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EUbusiness Guides are background information and Questions & Answers about topical EU business issues.
Creation Date Description Title
05 April 2019, 20:31 CET The European Commission released on 5 April its 2018 report on the Safety Gate for dangerous products, the former Rapid Alert System. Safety Gate for dangerous products 2018
28 March 2019, 23:53 CET The European Parliament gave its approval on 28 march for a Directive that will simplify cross-border distribution and retransmission of television and radio pr... Directive on television and radio programmes
28 March 2019, 16:42 CET The European Commission recommended on 26 March a set of operational steps and measures to ensure a high level of cybersecurity of 5G networks across the EU. EU approach to security of 5G networks
26 March 2019, 15:27 CET The European Parliament voted in favour of a new Copyright Directive on 26 March, which is designed to bring tangible benefits to citizens, all creative sectors... Copyright rules for the Internet
19 March 2019, 23:28 CET The European Commission published on 19 March the 2019 edition of the 'EU Transport Scoreboard', a benchmark comparing how Member States perform in 30 categorie... EU Transport Scoreboard 2019: progress on internal market low-emission mobility and road safety
15 March 2019, 00:54 CET The European Commission adopted on 13 March a delegated act on sustainability criteria for biofuels as requested by the European Parliament and Member States. Sustainability criteria for biofuels specified
14 March 2019, 22:43 CET The European Commission adopted on 13 March new rules stepping up the deployment of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) on Europe's roads. New rules for connected, automated transport
13 March 2019, 15:51 CET The European Commission adopted on 11 March a Communication outlining a set of actions addressing the multifaceted challenges that the release of pharmaceutical... Strategic approach to pharmaceuticals in the environment
07 March 2019, 22:43 CET On the occasion of this year's International Women's Day, the European Commission published its 2019 report on equality between women and men in the EU. 2019 Gender Equality report
07 March 2019, 13:32 CET In its March 2019 monthly package of infringement decisions, the European Commission is pursuing legal action against EU Member States for failing to comply wit... March 2019 infringements package: key decisions
04 March 2019, 18:21 CET The European Commission adopted a Report on 4 March on its 2015 Circular Economy Action Plan to stimulate Europe's transition towards a circular economy which a... Circular Economy Package Report
01 March 2019, 01:21 CET In its annual assessment of the economic and social situation in the EU Member States, the European Commission on 27 February stressed the need to promote inves... European Semester 2019: Winter Package
01 March 2019, 01:13 CET The Commission announced on 26 February an investment programme worth over €10 billion for low-carbon technologies in several sectors to boost their global co... Innovation Fund Delegated Regulation
15 February 2019, 00:08 CET On 13 February, the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission reached a political deal on the first-ever rules aimed at... Fairness of online platforms' trading practices
14 February 2019, 16:50 CET The European Parliament, EU Council and the Commission found a political agreement on 13 February to make the copyright rules 'fit for digital era' in Europe an... New EU Copyright Directive
13 February 2019, 20:39 CET The EU Commission adopted on 13 February its new list of 23 third countries with strategic deficiencies in their anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist fi... Money laundering: EU list of high-risk third countries
12 February 2019, 16:26 CET The European Parliament and the EU Council reached a provisional agreement on 11 February on a Commission proposal for a Regulation on the transparency and sust... EU proposal on transparency and sustainability of the EU risk assessment model in the food chain
11 February 2019, 11:58 CET As of 9 February 2019, the new rules on safety features for prescription medicines sold in the EU will apply. New safety features for medicines sold in the EU
08 February 2019, 00:04 CET The European Commission recommended on 5 February engaging in two international negotiations on cross-border rules to obtain electronic evidence. Mandate for the EU-U.S. cooperation on electronic evidence
06 February 2019, 23:40 CET The European Commission presented on 6 February a Recommendation for the creation of a secure system that will enable citizens to access their electronic health... European Electronic Health Record exchange format