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Latest EU funding

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Latest EU funding and grants
Cohesion Policy Data platform by EUbusiness — last modified 23 July 2014, 22:38 CET
Through Cohesion Policy funding, the EU invests approximately €50 billion each year in economic development at the national and regional level (around 34% of the total EU budget). These investments are designed to help EU Member States and regions reach the Europe 2020 goals of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. In order to increase transparency and to promote debate on the performance of EU funding, this open data platform provides information about the investments made and the results obtained (as well as contextual data on the socio-economic situation in each EU country). The figures concerning the outputs of EU Cohesion Policy Operational Programmes are based on reports provided to the Commission by Member States. The data can be reused free of charge, provided that you acknowledge the source (see legal notice). Comments on the data presented here and suggestions of additional datasets are welcome.
Building Entrepreneurial Mindsets and Skills in the EU - Guidebook Series: Hands-on advice for SMEs by EUbusiness — last modified 26 June 2013, 19:01 CET
A Smart Guide on promoting and facilitating entrepreneurship education for young people with the help of EU structural funds
Using standards to support growth, competitiveness and innovation - Guidebook Series: Hands-on advice for SMEs by EUbusiness — last modified 26 June 2013, 18:52 CET
A smart guide on promoting and facilitating SME competitiveness through the development and use of standards with the help of EU structural funds
EU boosts aid to Ethiopia after worst ever El Nino by EUbusiness — last modified 08 April 2016, 23:01 CET
The European Commission has announced aid for Ethiopia worth some EUR 122.5 million, amidst a worsening humanitarian situation caused by one of the most severe extreme El Nino weather phenomenon on record.
Cooperation - EuropeAid by EUbusiness — last modified 13 January 2013, 22:18 CET
Europe Aid Development and Cooperation. Grants are direct financial contributions from the EU budget or from the European Development Fund.
eContentplus programme by EUbusiness — last modified 08 August 2006, 11:34 CET
The eContentplus Programme is a multiannual Community programme to make digital content in Europe more accessible, usable and exploitable. The 4-year programme (2005–08), proposed by the European Commission, will have a budget of EUR 149 million to tackle organisational barriers and promote take up of leading-edge technical solutions to improve accessibility and usability of digital material in a multilingual environment.
EU cuts red tape for awarding EU funds by EUbusiness — last modified 29 March 2007, 16:40 CET
New implementing rules for EU funds will simplify access to EU funding and cut associated administrative burdens, particularly for SMEs.
On-line tool for SME funding by EUbusiness — last modified 29 January 2009, 23:21 CET
This tool aims to present the main European funding programmes available to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and contains brief information as well as the main web sites for each programme. Please note that the information included is not exhaustive.
TARGET2-Securities Online - Winter 2011 by Ina Dimireva — last modified 21 March 2011, 23:19 CET
TARGET2-Securities is a project of the European Central Bank, aiming at harmonising the way funds and securities are moved between EU countries. In the T2S Winter 2011 editorial, Jean-Michel Godeffroy, the Chairman of the T2S Programme Board, reflects on how the business strategy adopted by central securities depositories (CSDs) for integrating T2S can enable them to reap its full benefits in future.
Beginners' guide to EU public contracts by Ina Dimireva — last modified 24 January 2013, 11:47 CET
How to tender for a Commission contract – with guidance on the different types of contract, finding a contract that's relevant to your business and filling out the forms.
EUR 30bn earmarked for EU research projects 2018-2020 by EUbusiness — last modified 29 October 2017, 23:52 CET
The EU announced its work programme for research and innovation funding over the period 2018-2020 Friday, with EUR 30 billion earmarked for supporting scientific excellence under Horizon 2020.
Macro-Financial Assistance to non-EU countries by EUbusiness — last modified 19 March 2014, 15:54 CET
Macro-Financial Assistance (MFA) is a form of financial aid extended by the EU to partner countries experiencing a balance of payments crisis. It takes the form of medium/long-term loans or grants, or a combination of these, and is only available to countries benefiting from a disbursing International Monetary Fund programme. MFA is designed for countries geographically, economically and politically close to the EU. These include candidate and potential candidate countries, countries bordering the EU covered by the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) and, in certain circumstances, other third countries.
