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'Leave' ahead in Britain's EU referendum campaign: poll

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(LONDON) - Young people could be the deciding factor in whether Britain stays in the EU, according to an opinion poll released Sunday, which put the Leave campaign in the lead.

The online survey for The Observer newspaper found support for Britain to quit the 28-country bloc was at 43 percent, with the campaign to stay in the EU on 39 percent.

Some 18 percent of the 1,966 adults asked in the Opinium online survey, conducted between Tuesday and Friday, said they were undecided on how they will vote. One percent refused to say.

There have been considerable fluctuations in the opinion polls ahead of the June 23 referendum.

Telephone surveys tend to put the Remain campaign ahead while those conducted online show them to be much closer.

The Observer said turnout among younger voters could hold the key to which way the referendum will go.

"Government strategists and pollsters privately admit that the central problem for the Remain side is that its support for staying in the EU is strongest among young people, the group least likely to vote," its story said.

The poll found that 53 percent of people aged 18 to 34 wanted Britain to stay in the European Union, with 29 percent wanting out.

In the 35 to 54 age group, 38 percent wanted to stay while 42 percent wanted to leave.

Amongst the over-55s, 30 percent want Britain to remain in the EU while 54 percent want to pull out.

Bookmakers currently give odds of around 2/5 for Remain, compared to around 2/1 for Leave, suggesting gamblers believe overall it is more likely Britain will stay in the EU.

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leaving the EU

Posted by LYN WICK at 04 April 2016, 14:19 CET
UK needs to leave the EU ,we have an historic trade with the world ,our own currency ,our own laws we need to protect .UK does not accept or want EU dictatorship ,we want UK democracy ,we want to vote in and out for rule of UK . EU is on a one way journey and UK will not be part of the PLAN A ,our only interest is trade .If trade terms are not acceptable then we will trade elsewhere.UK will not accept blackmail or bullying tactics and we need to make it clear to the EU that it is a two way trade and we do not need the EU .

leaving the EU

Posted by eclipsetechno at 26 April 2016, 12:40 CET
What is Plan A or plan B ? United Kingdom should remain as a solo Identity, I should advice the house that UK must leave the EU recently. UK have the political differentiation.

They are doing Nothing

Posted by Enn Tonny at 20 May 2016, 07:14 CET
Even while they were in they didnt did anything great for EU. It doesn't make any difference

EU Referendum Poll of Polls

Posted by Dronacharya Group of Institutions at 20 May 2016, 07:25 CET
The line graph below shows how the Poll of Polls has changed since polling based on the question that will appear on the ballot paper began in September 2015. The date at the bottom of the graph represents the date on which interviewing for the most recent poll in that set of six was concluded. Details of which companies’ polls are included in each estimate can be seen as you drag your cursor along the line graph.

EU Referendum Poll of Polls

Posted by Vce Exam Test at 11 August 2016, 06:45 CET
UK needs to leave the EU ,we have an historic trade with the world ,our own currency ,our own laws we need to protect

Britain select to leave the European Union

Posted by Lisa D. Richards at 11 August 2016, 17:32 CET
Britain select to leave the European Union
I'm really disappointed. My business started struggling.


Posted by Jessica Martin at 23 August 2016, 14:49 CET
On the positive side, the UK would save its annual payments to the EU budget. In 2013, the net contribution to the EU was around 0.5% of the British GDP. Compared to the calculated losses in real GDP, even in the most favourable case these savings do not compensate the reduction in real GDP due to less trade activities. Hence, in economic terms the UK would not benefit from leaving the EU.