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Typical Payouts for Personal Injury Claims

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A person who experiences an injury as a consequence of someone else’s negligence is entitled to claim compensation.

How Is Personal Injury Compensation Calculated?

Compensation has two main categories:

  1. General damages - damages that are categorised as non-financial losses e.g. physical/bodily pain or physiological pain.
  2. Special damages - refer to the financial expenditures experienced by the injured as a result of someone else's negligence e.g. loss of earnings future earnings, medical expenses such as treatment and medications, travel cost, rehabilitation etc.

Compensation Claim Payouts

If you have been in an accident that wasn't your fault in the last three years and as a result you have sustained an injury, then you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

The following factors taken into account include:

  • The type of injury you have experienced
  • The severity of your injury
  • Psychological effects
  • Any loss of earnings
  • How much time your recovery takes

The main purpose of getting personal injury compensation is to help the claimant get back to the position they was in before the accident. Compensation payouts are calculated upon the severity of the losses, pain and suffering you have sustained as a result of an injury.

How Much Compensation Will I Get?

There is no set amount for compensation awards. So if you have experienced an injury as a result of an accident that wasn't your fault, you should seek advice from an experienced injury solicitor, they will be able to evaluate your situation and tell you if you have a claim.

In order to assess the compensation amount, your solicitors will consider not only the impact the injury has had on your life but will look to recover the losses you have sustained as a result.

Typical Compensation Payouts

Head Injury Compensation Payouts

Minor head injury – a head injury that does not affect the brain, compensation amount depends on the level of on-going symptoms like headaches etc. – (£1,500 - £10,000)

Serious head injury – with serious physical symptoms and noticeable changes that have a significant impact on your personality and intellect etc. – (£10,000 - £215,000)

Severe head injury – an injury that affects severely resulting in a disability. The estimated compensation payouts are- (£215,000 - £310,000)

Eye Injury Compensation Payouts

Minor eye injury – a few weeks of disruption with no long-term damage – (£1,300 - £2,500)

Moderate eye injury – injuries with progressively excruciating impacts (i.e. chemical or trauma injuries) but with no long-standing damage – (£2,500 - £5,500)

Temporary loss of vision – injuries that have a significant effect on the vision in one/both eyes, but no undying impairment – (£5,500 - £25,000)

If blindness occurs in one eye – estimated compensation amount (£35,000)

If blindness occurs in both eyes – estimated compensation payout (£173,000)

Ear Injury and Deafness Compensation Payouts

Minor ear injury - for those experiencing anything from partial hearing loss, to mild or severe tinnitus – (£5,000 - £35,000)

Serious ear injury – total loss of hearing in one ear, in addition, the compensation payout amount depends upon the on-going symptoms such as dizziness, headache etc. – (£23,850 - £34,650)

Severe ear injury – the damage leading to total or profound deafness, a higher amount of compensation is paid if the injury has happened to a child, due to the loss of the ability to speak – (£68,950 - £107,500)

Face Injury Compensation Payouts

Minor facial scarring –includes light scarring or fading injuries with no broken facial bone - (£1,000 - £2,200)

Noticeable scarring – facial scars that are clear and visible from some distance – (£6,000 - £11,500)

Severe scarring – Severe facial deformity/disfigurement – (£13,000 - £74,500)

Neck Injury and Whiplash Compensation Payouts

Whiplash compensation claims are most common in road traffic accidents and below are the typical amounts for different kind of whiplash injuries.

Mild whiplash – symptoms last no longer than two years – (£1,850 - £6,250)

Whiplash with spinal disc injury – an injury causing restricted movement of the neck or other limbs involved – (£5,000 - £16,000)

Severe neck injury – serious fractures and significant dislocations that require surgery – (£29,300 - £42,500)

Very serious neck injury – injuries that remarkably affect the movement of one/more limbs – (£34,500 - £112,500)

Permanent paralysis – the severe injury that leads to the paralysis – (£140,000 - £260,000)

Back Injury Compensation Payouts

Minor back injury – minor injuries that recover within a few weeks/months such as strains, sprains or soft tissue damage – (£350 - £9,450)

Serious back injury – an injury that may need surgery and has constant painful effects – (£9,500 - £30,000)

Severe back injury – damages that have a severe impact on an individual's life, e.g. paralysis, loss of organ functions - (£30,500 - £122,750)

Shoulder Injury Compensation Payouts

Minor shoulder injury – pain arises from a soft tissue injury that persists from a few weeks to two years – (£300 - £6,500)

