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Tips for Transitioning to Remote Sales
Pandemic aside, the world is going digital, and remote selling is something we're going to embrace sooner or later. But having worked the traditional way for many years, transitioning to remote sales will be a challenging task.

What Were the Highest Performing Tech Sectors in The EU Last Year?
Do you know which tech sectors performed the best in the EU last year? Find out more about this here in this article as we explore.

Euro Operators are Adding Some Rules for Online Casino Bonuses
2020 has been a difficult year for most industries and the online gambling industry has not escaped these issues. On the one hand, there are more players flocking to online casinos than ever before. On the other hand, sports betting ground to a halt and as many casinos have sports books attached, they all suffered the consequences.

Talking bags, from backpack to business bag
It starts at school already, when kids want to carry a fancy backpack with them. No ordinary bag, but a fashionable colourful model. It's the start of a bag-career. And this is how it goes.

Consumers likely to face payments problems after European Banking Authority decision on customer authorisation
Speaking today, EuroCommerce Director-General warned of the consequences of the decision by the European Banking Authority (EBA) and Commission to maintain mandatory Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) by December 2020:

Four Tips for Memorable Corporate Parties in 2020
When you're planning on throwing a corporate party - at which you'll entertain your staff and your clients - you need to pull out all the stops to best represent your business and its vitality and energy.

What's the Eligibility Criteria for UK Entrepreneurs to Secure a Logbook Loan?
UK car and business owners have one more short-term financial advantage in their arsenal thanks to the flexibility of logbook loans. The product allows car owners to leverage the value of their vehicles to secure low-interest loans ranging from £1,000 - £50,000. It is a suitable option for business entrepreneurs and founders who need a quick cash injection to support the running of their business.

Creating an online casino: a profitable business
The gambling business has always been distinguished by its features, as, indeed, by any other, but not every business can bring such large incomes, especially at the start. But it is precisely the activities associated with the organization of gambling that always brought a lot of revenue to business owners.

"Stay safe and stay alert as we think the crisis is not over yet", Makar Paseniuk, ICU
How are businesses in emerging markets leading during the pandemic? We speak to Makar Paseniuk, co-founder of ICU, the independent asset management firm specializing in Central and Eastern Europe, to see how his company is facing the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Unprecedented measures: Bank of England prepares fresh measures to fight COVID-19 slump
Amidst the most significant and far-reaching economic slump in over three centuries, the Bank of England is preparing fresh measures to attempt to address the drastic decline in economy and industry across the UK.

COVID: Europe needs a coherent, responsible approach to free movement of people
As the COVID crisis subsides, and countries across Europe start to reopen their borders, we are concerned that the approach hitherto has been fragmented and creates confusion in the public and among commercial operators in the tourism and retail sector.

Joint EU-UK food and drink industry letter on rules of origin to lead EU and UK trade negotiators
Joint letter to M. Michel Barnier signed by 57 associations representing food and drink industries across the EU and UK calling EU and UK negotiators to preserve business activities between the EU and the UK, with a balanced and ambitious trade agreement including appropriately generous and flexible rules of origin as soon as the transition period ends.

How Gambling Regulation Is Challenging the Industry Across the EU
After several decades of largely unhindered growth in the UK and reaping enormous revenues in the unregulated markets across the EU, 2020 has shaped up to be a challenging year for the online gambling industry.

In these EU countries online gambling is fully legal
Online gambling is getting more popular all over the world. The amount of countries that have legalized this is constantly growing. However, there are also some nations that refuse to create a legal environment for the gamblers to do this activity online.

4 Reasons Why Your Internet is Slow
In today's world, the internet is vital for anything from entertainment to work. We consume more online media than ever before and many industries would struggle to survive without it. However, if you, like many, are experiencing slow speeds that make it impossible for you to stream your favourite shows and music, then the following factors and solutions are worth looking into.

Online Marketing Terms that Every Small Business Owner Should Know
When you are looking for affordable and effective ways to boost your brand and increase business, you can't do much better for your small business than an online marketing campaign.

How a Title Loan Can Help Fund Your Online Startup
Many people these days decide to start up their own business venture online. Some do it part-time while they test the waters, while others decide to take the plunge and do it in place of their fulltime job.

Home Business Ideas That Really Pay
What home business ideas can you start that will really pay? Every business is or can be a home business today. Are you going to start one with average income potential?

How to Raise Capital for a Tech Startup
The world of tech has seen and will be seeing numerous innovations.

Taxes and non-profits: What you should know
Nonprofits, also known as 501(c)(3) charitable organizations, are public or private charities and can file as tax-exempt entities. That ensures that they are relieved of most taxes because their goal does not include monetary profit.

What Is The Outlook For Europe Business In 2020?
In 2019, European equities remained buoyant throughout the year, with ex UK Index MSCI Europe recording up to 20% profit in sterling pounds, while Stoxx 600 just hit a record high of 20.5% profit in a year, despite a slowdown in economic growth and political uncertainty.

Ireland Preps Startups for Brexit Storm
Not since the great recession of the late 2000s has the EU experienced so much uncertainty as it has with Brexit.

EU cities dominate the best start-up city rankings
The EU has been recognised to have some of the world’s best places for innovation.

Immigration in the Age of Covid-19
Covid-19 has had a huge impact on international travel which in turn has had massive implications for immigration.

Get the Right Mobile Deal for You Moving Forward
There are always going to be occasions in which you need to make sure you are looking for the perfect mobile phone deal.

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