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Denmark backs deal to keep Britain in the EU

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(COPENHAGEN) - Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen on Friday lent support to his British counterpart who is seeking a deal that will keep Britain in the European Union.

Copenhagen was the next stop after Poland on David Cameron's whirlwind diplomacy tour aiming to shore up support for a deal.

"I'm not intervening in British politics, but I'm definitely hoping that Britain will remain within Europe," said Rasmussen at a joint press conference with the British premier.

EU President Donald Tusk on Tuesday unveiled key proposals to keep Britain in the bloc, including a four-year brake on benefit payments for EU migrant workers and protection for countries that do not use the euro currency.

"I support all the elements regarding welfare benefits," said Rasmussen, whose centre-right government needs the backing in parliament of the eurosceptic, anti-immigration Danish People's Party.

"These elements will benefit Denmark as well as other member states, not just the United Kingdom," he said.

Cameron also said he believed the proposal "will be good for Britain and other European countries as well."

"The Europe I believe in has got to be flexible enough to deal with the concerns of countries large and small," he said in the Danish capital. .

Other European leaders, particularly in central Europe, have been more sceptical, which could make it hard to reach a deal at the February 18-19 meeting of leaders of the 28 EU member nations.

Denmark and Britain have both chosen to remain outside the euro single currency and both countries have at different times requested and received exceptions to various EU regulations.

Cameron has been seeking to renegotiate Britain's relationship with the EU before a referendum on whether to remain a member, which could be held as early as June.

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Posted by LYN WICK at 06 February 2016, 23:56 CET
We have had enough dictatorship from the EU , IT IS TRADE ONLY ,We are not going to pile Tax payers UK money into EU . The direction and control of EU is a destruction to the citizens of Europe and their country.