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EU agrees Brexit 'cliff-edge' delay, with conditions

EU agrees Brexit 'cliff-edge' delay, with conditions

After lengthy debate at a summit in Brussels Thursday, EU leaders agreed a short Article 50 extension till 12 April, or 22 May if the UK Parliament approves Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement next week.

Google hit with EUR 1.49 bn EU fine for antitrust advertising practices

The EU Commission fined Google EUR 1.49 billion Wednesday for breaching EU antitrust rules, saying restrictive clauses in its ads contracts with websites prevented rivals placing search adverts on those websites.

'Fairer rules' on social security agreed for workers abroad

The EU institutions came to a provisional agreement Wednesday on new rules to ensure 'fair and clear' access to social security benefits for EU workers who have moved to a different EU country.


Brexit comments

UKComments of business people and politicians on Britain's decision to withdraw from membership of the European Union.
BREXIT Citizens set to prevent upload filters in the EU

European Digital Rights and partner organisations from across Europe have relaunched the campaign – with new items in the "toolbox".

Advocacy Strategy Manager, FuelsEurope

FuelsEurope, the EU Affairs division of the European Petroleum Refiners Association, is looking for an Advocacy Strategy Manager to join its dynamic advocacy team for a two-year contract.

Defence Aviation Safety Conference

The Defence Aviation Safety Conference, supported by the Defence Safety Authority, UK MoD, will be the leading event dedicated to aviation safety in the defence and military environment.

Fairness of online platforms' trading practices

The EU institutions' political agreement is aimed at creating a fair, transparent and predictable business environment for businesses and traders when using online platforms.

Convenient Truths - Mapping climate agendas of right-wing populist parties in Europe

Schaller, Stella and Alexander Carius 2019: Convenient Truths. Mapping climate agendas of right-wing populist parties in Europe. Berlin: adelphiRight-wing and Eurosceptic parties are expected to win more than 150 seats in the European Parliament in the 2019 European elections. This increases the influence of right-wing populists in the European Union and their ability to torpedo climate and energy policy.
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