union took an important step forward in combating the illicit trade in tobacco products Friday with an EU-wide track and trace system to ensure tobacco products in the EU are easily traceable.

EU waste deal another step towards 'circular economy' 18 December 2017, 22:39 CET
The EU institutions reached a provisional agreement in the early hours of Monday morning on four legislative proposals of a 'waste package', representing another step in Europe's transition to a 'circular economy'.

European forests to help tackle climate change 14 December 2017, 23:59 CET
The European Parliament and Council reached a provisional agreement Thursday on plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions and boost absorption from forests as a way to tackle climate change.

Cross-border parcel delivery boost for European SMEs 14 December 2017, 23:59 CET
The EU institutions provisionally agreed Thursday on new rules to make cross-border parcel delivery tariffs more transparent and allow regulators to better monitor the cross-border parcel delivery market.

New register of delegated acts adds to EU transparency 14 December 2017, 23:56 CET
A new online register, launched Tuesday by main EU institutions - Parliament, Council and Commission - will make it easier to find and track EU decisions taken in the form of delegated acts.

ECB retains supervision over Credit Mutuel: EU Court 14 December 2017, 14:13 CET
The major French cooperative bank Credit Mutuel remains under prudential supervision of the European Central Bank, following a ruling Wednesday by the European Court of Justice.

Europe's flagship investment plan extended to 2020 13 December 2017, 23:03 CET
The EU Council agreed Tuesday to extend the Fund for Strategic Investment, a flagship initiative under the 'investment plan for Europe', to 2020, with a target of half a trillion euros of additional investments.

Commission renews approval of glyphosate herbicide for 5 years 12 December 2017, 23:18 CET
The European Commission renewed for 5 years EU approval of glyphosate Tuesday, following scientific assessment which it says concludes there is no link between glyphosate and cancer in humans.

EU finalises trade partnership deal with Japan 12 December 2017, 17:01 CET
The EU and Japan finalised a deal on the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement Friday, creating an economic zone with 600 million people and approximately 30 per cent of the world GDP.

EU unveils 'climate-smart investments' worth EUR 9bn 12 December 2017, 16:59 CET
The EU's Climate Action Commissioner announced some EUR 9 bn-worth of climate-focused investments Tuesday, for areas such as sustainable cities, sustainable energy and sustainable agriculture.

EU agrees on access to products and services for disabled people 08 December 2017, 23:41 CET
The EU Council signalled its readiness Thursday to start talks with the European Parliament on the accessibility directive, to make everyday products and services more accessible to people with a disability.

Dieselgate: EU gains power over new car approvals 08 December 2017, 23:40 CET
The EU institutions reached a provisional agreement Thursday on reform of type-approval and market surveillance for motor vehicles, raising the quality and independence of car type-approval and testing.

EU and partners agree to prevent unregulated fishing in high seas 07 December 2017, 23:54 CET
The European Union reached an international agreement Friday with partners including the United States and Russia to prevent unregulated commercial fishing in the Arctic high seas.

EU VAT revamp to make system 'fit for digital economy' 07 December 2017, 23:48 CET
EU finance ministers adopted new rules Tuesday to facilitate the collection of VAT when consumers buy goods and services online, and making it easier for online businesses to comply with VAT obligations.

Brussels presents plan for European Monetary Fund 07 December 2017, 22:39 CET
The EU Commission presented Tuesday a roadmap for deepening Economic and Monetary Union, including plans for a European finance minister and the establishment of a European Monetary Fund.

Lyon wins 2018 Access City Award 07 December 2017, 13:48 CET
On the European Day for People with Disabilities, the French city of Lyon was awarded the 2018 Access City Award for its inclusive and universal accessibility. the EU Commission announced on Tuesday.

Landmark deal to bolster EU's trade defence 06 December 2017, 22:42 CET
After four years of talks, the EU institutions reached political agreement Tuesday on rules to protect the EU against unfairly cheap imports and combat environmental or social dumping more effectively.

US and EU agree deal on derivatives trading 05 December 2017, 22:43 CET
The European Commission recognised Tuesday some US trading venues authorised by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission as eligible for compliance with the EU trading obligation for derivatives.

UK's refusal of transgender pension unlawful: EU Court 05 December 2017, 22:29 CET
A requirement for a transgender person to be unmarried in order to qualify for a state retirement pension is unlawful, according to the Opinion of the Advocate-General of the EU's top Court given Tuesday.

UK comes off EU's list of countries with excessive deficits 05 December 2017, 19:01 CET
The EU Council took the United Kingdom off its list of Member States with excessive deficits Tuesday, confirming that its government deficit had dropped below the EU's 3 per cent of GDP reference value.

EU publishes blacklist of 17 tax havens 05 December 2017, 18:19 CET
European finance ministers published Tuesday the EU's first-ever list of tax havens, or non-cooperative tax jurisdictions, with 17 countries having failed to meet agreed tax good governance standards.