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MEPs display unwavering support for EU position in Brexit talks

MEPs display unwavering support for EU position in Brexit talks

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(BRUSSELS) - With little time left to agree the UK's future relationship with the EU, MEPs on Thursday said a deal on a level playing field and on fisheries would be needed if the European Parliament is to give its consent.

In a report adopted by a large majority on Thursday, the Parliament took stock of the EU-UK negotiations on a new partnership so far and acknowledged the negotiating parties' call to intensify talks in July.

However, MEPs stood firmly behind the EU's stance Thursday in opposing Britain's 'cherry-picking approach' to ongoing talks. They regretted that no real progress has been achieved in the talks after four negotiating rounds, and that differences remain substantial.

MEPs emphasised that a comprehensive agreement is in the interest of both parties. However, having the UK side cherry-pick certain policies and push for access to the single market after Brexit is "unacceptable" for the EU, says the text, expressing deep concern over the British government's insistence on only wanting to negotiate areas that are in the interests of the UK.

MEPs called on the UK to respect its commitments set out in the Political Declaration signed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and ratified by both the EU and the UK.

MEPs underlined the UK's withdrawal obligations, which include strict implementation of the Protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland, and the faithful implementation of the Withdrawal Agreement, for the EU citizens in the UK but also on UK citizens' rights in the EU. These would be a precondition to ensure the trust needed to conclude a deal on the future relationship, notes the text.

Finally, Parliament's consent to any future trade agreement with the UK will be conditional on the British government agreeing to a level playing field (common rules and standards) in the area of, among others, environmental protection, labour standards, and state aid, and on the conclusion of a satisfactory agreement on fisheries. This, says the resolution, is a necessity due to the UK's geographical proximity, level of interconnectedness and already high level of existing alignment and interdependence with EU rules.

The report notes that the British government has so far not engaged in negotiations on the provisions ensuring equal competition.

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