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Business news and information from the European Union

Ministers agree on labelling of energy-related products 15 April 2010, 23:59 CET
The Council of Ministers agreed today to extend the Directive on the indication by labelling, restricted to household appliances, to all energy-related products.

Commission approves second prolongation of Slovenian liquidity scheme for the financial sector 15 April 2010, 23:58 CET
The European Commission has authorised, under EU state aid rules, the second prolongation until 30 June 2010 of a Slovenian liquidity scheme for the financial sector.

Commission approves €19 million German support to Salzgitter AG 15 April 2010, 00:18 CET
The European Commission has authorised Germany to grant €19.1 million for an energy-saving steel production project run by Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH, a subsidiary of the Salzgitter AG group.

Commission authorises French funding for Daher-Socata and Sogerma 15 April 2010, 00:18 CET
The European Commission has authorised France under EU State aid rules to grant repayable advances of €35.14 million to Daher-Socata (€12.34 million) and Sogerma (€22.8 million).

Commission increases electricity trading capacity on the Swedish borders 15 April 2010, 00:18 CET
The European Commission has adopted a decision rendering legally binding commitments offered by Svenska Kraftnät (SvK) that will increase trade in electricity within Sweden and between Sweden and neighbouring countries.

Europe strikes against the smuggling of counterfeit goods 14 April 2010, 00:23 CET
Millions of counterfeit goods have been seized in a European Joint Customs Operation code-named Matthew II, the results of which were published today. The operation was aimed at detecting the smuggling of cigarettes in commercial consignments entering the EU by road.

CAP reform must benefit society as a whole, say MEPs 14 April 2010, 00:00 CET
EU plans to reform the much-maligned Common Agricultural Policy must be shaped with the help and backing of EU citizens, say MEPs, to ensure that the post-2013 CAP benefits society as a whole.

Publishers demand new cultural model and copyright protection 13 April 2010, 23:57 CET
Publishers and experts participating in the first day of the European seminar "The digitisation of cultural materials" called for new legal and technological measures to protect authors' rights and to slow down the harmful effects of intellectual piracy.

Commission calls for eco-innovation projects from SMEs 13 April 2010, 23:51 CET
The European Commission today launched a €35 million call for projects that turn environmental challenges into business opportunities.

MEPs propose further amendements to the regulation on biocidal products 13 April 2010, 00:28 CET
MEPs last week proposed further amendments to a regulation concerning the placing on the market and use of biocidal products.

Commission will revise competition rules in distribution sector 09 April 2010, 23:56 CET
The Commission next week is due to update the rules providing a 'safe harbour' for agreements between manufacturers and distributors.

MEPs to vote on amendments to the rules of invoicing 09 April 2010, 23:56 CET
MEPs are set to vote on 22 April on a proposal on the common system of value added tax as regards the rules on invoicing.

Fisheries: MEPs debate imports, wages and quality 09 April 2010, 23:56 CET
At a public hearing on the common organisation of the fishery market on Thursday, MEPs debated how to ensure fair income for fishermen and how European producers can compete with third countries.

Stronger language rights for EU citizens in criminal trials 08 April 2010, 23:31 CET
MEPs backed today new measures to guarantee EU citizens access to translation and interpretation in their own language when facing a criminal trial in another Member State.

Bluefin tuna: stricter catch tracking to deter illegal fishing 08 April 2010, 23:30 CET
MEPs back a new tracking system of bluefin tuna from catch to sale, which will allow closer control over the alarmingly depleting stocks in EU waters.

MEPs back new regulation to limit animal testing 08 April 2010, 23:29 CET
Legislation to regulate the use of animals for scientific experiments has moved a step closer after Parliament and Council representatives reached on Wednesday an agreement on the final details of draft legislation in the pipeline.

MEPs draft a report on cross-border crisis management 08 April 2010, 23:28 CET
MEPs drafted yesterday a report with recommendations to the Commission on cross-border crisis management in the banking sector.

EP committee backs treaty change to allow 18 additional MEPs 08 April 2010, 00:12 CET
MEPs gave their support today to a modification of the Lisbon Treaty that would allow 18 new Members of the European Parliament to take their seats during the ongoing legislature.

Mergers: Commission approves proposed joint venture by Bosch, Deutz and Eberspächer 08 April 2010, 00:12 CET
The European Commission has cleared under the EU Merger Regulation the proposed creation of a joint venture by the German companies Bosch, Deutz and Eberspächer.

MEPs to vote on a proposal on transport of dangerous goods 08 April 2010, 00:11 CET
MEPs are set to vote on 19 April on a draft report amending the Directive on the transportation of dangerous goods, or transportable pressure equipment.

MEPs suggest amendments to the Directive on falsified medicines 07 April 2010, 09:58 CET
The European Parliament's Internal Market Committee published yesterday an Opinion suggesting improvements to the Directive on medicinal products, as regards the supply chain of falsified medicinal products.

ACP-EU Assembly calls for support to banana producers 06 April 2010, 23:56 CET
The ACP-EU Assembly asked the European Commission to increase aid to ACP and EU banana producers to help them adapt to the new tariff rules of the EU-Latin America trade agreement.

New EU visa code from 5 April 31 March 2010, 12:44 CET
A new visa code will become applicable in the European Union from 5 April. The EU Visa Code gathers into a single document all legal provisions governing decisions on visas.

EC greenlights aid for UK farmers 30 March 2010, 23:41 CET
The European Commission has authorised a temporary scheme granting aid of up to EUR 15,000 to British farmers.

Main points of the EU's Lisbon Treaty 01 December 2009, 19:40 CET
The European Union's wide-ranging Lisbon Treaty, which entered into force Tuesday, is aimed at updating and revitalising the bloc's institutions and replacing its failed constitution.

Main points of the EU's Lisbon Treaty 03 November 2009, 19:24 CET
The European Union's wide-ranging Lisbon Treaty, now ratified by all 27 EU member states after eurosceptic Czech President Vaclav Klaus put pen to paper Tuesday, is aimed at updating and revitalising the bloc's institutions and replacing its failed constitution.