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Environment, consumers and health

EU grants and loans for Environment, consumers and health - Consumers - Environment - Health - Maritime policy - Sustainable development

Consumers 15 January 2013, 21:46 CET
Grants In the field of consumer policy. Grants are direct financial contributions, by way of donation, from the budget in order to finance either an action intended of achieve an objective forming part of a European Union policy, either the functioning of a body which has an objective forming part of a European Union policy.

Environment 15 January 2013, 21:44 CET
EU Funding Opportunities in the field of the Environment

EU Health Programme - funding schemes 15 January 2013, 21:43 CET
The Health Programme supports activities that improve and protect human health. Different funding schemes are available depending on the type of project. The type of funding for each activity is set out each year in a work plan – with the aim to achieve goals as efficiently as possible with the full cooperation of programme stakeholders. Unless indicated otherwise tender, the basic principle is joint funding: Commission grants cover a certain percentage of projects' overall costs.

Maritime policy 15 January 2013, 21:42 CET
Calls for proposals and tenders in the field of maritime policy

Sustainable development 15 January 2013, 21:39 CET
EU grants and loans in the field of eco-innovation