EU to increase investor protection in EU investment fund market by Ina Dimireva — last modified 03 July 2010, 00:48 CET
The European Commission has today completed a programme of improvements to the EU framework for investment funds. The new rules better empower investors by requiring a new standardised fund document, while also setting out in detail the high standards of conduct of business that investment fund managers must comply with.
Improving how funds are invested and managed by EUbusiness — last modified 29 October 2015, 21:57 CET
The Commission provides support to Member States in order to help them make the best possible use of the Cohesion Policy funding, and to address problems with implementation. This support has been reinforced for the 2014-2020 funding period.
EUR 6.7 bn EU funding for transport infrastructure by EUbusiness — last modified 17 June 2016, 18:12 CET
The EU Commission unveiled Friday a list of 195 transport projects set to receive EUR 6.7 billion of funding under its Connecting Europe Facility - expected to unlock additional public and private co-financing to a combined amount of EUR 9.6 bn.
Trans-European Energy Networks by EUbusiness — last modified 08 August 2006, 13:13 CET
The Trans European Energy Networks - TEN-Energy - are integral to the European Union’s overall energy policy objectives, increasing competitiveness in the electricity and gas markets, reinforcing security of supply, and protecting the environment.
European Investment Bank by EUbusiness — last modified 21 September 2014, 12:57 CET
The European Investment Bank is owned by the 28 EU countries. It borrows money on the capital markets and lends it at a low interest rate to projects that improve infrastructure, energy supply or environmental standards both inside the EU and in neighbouring or developing countries.
JEREMIE initiative: promoting SME access to finance via Holding Funds by Ina Dimireva — last modified 25 January 2011, 23:12 CET
The JEREMIE initiative (“Joint European Resources for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises”) offers EU Member States, through their national or regional Managing Authorities, the opportunity to use part of their EU Structural Funds to finance small and medium-sized enterprises by means of equity, loans or guarantees, through a revolving Holding Fund acting as an umbrella fund. This initiative was developed by the European Commission and the European Investment Fund (EIF), which is part of the European Investment Bank (EIB) Group.
Commission calls for eco-innovation projects from SMEs by Ina Dimireva — last modified 13 April 2010, 23:51 CET
The European Commission today launched a €35 million call for projects that turn environmental challenges into business opportunities.
Guide to European Funding for the Non Profit Sector 2011-2012 by EUbusiness — last modified 19 May 2011, 23:37 CET
This fully revised and updated guide constitutes more than ever an essential 210 page handbook giving information on: - EU FUNDING - How is the EU’s budget decided upon? What does it take to be a successful EU fundraiser? - FOUNDATIONS - How can your organization receive co-funding from independent foundations and corporations? (Note that projects are rarely 100% funded by the European Commission). - STRUCTURAL FUNDS, COHESION FUND AND PRE-ACCESSION AID - How do Structural funds work and how can they be accessed? How can you increase your chances of accessing Structural Funds? (Includes a special note on the pre-accession financial instruments and the New Neighbourhood Instrument). - INTERNAL BUDGET LINES - Which lines are open to NGOs? Who to contact? Areas covered include Environment, Energy, Education and Culture, health, Employment & social affairs, Media, Civil Society, Enterprise, etc. -EXTERNAL BUDGET LINES - Which lines are open to NGOs? Is your organization eligible? Who to contact and what to do to apply? (Includes a note on co-operation with specific geographical areas such as with the ACP, Latin America and Asia, Mediterranean countries, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, South East Europe, and Central and Eastern Europe). In addition to providing a comprehensive look into European Fundraising, this Guide offers an important list of tips and contacts, which will allow you, and your organization, to easily find your way through the EU funding labyrinth. Unlike similar publications, which frequently represent a considerable financial investment, ECAS Guide’s is sold at a price that is comfortable and affordable. We offer you to buy the guide and become a “friend of ECAS” for only 50€. For this you will receive a monthly review of EU development relevant to the non-profit sector, alerts to opportunities of making your voice heard in the EU and a monthly or bi-monthly summary of all open calls for tenders or calls for proposals.