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Business news and information from the European Union

EU strengthens rules for placing medical tests on market 25 May 2022, 23:42 CET
As of 26 May, new rules to better protect public health and patient safety, on in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVDR) such as HIV tests, pregnancy tests or COVID-19 tests, are applicable.

New rules will shield European consumers from unfair practices online 25 May 2022, 23:29 CET
New consumer rights come into force on 28 May, with the EU's 'Better enforcement and modernisation Directive' to protect consumers from unfair practices online to the same extent that they are offline.

EU proposes tougher rules on assets of oligarchs 25 May 2022, 23:17 CET
The European Commission proposed Wednesday new EU-wide rules on freezing and confiscating the assets of criminals and oligarchs who violate sanctions imposed against them.

EU reaches deal on plans to restock gas reserves 24 May 2022, 22:13 CET
EU Parliament and states reached agreement Thursday on a regulation to set mandatory minimum level of gas in storage facilities to ensure security of energy supply across the EU each winter.

EU maps path away from Russian fossil fuels, Covid 24 May 2022, 22:11 CET
The European Commission issued its spring semester package Monday, providing guidance for EU Member States' economies to break free from the impact of COVID and Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

EU supports Ukraine economy with temporary trade liberalisation 24 May 2022, 22:10 CET
EU ministers gave the green light to significant support to Ukraine's economy Tuesday with a one-year suspension of import duties on all Ukrainian exports to the European Union and other trade concessions.

EU to recognise COVID-19 as occupational disease 23 May 2022, 17:26 CET
Member States, workers and employers in an EU advisory health committee reached agreement Wednesday on the need to recognise COVID-19 as an occupational disease in health and social care.

EU moves to end reliance on Russian fossil fuels 19 May 2022, 22:16 CET
The EU presented its response to the global energy market disruption caused by Russia's invasion of Ukraine Wednesday, with plans to save energy, produce clean energy, and diversify energy supplies.

MEPs want reform of EU emissions trading system 19 May 2022, 18:01 CET
Euro-MPs called Tuesday for the EU's Emissions Trading System to be reformed and its scope enlarged, aiming to incentivise industries to reduce their emissions and invest in low-carbon technologies.

Russia's war with Ukraine hits EU growth outlook 18 May 2022, 22:43 CET
The European Union downgraded its forecasts for economic growth Monday, as Russia's invasion of Ukraine leads to a surge in energy prices and drives inflation to record highs.

EU-Japan reinforce relations 17 May 2022, 19:13 CET
The EU and Japan took steps to strengthen relations Thursday, in digital technologies, trade and investments, climate action, biodiversity protection, sustainable development and security.

EU mulls tougher law on environmental liability 16 May 2022, 21:17 CET
The EU Commission launched a consultation Thursday on the Environmental Liability Directive, the EU framework to prevent and remedy damage to land, water and biodiversity based on the 'polluter pays' principle.

EU to bolster financial sector's defence against cyber-attacks 12 May 2022, 22:48 CET
EU Parliament and Council provisionally agreed Tuesday to strengthen the IT security of Europe's financial sector, to ensure it can maintain resilient operations in any severe operational disruption.

EU strategy to make Internet safer for children 12 May 2022, 22:47 CET
The EU adopted Wednesday a new European strategy for 'a Better Internet for Kids', aiming to improve age-appropriate digital services and ensure every child is protected, empowered and respected online.

Europe's efforts on battery production under EU scrutiny 11 May 2022, 23:33 CET
The EU's auditors launched an audit Tuesday to look into the effectiveness of Commission efforts to develop a globally competitive and sustainable value chain for batteries in the European Union.

EU consults on Payments Services Directive review 10 May 2022, 23:23 CET
The European Commission launched a public consultation Tuesday to gather evidence for the revised Payment Services Directive review and to inform its work on open finance.

Boost for EU research in green and health innovation 10 May 2022, 23:14 CET
An amendment to the Horizon Europe Programme, adopted Tuesday by the EU Commission, increases its budget by nearly EUR 562m to support innovative solutions to green, health and digital challenges.

EU moves to regulate 'distortive' foreign subsidies 09 May 2022, 23:06 CET
EU institutions adopted their position Thursday on a regulation on foreign subsidies distorting the internal market, aiming to ensure a level playing field for all companies operating in the market.

EU strengthens Eurojust role on war crimes 09 May 2022, 23:04 CET
EU states adopted a mandate Friday on new rules which will allow the judicial cooperation agency Eurojust to preserve, analyse and store evidence relating to core international crimes, such as war crimes.

EU vows to deliver on Future of Europe conclusions 09 May 2022, 23:04 CET
Climate change, the economy, health and social justice were at the heart of a set of 49 proposals to reform the EU, presented on Europe Day Monday in the final report of the Future of Europe conference.

Apple 'restricted access to key payments technology' 05 May 2022, 23:22 CET
The EU Commission informed Apple Tuesday of its preliminary view that it abused its dominant position in markets for mobile wallets on iOS devices by limiting access to contactless payments technology.

EU stands ready to help rebuild Ukraine and its economy 05 May 2022, 23:07 CET
The EU stands ready to help rebuild Ukraine after the war, Commission president Ursula von der Leyen said at a donor's conference Thursday, proposing the EU start working on an ambitious recovery package.

EU moves to suspend import duties for Ukraine exports 03 May 2022, 23:38 CET
The Commission proposed Wednesday a one-year suspension of import duties on all Ukrainian exports to the EU, as well as anti-dumping and safeguard measures in place on Ukrainian steel exports.

EU prepares for next pandemic phase 03 May 2022, 23:37 CET
Action must be taken by autumn to ensure vigilance and coordination of health preparedness, the Commission said Thursday as it set out proposals to manage the current COVID-19 pandemic and prepare for the next one.

EU joins international declaration in defence of global open Internet 28 April 2022, 23:23 CET
The European Union, United States, and 60 international partners proposed Thursday a Declaration for the Future of the Internet, setting out the vision and principles of a trusted Internet.