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EUbusiness Guides are background information and Questions & Answers about topical EU business issues.
Creation Date Description Title
23 January 2008, 13:46 CET The European Commission's 23 January 2008 package of proposals to fight climate change and promote renewable energy includes a a proposal amending the EU Emissi... Commission proposal to revise the EU Emissions Trading System
23 January 2008, 01:34 CET Supplementary pension schemes continue to pose obstacles to mobility for workers across Europe according to two new independent studies, presented by the Europe... Supplementary pension schemes and mobility in Europe: studies
16 January 2008, 17:23 CET Consumers across Europe look set to be able to make better informed choices when they take out consumer credit loans - paying for holidays, weddings or a new ca... Consumer Credit Directive - guide
14 January 2008, 13:28 CET The European Commission on 14 January 2008 adopted a proposal to revise the Novel Foods Regulation with a view to improving the access of new and innovative foo... Safe Novel Foods in the EU
11 January 2008, 15:51 CET The European Commission and the European Investment Bank (EIB) on 11 January 2008 signed a Cooperation Agreement establishing the Loan Guarantee Instrument for ... Loan Guarantee Instrument for Trans-European Transport Network Projects - background
11 January 2008, 15:31 CET The EU and the African, Caribbean and Pacific countries (ACP) have been working to put in place new Economic Partnership Agreements by the start of 2008. These ... Economic Partnership Agreements - update
24 December 2007, 00:32 CET The European Commission on 21 December 2007 adopted new legislation on industrial emissions to strengthen the provisions already in force and reduce industrial ... EC proposal for revision of industrial emissions legislation in the EU - guide
24 December 2007, 00:24 CET Background information on the euro and the euro area, or eurozone. The euro and the eurozone - guide
21 December 2007, 00:49 CET On 14th June 1985, the Governments of Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands signed an agreement at Schengen, a small town in Luxembourg, with... Schengen enlargement : background
20 December 2007, 00:44 CET The European Commission on 19 December 2007 decided that MasterCard's multilateral interchange fees (MIF) for cross-border payment card transactions with Master... EC prohibits MasterCard's intra-EEA Multilateral Interchange Fees - guide
19 December 2007, 23:22 CET European Union agriculture ministers on 19 December 2007 agreed reform of the Common Market Organisation (CMO) for wine. The changes are aimed at bringing balan... Revised Common Market Organisation for wine: main points
19 December 2007, 15:31 CET The European Commission on 19 December 2007 proposed legislation to reduce the average CO2 emissions of new passenger cars to 120 grams per kilometre by 2012. T... Proposed EU regulation to reduce CO2 emissions from cars
15 December 2007, 00:31 CET The European Commission, together with 26 participating Member States of the European Union, and JT International (JTI) on 14 December 2007 announced a multi-ye... Contraband and counterfeit cigarettes - guide
13 December 2007, 17:52 CET In 2008, for the first time ever, the largest share of the EU budget - 45% of all EU spending – will go on measures to boost economic growth and greater cohes... EU budget 2008: breakdown
13 December 2007, 13:17 CET The European Union's unfair commercial practices Directive - questions and answers Unfair commercial practices Directive - guide
13 December 2007, 12:44 CET EU directive on ambient air quality and cleaner air for Europe - questions and answers Ambient air quality directive - guide
11 December 2007, 02:56 CET The European Union's Lisbon Strategy to modernise Europe was first agreed in 2000 and relaunched in 2005, with a clearer focus on growth and jobs. Lisbon Strategy for Growth and Jobs: guide
11 December 2007, 02:45 CET The European Commission adopted on 10 December 2007 a Communication inviting EU Member States to carry out a general review of their anti-abuse rules in the dir... Direct taxation : EC Communication on the application of anti-abuse measures - guide
06 December 2007, 14:17 CET On the occasion of the second EU-Africa Summit, which takes place on 8-9 December 2007 in Lisbon, Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Communities, ... EU trade deficit of EUR 35bn with Africa in 2006
05 December 2007, 18:17 CET The European Commission wants to introduce specific rules for procurement in the defence sector. These rules will be better suited to the specificities of the d... EU defence procurement - guide