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Ardeche chickens win prized EU food recognition

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Ardeche chickens win prized EU food recognition

Ardeche chicken

(BRUSSELS) - Free-range chickens, capons and guinea fowl from the Ardeche region in south-central France won recognition in the latest list of EU protected food names announced Tuesday.

'Poulet de l'Ardèche'/'Chapon de l'Ardèche', free-range chickens and capons, and 'Pintade de l'Ardèche', guinea fowl bred outdoors, were among eight new product names from Croatia, France, Germany, Portugal and Spain protected as Geographical Indications.

The names have been registered by the European Commission as Protected Geographical Indications (PGI) and Protected Designations of Origin (PDO). Registration as a Geographical Indication (GI) gives wide protection to the registered names, functioning as an intellectual property right for products that have a specific geographical origin and possess qualities or a reputation that are due to that origin. Names registered enjoy protection against any misuse, imitation or evocation of their name.

The eight products added are:

The eight new names bring the number of protected food names to 1349 (PDO, PGI and Traditional Specialities Guaranteed altogether). Wines, aromatised wines and spirits are also protected with over 2090 names registered.

In 2010, the sales value of GIs represented EUR 54.3 billion for all categories (agricultural products, wines, aromatised wines and spirits). This represents close to 6% of the EU agri-food and drink sector. Through trade agreements, possibilities are offered for protecting EU GIs in third countries giving quality products with strong export potential an easier introduction into international markets or even the possibility to expand the business for those already present on the market. 15% of all EU food and beverages exported to third countries in 2010 were GI products.

The introduction of a GI boosts farmers' revenues and helps to maintain the population in less favoured or remote areas by promoting the rural economy. It also increases the market value of the products of economic operators, by guaranteeing that they are distinguishable from other similar products or foodstuffs. In addition, thanks to the introduction of this designation, consumers will able be to make more informed choices on the basis of clear information on the specific characteristics of the products they buy.


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