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EU proposes reform of Europe's asylum policy

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EU proposes reform of Europe's asylum policy


(BRUSSELS) - The EU Commission presented Wednesday proposals to reform Europe's common asylum system, with promises of an efficient, fair and humane asylum policy for refugees.

The proposals include the creation of a common procedure for international protection, uniform standards for protection and rights granted to beneficiaries of international protection and the further harmonisation of reception conditions in the EU.

The EU needs an asylum system which is both effective and protective, said EC first vice-president Frans Timmermans, "based on common rules, solidarity and a fair sharing of responsibilities."

The proposed reforms are intended to make sure that persons in genuine need of international protection get it quickly, but also, he added, "that those who do not have the right to receive protection in the EU can be returned swiftly."

The Commission has also proposed a common European policy on resettlement to ensure orderly and safe pathways to Europe for persons in need of international protection.

The proposal provides for a permanent framework with a unified procedure for resettlement across the EU. While EU Member States will remain the ones deciding on how many people will be resettled each year, collectively, the Commission says the EU will achieve a greater impact by coordinating national efforts and acting as a whole.

The legislative proposals are aimed at building a solid, coherent and integrated European asylum system based on common, harmonised rules, which are fully in line with the international protection standards under the Geneva Convention and fundamental rights instruments.

The Asylum Procedures Directive would be replaced with a Regulation establishing a fully harmonised common EU procedure for international protection to reduce differences in recognition rates from one Member State to the next, discourage secondary movements and ensure common effective procedural guarantees for asylum seekers. The proposal will simplify, clarify and shorten asylum procedures; ensure common guarantees for asylum seekers; ensure stricter rules to combat abuse; and harmonise rules on safe countries.

To harmonise protection standards in the EU and put an end to secondary movements and asylum shopping, the Commission is proposing to replace the existing Qualification Directive with a new Regulation.

Finally, the Commission is proposing to reform the Reception Conditions Directive to ensure that asylum seekers can benefit from harmonised and dignified reception standards throughout the EU, hence helping to prevent secondary movements.

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