Serious shoulder injury –such as 'frozen shoulder' or pain that continues for more than two years– (£6,500 - £9,750)

Severe shoulder injury – an injury restricting the shoulder movement, e.g. fractures, dislocations, nerve injuries – (£9,750 - £36,500)

Arm Injury Compensation Payouts

Minor arm injury –some degree of incapacity for a period of time but recover fully e.g. broken arm, muscle damage – (£5,000 – £29,750)

Serious arm injury – an injury that doesn't lead to amputation but has a great influence on your ability to use one/both arms – (£29,750 - £99,500)

Severe arm injury – leading to the amputation of one or both arms, the compensation amount will depend upon your age and on the amputation area, among other factors – (£73,000 - £228,500)

Elbow Injury Compensation Payouts

Minor elbow injury – an injury that leaves no permanent impairment such as tennis elbow or cuts/strains – (£2,500 - £9,500)

Serious elbow injury – an injury that has restricted the elbow movement, doesn't require surgery. (£9,500 - £24,000)

Severe elbow injury – an injury that led to severe disability and required surgery – (£29,750 - £41,500)

Hand and Finger Injury Compensation Payouts

Thumb fracture - quick recovery – up to £2,500

Severe injury of little finger – up to £8,000

Severe injury of ring finger – up to £9,000

Severe injury of the middle finger – up to £10,000

Severe injury of the index finger – up to £12,000

Severe injury of thumb – up to £35,000

Minor hand injury – injuries like soft tissue damage and lacerations – (£650 - £22,000)

Moderate hand injury –reduced the functional ability of your hand/ or fingers – (£22,000 - £47,000)

Serious hand injury –including amputation of one or both hands – (£47,000 - £153,000)

Wrist Injury Compensation Payouts

Minor wrist injury – minor sprains or fractures that may require simple bandaging, but a full recovery is expected – (£2,000 - £3,500)

Serious wrist injury –injury leading to a broken wrist or soft tissue damage – (£5,000 - £18,500)

Severe wrist injury – any wrist injury that causes permanent damage to the wrist and restricts the movement/flexibility – (£18,500 - £45,500)

Leg Injury Compensation Payouts

Minor leg injury –injury including soft tissue damage or a broken leg, compensation amount depends on on-going symptoms along with your recovery time – (£1,850 - £19,500)

Serious leg injury – damage to leg with long-standing/permanent effects, but no amputation required – (£21,000 - £103,000)

Severe leg injury – requires amputation of one or both legs. Compensation amounts depend on whether the amputation was done above or below the knee – (£74,500 - £214,000)

Hip/Pelvis Injury Compensation Payouts

Minor hip injury – fully recovered within two years– (£3,250 - £9,500)

Hip replacement – an injury that leads to hip surgery but no severe incapacity – (£9,500 - £30,000)

Severe hip injury - multiple fractures that may lead to disability, bowel damage, impaired walking ability, etc. – (£30,000 - £100,000)

Knee Injury Compensation Payouts

Minor knee injury –minor injury with no long-standing effects and full recovery is expected, such as muscle/cartilage damage, fractures and dislocations. (£4,500 - £19,750)

Serious knee injury – a severe injury that results in disability and ongoing pain – (£19,850 - £32,500)

Severe knee injury – an injury which results in a severe disability with consistent pain. Compensation amount depends on the extent to which the injury has affected your daily life – (£39,500 - £72,000)

Ankle Injury Compensation Payouts

Minor ankle injury – an injury resulting in an ankle sprain or broken ankle with a full recovery and has no long-lasting effects – (£10,400 - £20,000)

Serious ankle injury – an injury that usually requires a plaster cast on your ankle or surgery – (£23,500 - £38,000)

Severe ankle injury – an injury that leads to disability, disfigurement or even amputation – (£38,000 - £52,500)

Foot Injury Compensation Payouts

Minor foot injury – an injury that leads to a small fracture with no disability or any long-term effects – (£5,000 - £10,500)

Serious foot injury –damage to one/both feet, including heels and broken foot bones – (£19,000 - £53,000)

Severe foot injury –injury leading to the amputation of one or both feet – (£63,750 - £153,250)

Toe Injury Compensation Payouts

Fracture/strains – recovery expected within six months – up to £3,500

Fracture with obstructions –that takes more than six months taken to heal – (£3,500 - £6,200)

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