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EU Crackdown on CFD Trading Felt Significantly in London
The crackdown by pan-European regulators on the contracts for difference (CFD) trading industry, which allows investors to track the price of underlying assets such as stocks, commodities, government bonds and cryptocurrencies, is starting to affect some of the industry's biggest players in the City of London and beyond.

Considerations For Starting an Internet Casino Business
Although not illegal, gambling is in some kind of disgrace with the authorities of many countries worldwide. Given this, certain legislative restrictions have been put in place or gambling has been exiled to specially assigned geographic regions (to keep the population away from the temptation). Nonetheless, the business is active and evolving, taking multiple forms, one of which is online gambling.

Cremation only direct funeral plans
If you have ever attended a funeral, you'll know that it is likely to have been a sombre and probably tearful event.

European Online Gambling Regulation Changes Expected in 2019
Are EU based online casino gambling enthusiasts going to see a brighter year in 2019? Read on to find out the potential changes in regulations in the coming year.

5 Things to Do Before You Start Your UK Company
While the digital world has made it a lot easier for people from all backgrounds to launch and promote their own businesses, starting a company certainly isn't as easy as it seems. Few people transform into successful entrepreneurs overnight, and if you're one of the many ambitious people in the world today that has the dream of launching their own venture, then you'll need to prepare yourself for many crucial steps.

Seven Rules and Regulations for Starting a Taxi Company
Taxi companies can be highly profitable if you know how to operate and market yourself successfully. When you own a taxi fleet, then you can truly bring in the profits and enjoy a successful, healthy business all on your own.

EU top court demands Poland halt Supreme Court purge
The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) decided Friday that Polish authorities must halt the appointment of new judges to the Supreme Court while it checks if Poland’s contested new law on the Supreme Court is legal under EU law.

The GDPR Today - Stats, news and tools to make data protection a reality
25 October 2018 marks the launch of GDPR Today - your online hub for staying up-to-date with the (real) life of the new EU data protection law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The project will monitor the implementation of the law across Europe by publishing statistics and sharing relevant news around key subjects.

The European Union Is on Track to Become a Global Crypto Hub
The European Union (EU) is firmly on track to become the global crypto hub - ahead of the Americas and Asia, if recent developments in the region are to be believed.

How to Start a Marketing Consulting Business
Thanks to advancements in the world of business in many parts around the globe, there’s a great demand for marketing consultants.

Best Android Application for Business
Most people have a mindset which perceives that mobile or computer applications such as android are meant for social media and music. Well, that’s not the case, with the right application you can run your own business that can make you real money.

Make sure UTP negotiations help farmers - and consumers
Today's European Parliament Plenary gave a mandate to Paolo de Castro MEP to start negotiations with the Council and Commission on the Directive on Unfair Trading Practices in the Food Supply Chain. We thank the large number of MEPs who sent a clear signal that they were uncomfortable with many of the amendments put forward in the draft mandate.

On the Brink of Cashless: The Evolution of Payment Methods
Once upon a time the cavemen of the world paid for goods not in money, but in favours or trade. An eye for an eye, a dead cow for a some sandals.

Transatlantic dialogue on data protection continues
EuroCommerce, jointly with its US counterpart the National Retail Federation (NRF), and EU and US regulators meet today to discuss the future of the Privacy Shield and other data transfer frameworks in a side-event to the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners, providing perspectives on the future of the transatlantic framework and its importance for both EU and U.S. consumers and businesses.

Clermont-Tonnerre's Property Play Goes From Hero To Zero...and back again
When Jean-Francois de Clermont-Tonnerre looked like losing millions of dollars on a mortgage investment he instead become a property developer.

Few Vital Mistakes Most Businesses Ignore When Starting Up
Most startups make some usual mistakes. It all comes down to the failure of not doing enough due diligence when starting a business. Once the foundation is weak, you will definitely face hard times as you try to grow your business. For the better part of marketing, you need to hire a SEO agency to take care of the technical part of effective marketing. Some of the mistakes most entrepreneurs make when starting an online business include:

Online Casino Industry and Regulations in United Kingdom
The United Kingdom is well-known around the world for its long tradition of gambling, whether that is betting on football, bingo, and lotteries, or casino gaming. This is also one of the most regulated markets where customers can bet real money under the protection of the law and enroll in comprehensive anti-problem gambling programs. At the same time, UK online casinos are among the largest and most popular gaming platforms globally, creating a rapidly growing industry with new sites launching every week.

Parliament vote on predictable working risks retail jobs
EuroCommerce warned, after the vote today in the European Parliament’s EMPL Committee on the Transparent and Predictable Working Conditions Directive, that some of their amendments will act against the interests of both temporary and permanent workers in the retail sector. EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren said:

Trafficking for sexual exploitation: a gendered crime
Trafficking for sexual exploitation is the most commonly reported form of human trafficking in the European Union. It is a form of gender-based violence that disproportionately affects women. 95% of registered victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation in the EU are women or girls.

Making the circular economy work means working together
Opening the first conference on circular economy dedicated to retail and wholesale, EuroCommerce President Régis Degelcke said: "If there are three words we should all think of in terms of the circular economy, they are cooperation, consistency and commitment. Retailers and wholesalers are pushing and will – push ahead with creating sustainable solutions, but these can only be effective with the active and committed participation of all, working together to achieve the right results across all sectors."

What is The House Edge in Blackjack Games?
Like all other games on the casino floor, blackjack gives the house an edge over players, ensuring the casino registers steady profits in the long term. This casino edge is expressed in the form of a percentage that shows you the amount the house will collect from players' wagers in the long run. If a given casino game comes with an edge of 2.70%, for example, the house will collect $0.027 per every dollar wagered on that table. Blackjack gives the house a very low advantage over players, especially if they use basic strategy.

How to keep your online banking account safe
You can find everything online, from your favorite TV shows to your photographs to your bank accounts. You can use a browser or mobile app to do anything from transferring funds to paying bills thanks to the availability of online banking.

Gambling Laws in the EU: What You Can Do
It goes without saying that gambling laws vary drastically across both the world and Europe. It’s an industry that divides opinion but is slowly becoming more and more accessible to most countries.

Four Top Locations to Begin Your Business
Starting a new business is tough; even those with a great idea and plenty of upstart capital from investors to work with will face challenges along the path to success.

Cyberbullying restricts young women's voices online
Digital technologies offer young women and men innovative ways to get involved in politics. From receiving instant news notifications on political developments, to engaging in online debates and expressing opinions on social media, political and civic participation has become faster and easier. Yet, one of the downsides experienced by this generation, who is the most digitally skilled in the EU, is the risk of online abuse.

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