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Latest EU funding

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Latest EU funding and grants
Brussels opens 'Digital Europe' funding to Turkey by EUbusiness — last modified 01 September 2023, 21:53 CET
The EU Commission signed an association agreement with Turkey for the Digital Europe Programme Friday, allowing Turkish organisations to take part in projects that deploy digital technologies.
EUR 6.7 bn EU funding for transport infrastructure by EUbusiness — last modified 17 June 2016, 18:12 CET
The EU Commission unveiled Friday a list of 195 transport projects set to receive EUR 6.7 billion of funding under its Connecting Europe Facility - expected to unlock additional public and private co-financing to a combined amount of EUR 9.6 bn.
Trans-European Energy Networks by EUbusiness — last modified 08 August 2006, 13:13 CET
The Trans European Energy Networks - TEN-Energy - are integral to the European Union’s overall energy policy objectives, increasing competitiveness in the electricity and gas markets, reinforcing security of supply, and protecting the environment.
EU approves rapid funding response to Russia's war in Ukraine by EUbusiness — last modified 18 October 2022, 18:29 CET
The EU Council adopted a legislative package Thursday to step up support for European states in managing the effects of Russia’s war in Ukraine, including hosting more Ukrainian refugees.
EU issues EUR 6 bn green bond, 2.5 bn for Ukraine by EUbusiness — last modified 15 November 2022, 23:10 CET
The EU Commission issued a further EUR 8.5 bn Tuesday, EUR 6 bn through a green bond for its recovery programme and EUR 2.5 bn to support Ukraine following Russia's war against it.
JEREMIE initiative: promoting SME access to finance via Holding Funds by Ina Dimireva — last modified 25 January 2011, 23:12 CET
The JEREMIE initiative (“Joint European Resources for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises”) offers EU Member States, through their national or regional Managing Authorities, the opportunity to use part of their EU Structural Funds to finance small and medium-sized enterprises by means of equity, loans or guarantees, through a revolving Holding Fund acting as an umbrella fund. This initiative was developed by the European Commission and the European Investment Fund (EIF), which is part of the European Investment Bank (EIB) Group.
EUR 2.1 billion funding boost for European startups by EUbusiness — last modified 10 April 2018, 23:18 CET
The EU Commission and European Investment Fund launched a Venture Capital Funds-of-Funds programme Tuesday to boost investment in innovative start-up and scale-up companies.
Commission calls for eco-innovation projects from SMEs by Ina Dimireva — last modified 13 April 2010, 23:51 CET
The European Commission today launched a €35 million call for projects that turn environmental challenges into business opportunities.
Brussels sets out priorities for EU's EUR 95.5 bn research programme by EUbusiness — last modified 16 March 2021, 16:21 CET
The EU Commission adopted Monday the first strategic plan for the next four years of the EU's new research and innovation programme Horizon Europe, worth some EUR 95.5 billion at current prices.
Recovery and Resilience Facility by EUbusiness — last modified 10 February 2021, 14:10 CET
The Recovery and Resilience Facility is the key instrument at the heart of NextGenerationEU to help the EU emerge stronger and more resilient from the current crisis. The Facility will make EUR 672.5 billion in loans and grants available to support reforms and investments undertaken by Member States. The aim is to mitigate the economic and social impact of the coronavirus pandemic and make European economies and societies more sustainable, resilient and better prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the green and digital transitions.
EU supports clean tech projects with EUR 1.8 billion funding by EUbusiness — last modified 12 July 2022, 23:35 CET
The European Union launched over EUR 1.8 billion of awards Tuesday to 17 large-scale innovative projects to bring breakthrough technologies to the market in energy-intensive industries.
EC greenlights aid for UK farmers by Ina Dimireva — last modified 30 March 2010, 23:41 CET
The European Commission has authorised a temporary scheme granting aid of up to EUR 15,000 to British farmers.
EU lays out EUR 2 bn to mitigate effects of Brexit by EUbusiness — last modified 16 March 2022, 23:24 CET
The European Commission gave its approval Monday to the disbursement to a group of 12 EU Member States of more than EUR 2 billion under the Brexit Adjustment Reserve.
Drought-hit European farmers get extra EU support by EUbusiness — last modified 07 August 2018, 14:55 CET
Europe's farmers grappling with extreme drought are receiving payments from the EU in advance and being granted extra flexibility to use land normally not used for production to feed their animals.
EU external migration spending in Southern Mediterranean and Eastern Neighbourhood countries until 2014 - ECA Special Report No 9/2016 by EUbusiness — last modified 17 March 2016, 20:13 CET
This report deals with the two main financing instruments (TPMA and ENPI) of the external dimension of the EU's common migration policy which aims to provide effective management of migration flows in partnership with countries of origin and transit. This report examines whether the spending of both instruments had clear objectives and whether it had been effective and well-coordinated. We found that overall, the instruments provided no clear strategy by which to identify their contribution to objectives and thus it is unclear what they intend to achieve at EU level. It was often difficult to measure the results achieved by EU spending and the contribution of migration to development was difficult to assess. The policy is characterised by complex governance, insufficient coordination and the absence of a funding overview that specified who finances what between the European Commission and EU Member States.
Auditors look into effectiveness of EU funding for SMEs by EUbusiness — last modified 14 October 2020, 14:22 CET
The European Court of Auditors launched a new audit Wednesday to examine whether EU funding for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) is helping to make them more competitive and future-proof.
SME funding allocated to innovators across Europe by EUbusiness — last modified 30 October 2018, 23:36 CET
246 smaller businesses (SMEs) from 24 countries were selected Monday for financial support from the EU's SME Instrument - a funding mechanism under the EU's Horizon 2020 research programme.
EUR 258m new calls to support digital connectivity infrastructures by EUbusiness — last modified 12 January 2022, 22:50 CET
The EU launched first calls for proposals under the digital part of the Connecting Europe programme Wednesday, aiming to improve digital connectivity infrastructures, in particular Gigabit and 5G networks.
EUR 167.8 bn 'green' budget to boost EU's economic recovery by EUbusiness — last modified 10 June 2021, 23:13 CET
The Commission proposed Tuesday an EU budget of EUR 167.8 billion for 2022, prioritising green and digital spending in a bid to boost Europe's economic recovery, safeguard sustainability and create jobs.
EUR 116m EU funding for environment projects by EUbusiness — last modified 10 March 2023, 18:42 CET
Over EUR 116 million of EU LIFE programme money will help eight major projects in 7 EU states reach their climate and environmental targets, the Commission announced Thursday.