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EU web links

A collection of links to web sites of the European Union institutions and other European business web sites.

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Translation Directorate-General of the European Commission
The European Commission's Directorate-General for Translation is the largest translation service in the world. Located in Brussels and Luxembourg, it has a permanent staff of some 1 650 linguists and 550 support staff, and also uses freelance translators all over the world. Known as the DGT after its English initials, the service translates written text into and out of all the EU's official languages, exclusively for the European Commission. Interpretation of the spoken word is the responsibility of the Commission's Directorate-General for Interpretation.

Languages of Europe
Official languages of Europe statistics: The official EU languages; Policy issues; Awareness raising; Language teaching; Language learning; EU funding opportunities; Key documents; Useful links

Kyoto Protocol - full text
In December 1997, more than 160 nations met in Kyoto, Japan, to negotiate binding limitations on greenhouse gases for the developed nations, pursuant to the objectives of the Framework Convention on Climate Change of 1992. The outcome of the meeting was the Kyoto Protocol, in which the developed nations agreed to limit their greenhouse gas emissions, relative to the levels emitted in 1990. The Kyoto Protocol lays the ground for the international community to take the first steps in curbing harmful greenhouse emissions and combating climate change.

European Culture Portal
There are many EU policies for the promotion of culture: subsidy programmes, regulations, etc. The Commission's European Culture Portal provides information on these policies and directs you to specialised sites where you can find more detailed information, such as the Culture site, which specialises in aid for cultural cooperation in Europe. The Portal also includes links to the sites of the national authorities responsible for culture in Europe.

European driving license
The second EU driving licence directive 91/439/EEC is governed by two major principles: to facilitate the free movement of the citizens of the Community and contribute to the improvement of road traffic safety. With regard to the free movement of citizens, EU Directive 91/439/EEC introduced the principle of mutual recognition of driving licences issued by the Member States. The Community model driving licence was established by Directive 80/1263/EEC in order to facilitate comprehension and the mutual recognition of licences by the authorities of the Member States. With regard to road safety, Directive 91/439/EEC harmonised categories of driving licence; conditions for the issue of a driving licence; minimum ages for the various categories; driving tests; minimum standards of physical and mental fitness.

Your Europe - Business
Your Europe provides businesses with practical information and advice to help them carry out their business in another country within the European Union. You can find information on registration of companies, public procurement, taxes, business directories, various funding opportunities or employment laws.

SME User Guide explaining the new SME definition
In May 2003 the European Commission adopted a new Recommendation regarding the SME definition to come into force 1 January 2005. The revision increases legal certainty, while reducing possibilities of its abuse, particularly with regard to state aid, Structural Funds and the Research and Development Framework Programme. This Recommendation concerns all Community policies applied within the European Economic Area in favour of SMEs. It will be adopted in a number of Community acts and programmes and integrated in the field of state aids where SMEs can benefit from exemption provisions including aid for R&D and vocational training.

Accounting in the EU
In the fields of accounting, the European Commission's work is directed towards: improving the quality, comparability and transparency of the financial information provided by companies and ensuring the compatibility between the Accounting Directives and International Financial Reporting Standards. The Commission also co-operates closely with international bodies: International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), OECD, World Bank, UNCTAD, etc.

National holidays in Austria
National holidays in Austria from

Cyprus Business Guide
Whether you are looking for new markets or just wish to keep up-dated, the annual Cyprus Business Guide is your affordable, comprehensive reference tool.

Czech Business Weekly
The goal of the Czech Business Weekly is to be a timely and trustworthy source of information about the Czech business market.

Czech Business Web Portal
The official site for business professionals searching for information, assistance, or contacts on business activities in the Czech Republic.

Croatiabiz offers outstanding business opportunities for foreign companies who intend to cooperate and do business with Croatian companies. Membership in Croatiabiz, and using the benefits it offers, will facilitate and intensify the contacts with your Croatian partners.

Croatian Chamber of Economy
The Croatian Chamber of Economy is an institution with a rich century and a half-old heritage that is determined to create a new and successful economic future for Croatia.

Croatia Government
Croatian Government web site

Invest in Denmark
Invest in Denmark - Ministry of Foreign Affairs site

Danish Exporters
Danish Exporters is Denmark's official export market place, published by the Danish Trade Council and Krak in co-operation with Confederation of Danish Industries and the Danish Chamber of Commerce - your key to Danish goods and services.

Doing Business in Estonia
Doing Business in Estonia - Columbus Travel

Estonian Chamber of Commerce
The mission of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is to develop entrepreneurship in Estonia. The ECCI provides several business-related services – consultation (legal, foreign trade, EU-related), business match-making (trade missions, trade fair visits, presentations), information services (business contacts, co-operation proposals etc.), training and foreign trade documents.

Euro Info Centre Estonia
Estonian Euro Info Centre - the EIC network is active in 42 countries representing well over 1200 highly skilled people.

Export companies of Finland
Directory of Finnish export companies

Enterprise Finland
The Enterprise Finland online service provides information on the obligations towards public authorities that need to be taken into account when setting up an enterprise and acting as an employer.

Doing Business in Belgium (HLBI)
Guide from HLB International, which produces a series of international booklets on accounting, taxation and company law information.

Doing Business in Cyprus (Ernst & Young)
2006 edition of Ernst & Young's full text publication "provides the busy executive a quick overview of the investment climate, taxation, forms of business organization, business and accounting practices, as well as other aspects pertaining to initiating and developing business in Cyprus". (pdf)

British Chamber of Commerce in Czech Republic
The BCCCR aims to promote and enhance business relations between the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom. The site's Business Info Sheets provide business start-up information as well as infomration on tax, legal and real estate.