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Welsh cider, perry gain EU protected food status

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Welsh cider, perry gain EU protected food status

Charolais beef

(BRUSSELS) - Traditional Welsh Perry and Welsh Cider celebrated with French Charolais beef Wednesday as the three quality products won protected food status from the European Commission.

The three new products from France and the United Kingdom were approved for addition to the quality register of Protected Geographical Indications (PGI).

'Charolais de Bourgogne' is beef meat of the Charolais breed type from animals reared in eight French departments in the wider region of Bourgogne.

The region ranks among the most fertile in Europe hosting a system of extensive livestock farming.

Also protected today are two beverages originating from the UK specifically from Wales.

'Traditional Welsh Perry' (in Welsh 'Perai Cymreig Traddodiadol') is the first pressed juice of perry pears grown in Wales. The Welsh county providing the majority of pears for 'Traditional Welsh Perry' is eastern Monmouthshire where perry pear trees can be as old as 300 years old.

'Traditional Welsh Cider' (in Welsh 'Seidr Cymreig Traddodiadol') is cider made from first-pressed juice of cider apples grown as well in Wales.

The Welsh Perry and Cider Society was formed in 2001. There are today approximately 50 cider makers and 20 perry makers in Wales.

These new denominations will be added to the list of over 1,395 products already protected.

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