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EUbusiness Guides are background information and Questions & Answers about topical EU business issues.
Creation Date Description Title
24 August 2006, 19:03 CET What is there in common between training in the job skills needed for the 2012 Olympics in London and food researchers at the Adam Mickiewicz University Founda... EU Budget
24 August 2006, 19:02 CET In order to deliver steady growth and create jobs across the Union, member governments must run their economies according to the same sound principles of econom... Economic and Monetary Affairs in the European Union
24 August 2006, 17:54 CET Protecting the environment is essential for the quality of life of current and future generations. The challenge is to combine this with continuing economic gro... Environment in the European Union
24 August 2006, 17:52 CET While modern and often successful, European business and industry knows it cannot afford to rest on their laurels. It is a constant challenge to remain competit... Business & Enterprise in the EU
24 August 2006, 17:23 CET We take energy for granted. Fuel shortages and power cuts are rare but timely reminders that we rely on energy for transport, for heating our homes in winter, c... Energy Policy in the European Union
24 August 2006, 17:09 CET The opportunities which the EU offers its citizens for living, studying and working in other countries make a major contribution to cross-cultural understanding... Education, Training and Youth in the EU
24 August 2006, 18:07 CET More and better jobs and equal opportunities are the watchwords of European employment and social policy. A function of the European Commission is to make sure ... Employment and Social Affairs in the EU
24 August 2006, 17:04 CET Consumers in the European Union now have a number of common basic rights if they shop across EU borders. EU consumer rights
24 August 2006, 17:02 CET Every citizen of the European Union is a consumer and it is a function of the European Commission to protect their health, safety and economic well-being. It pr... Consumer Policy in the European Union
24 August 2006, 17:01 CET Effective competition is seen by the European Commission as crucial to an open market economy. It cuts prices, raises quality and expands customer choice. Com... Competition Policy in the European Union
24 August 2006, 15:39 CET The EU fishing industry is a major source of employment and food. It is therefore important to prevent over-fishing by some to the detriment of all. The Europea... EU Fisheries Policy
24 August 2006, 15:36 CET The aim of the common agricultural policy is to provide farmers with a reasonable standard of living, consumers with quality food at fair prices and to preserve... Agriculture in the European Union