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Evgeny Lebedev
Evgeny Lebedev

Alexander Lebedev
Alexander Lebedev

Ahmad al-Sayed
Ahmad al-Sayed

Spirits sector comments on Parliament Resolution on EU alcohol strategy
spiritsEUROPE noted the adoption of the European Parliament Resolution on the Future EU Alcohol Strategy. In particular, the Parliament’s focus on tackling alcohol harm rather than on alcohol consumption per se is correct, and MEPs' emphasis on the contexts and patterns of alcohol consumption are also very welcome.

Over 80% of future deforestation confined to just 11 places
Eleven places in the world - 10 of which are in the tropics - will account for over 80 per cent of forest loss globally by 2030, according to research released today by WWF.

"Fight tax havens, start with the European Investment Bank", argues new report
The European Investment Bank (EIB) was the first Development Financial Institution (DFI) to adopt a tax haven policy in 2009. However, more than five years on EIB money still runs via tax havens. A new report by Counter Balance and Re:Common* ‘Towards a Responsible Taxation Policy for the EIB’ which is launched today calls on the EU’s public bank to grasp the political momentum at EU level to prevent any public money from flowing through tax havens.

Earth Hour - the biggest global movement to save the planet - gets support from top EU politicians
Top ranking political leaders in the European Commission, as well as more than 70 Members of the European Parliament, join millions of people around the world on the occasion of Earth Hour 2015.

UK companies file more European patents in 2014
Patent filings at the European Patent Office (EPO) grew by 3.1% in 2014, hitting a new record high of over 274 000. Companies from the UK filed 6 823 patents at the EPO last year (2013: 6 510): with +4.8% the highest growth rate for the UK since 2011, and well above the 1.2% average increase of the 38 EPO member states.

Major gains for businesses moving to Wales
The devolved government of Wales continues its decidedly pro-business stance, with the benefits for businesses moving to the country as pronounced as ever. A small country reliant on independent funding, Wales has the advantages of a fast, dependable infrastructure and a business-positive outlook shared by both its government and its citizens.

Photo © Yanchenko - Fotolia
Photo © Yanchenko - Fotolia

European Audiovisual Observatory publishes new IRIS Special report
Who’s afraid of the big bad data? New forms of audiovisual commercial communications in a converged audiovisual sector

Pope Francis speaks out on human rights and care for creation when addressing European Parliament
The alliance of Catholic development agencies, CIDSE, welcomes the address of Pope Francis to the European Parliament today, November 25, 2014. Continuing on his encyclical Evangelii Gaudium, CIDSE sees in the Pope’s message a challenge to current consumerism and models of economy.

MEPs from EPP fighting to cancel daylight saving time
This Saturday people will turn their clocks back from daylight saving time. However, clock changes twice a year cause various problems. This fact is supported by several studies. Czech Members of the European Parliament Tomas Zdechovsky (LIBE, CONT) and Pavel Svoboda (JURI - chair, TRAN) therefore decided to fight along with the European Citizens' Initiative "For Only One Time" for establishment of one time, as the name of the initiative suggests.

MYA world first
MYA world first


The European Hospitality Skills Passport
In April 2014, 5.26 million young people (under 25) were unemployed in the EU28, with an overall youth unemployment rate of 22.5%. In this context it is important to support sectors that have consistently provided European youth with a foothold on the labour market. The hospitality sector is one such industry.

CO2 emissions
CO2 emissions

When Automated Trading Goes Wrong - HSBC 30 January
On the morning of the January 30 at 11.20am, trading in HSBC shares on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) was halted after the share price spiked up by 10% in the space of 25 seconds. There was no news or announcements which could have affected the share price, and when the stock re-opened after a five minute auction, it carried on trading around the same levels as before the spike, ending the day up slightly at 630.2p. So what happened?

Take action with credit reports, before it's too late
Did you know that you can find out what your credit history is? Credit reports have traditionally been a main source for financial institutions in deciding whether to make credit available to customers. You can also get access to yours.

Europe's biofuels not guaranteed sustainable, finds new study
A WWF analysis has shown that the standards used to assess biofuel sources fall well short of ensuring that Europe's push towards increased biofuel use is not contributing to environmental destruction and social exploitation.

Deployment of the pan-European eCall service in Europe: results officially presented in Bucharest
The Second HeERO International conference presents the results of the implementation of the pan-European in vehicle emergency service - eCall, deployed in the framework of the HeERO (Harmonised eCall European Pilot) project. The event takes place under the high auspices of the European Commission in cooperation with ERTICO (project coordinator), and the European Emergency Number Association (EENA).

Flight Safety Compromised
"Today the European Parliament (EP) voted for a Regulation that is not to the benefit of the flying public in Europe," says Nico Voorbach, ECA President, after the adoption of the new EU Flight Time rules by the EU Parliament this afternoon. "With this approval the EP took a step away from a 'precautionary' approach, ignored scientific expert advice and put passenger safety at risk."

Industry publishes a joint statement on the proposed Directive on Collective Rights Management
The digital industry (represented by the European Digital Media Association (EDiMA), DIGITALEUROPE, BITKOM, EuroISPA, the European Competitive Telecommunications Association (ECTA), the Coalition for a Digital Economy (Coadec), and Mixcloud) has collaborated to provide a collective voice on the proposed Directive on Collective Rights Management.

Monsanto granted "patent on severed broccoli"
European Patent Office once again grants a patent on plant breeding

EU-Canada trade agreement threatens fracking bans
The proposed Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the European Union (EU) and Canada would grant energy companies far-reaching rights to challenge bans and regulations of environmentally damaging shale gas development (fracking), a new briefing by Corporate Europe Observatory, The Council of Canadians and the Transnational Institute shows.