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3 Unique Advantages of Forex Trading
The world of Forex trading is gaining an audience all over the world, and for good reason. Among the dozens of reasons for the growing popularity of Forex trading are the sector's high liquidity, ease of entry and brief learning curve.

3 Golden Rules to Know if You Want to Improve Your Finances
Being great with cash doesn't just mean knowing how to make ends meet. Anyone can count the pennies and make sure that they have enough cash to pay their bills. However, it takes some genuine strategy and commitment to come up with a financial plan that gives you the freedom to make the most of your money.

EU-Vietnam agreements a major step forward and need to be implemented soon
Speaking after the signature over the weekend in Hanoi of the EU-Vietnam Free Trade and Investment Protection Agreements, EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren commented:

Gambling regulations in the EU - how do countries differ?
Formed in 1993, the EU is formed of 28 member states across Europe that share a single market - enabling many goods, services, people and money to move freely.

Online Gambling in the Netherlands Receives Surge of Applications Ahead of Legalisation
Earlier this year it was revealed that the Netherlands will legalize online gambling in the country by 2021. The Netherlands remains one of only a few countries in Europe that maintains an illegal status on online gambling.

How To Acquire Business Funding For Newbie Entrepreneurs
If you are just starting up with your business, probably the first challenge that you would face is acquiring adequate business funds.

Where should I look for regulatory advice?
Attempting to succeed in business is difficult. Combined with the day to day management of the business itself, there are huge amounts of admin, regulation, and legislation that all need to be followed to the letter.

Essential HR Tips for Managing Remote Workers
Remote working is more pervasive than ever in the world of international business. With the internet breaking down borders and age-old red tape, it's now possible to run a successful business where the entire workforce never meets in person!

The Regulator is Mulling Over a Cap on Chargeable Fees Levied by Personal Injury CMCs
It's come to light that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is currently weighing up the validity of placing a cap on the fees that personal injury claims management firms (CMCs) can charge.

Poland's Małopolska region: an exercise in brand building
Building a brand could be a daunting task. Brands are what customers rely on when making choices - be they individuals picking chocolate bars off a supermarket rack or industrialists facing a decision to invest millions in new machinery.

Single Market for Services remains a top priority for retail and wholesale
The digital revolution is forcing fundamental change to the retail and wholesale sector. It depends on free movement of goods and services around Europe and the world, and therefore shares with the whole EU economy the imperative of resisting populist pressure to break up the Single Market.

Will house prices fall in 2019?
One of the latest UK property surveys, provided by Nationwide, reported a drop of 0.2% in house prices between April and May 2019.

What does BREXIT's uncertainty period mean for UK landlords?
As the Brexit deadline looms and the government appears to be no closer to reaching a deal with the EU, it is clear that no one in the UK has escaped the uncertainty of Brexit. It has had a significant impact on every aspect of British life, including the property market, and has affected both the volume of sales and house prices. But it's not just home buyers and sellers that have experienced the impact of Brexit, it has also been felt by landlords and tenants across the country.

Software Development Outsourcing Trends in Europe
Software development outsourcing is common practice all over the world. The market has grown sensitively between the 2015-2019 period, and it doesn't seem to stop. What drives development and innovation in businesses across different industries, also drives developments in the IT and software development outsourcing sector.

How Businesses in the EU are Saving Money by Going Green
Real estate platform Merin found that implementing new energy efficiency measures into commercial and residential properties in the Netherlands saved an average of over £13,000 per year in energy costs. For a small business, this is a considerable amount of extra money to put towards growth.

The changing faces of epayments
69 per cent of all internet users in the European Union regularly shopped online last year, with the average user purchasing a service or product 6 times per month.

Traditional Business Gifts from Around the World
Gift giving around the world is challenging because different countries have different cultures that affect it.

The UK Gambling Commission Continues Its Online Gambling Crackdown
The UK Gambling Commission has continued its online gambling crackdown.

Charities in Flux: 3 Giving Trends Rising in the UK
Giving is a natural desire that most human beings have. It allows people to feel good about themselves, and it helps society, but the way people give constantly changes. The following are three of the mos interesting trends in giving taking over the UK's giving heart.

Why The European Copyright Directive Might Be More Sinister Than It Seems
The Internet is cathartic in the sense that it is an avenue where we are able to express thoughts and emotions that we would otherwise try to consciously keep to ourselves.

Four biggest trends impacting the European display advertising industry in 2019
Display advertising continues to thrive across Europe with a total ad spend predicted to hit $17.3 billion across France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK, increasing by 14.7% from 2018. With technology changing the way online banner ads engage with consumers, display advertising continues to grow in popularity. But are marketers utilising this type of advertising effectively?

The Insufficient Technological Growth in the European Market Needs to Change
European tech business needs to improve and improve fast.

Arcadia Retail Empire D-Day Looming
A decisive D-Day vote between landlords and creditors is set for Wednesday 12 June in London, in order to decide whether they wish to help save Sir Philip Green's Arcadia retail empire from annihilation.

Contractor Mortgages: Why They Aren't Uniform Throughout the EU
Contractor mortgages have always been somewhat unique. Despite their challenges, you might expect contractor mortgages to be pretty standard across the EU. They are not. Getting a contractor mortgage in Germany is far different from getting one in Spain or France. And as long as the UK remains part of the EU, our contractor mortgages will be different still.

Why Nominating a Power of Attorney is a Must for Any Business Owner
If you have not granted someone your power of attorney, you should look into doing so, especially if you own a business. Click here to find out why.

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