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Brussels opens consultation on Europe cancer plan

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Brussels opens consultation on Europe cancer plan

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(BRUSSELS) - The European Commission opened a public consultation Tuesday to gather views on the outline of its Cancer Plan, with the aim of helping to identify priority areas and the scope for future action at EU level.

Every year, 3.5 million persons are diagnosed with cancer in the European Union. It is a serious health issue that will directly affect 40% of EU citizens with important impacts on the European health systems and economies.

However, with up to 40% of cancer cases being attributed to preventable causes, the Commission thinks the scope for action and potential to reduce the number of cases in the EU is immense.

The Commission is preparing to present a European plan to reduce the suffering caused by the disease and support EU Member States to improve cancer control and care.

"Europe's Beating Cancer Plan is about making a difference for Europe's citizens, patients and health systems," said the Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides: "The success of the Plan will depend on the full engagement of citizens, cancer patients, stakeholders and actors at European, national and local levels."

Europe's Beating Cancer Plan, which will be presented before the end of this year, will propose actions at every key stage of the disease:

  • Prevention measures: Prevention is the easiest and most effective way of reducing cancer in the EU. Measures on prevention could include improved access to healthy diets and vaccination coverage; measures to reduce environmental risk factors such as pollution and exposure to chemicals; research and awareness raising.
  • Early detection and diagnosis: Measures to improve the chance of a better health outcome through early diagnosis could include increasing the coverage of the target population for cancer screening; increased use of digital solutions and technical support to Member States.
  • Treatment and care: Measures to improving outcomes of cancer care and treatment could include improving the access to high-quality treatment and uptake of new therapies; measures to ensure the availability and affordability of essential medicines; innovation and research.
  • Quality of life: Measures to ensure the best possible quality of life for cancer patients, survivors and carers could include measures to improve professional re-integration; prevent discrimination; the provision of palliative care and transfers of best practice.

The aim of the public consultation is to allow EUcitizens and stakeholders to contribute and voice their opinion on the best ways to address this issue in the EU.The results of the consultation will feed into the outline of Europe's Beating Cancer Plan and help identify the areas and the scope of future action. The consultation will run for twelve weeks. In addition to the public consultation, the Commission is also today launching a consultation on the Roadmap for the Plan, running for four weeks.

Until July, specific elements of the Plan will be discussed with Member States as well as targeted consultations with stakeholders. Europe's Beating Cancer Plan will be presented before the end of this year.

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