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Preparing Your Business for European Growth
If you have been running your business for a number of years in one country, you may have been considering expansion for a while. It's a scary subject, but if your business is showing signs of successful growth, looking into European expansion could be the next opportunity.

What Is Day Trading?
Day trading is a strategy where the traders open and close positions the same day. Day traders do not hold their positions overnight, and that is why they close their positions in the evening and open them again in the following day.

Who Is the Legal Owner of a Car on Finance for Insurance Purposes?
One of the biggest points of confusion among motorists considering car finance is where they stand in terms of legal ownership.

What Is the Best Strategy for Blogger Outreach?
One essential strategy in search engine optimization, which goes hand-in-hand with link building is blogger outreach. It not only increases brand recognition but also generates high-quality backlinks to your website.

5 Uses of Bridging Loans Everyone Should Know
When you see a perfect opportunity to buy a property either for investment, to relocate, or downsize, sometimes it's not possible to wait for the sale of your existing property to finance your new purchase. Bridging loans can help if you don't want to risk missing out on a property that seems exceptional to you.

What Tech Should A Business Invest In?
Technology and business are more intertwined than ever before. From new and emerging technologies to the tools and resources being used in regular daily operations, tech is everywhere in the business world.

GDPR one year in - working well, but care needed on burdens for SMEs
Speaking after the European Commission today published its report on the first year of implementation of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren commented:

The Most Popular Education Career Choices in the UK
Gaining a qualification in education is a great way to get into teaching as well as many other roles. Education doesn't necessarily just mean that you must be a teacher or lecturer in your subject; there are many other popular education career choices in the UK. Below we look at some of these and what their roles include.

An easier consumer journey when buying online - Business presents new tool to improve consumer information
Today the European business community is presenting its voluntary tool to better inform consumers when they're shopping online. The aim is to help companies find good ways to present their information to consumers including standard terms and conditions.

How The UK Became The Gambling Industry Nexus
In many jurisdictions across the globe, betting sites and web-based casinos are still prohibited. However, those who live in the US and other countries where gambling is illegal might be surprised at how popular this vice has become in the UK.

The Birth of Crowdfunding
In the wake of the Great Recession at the end of the noughties, people who wanted to start their own small company, create a new product or launch an innovative new concept needed a way to fund their ideas and really push things hard to get it all off the ground.

Brexit and the UK property market - things to know
Brexit, it's been ongoing since 2016 - do we understand it? Probably not. As far as many of us are concerned, whether we opted to leave or not, Brexit negotiations are anyone's guess. Especially with a new Prime minister about to enter the fold.

Internal and External Links: What Do They Actually Do for Your Website?
Having a website that promotes your products and services online is great. It allows you to reach people who spend much of their time surfing the Net. Targeting them is going to pay off for sure because they form a big chunk of the population today. What's good about them is that they usually have the money to buy the products and services that you sell.

Guide to Switching Business Energy Suppliers
Healthy competition in the energy market is good news for commercial consumers. Switching from one supplier to another means you can take advantage of lower rates, which benefits the company bottom line. But the overwhelming abundance of options can be overwhelming for a business that is considering changing suppliers.

The Business of Gaming Regulation: The Ups and Downs of Legal Changes
The European online casino and gaming market has grown markedly over the last two decades. From humble beginnings, the continent now generates billions of pounds in revenue every year.

Yet More Deadlines on The Cards
Ursula von der Leyen who is the candidate that is expected to take over as head of the European Union has stated that she is quite willing to grant yet another Brexit extension if the United Kingdom requires it.

A Guide to Setting Up Your Own Business
Many people have the passion to set up their very own business but have no idea how to get started. In fact, the very thought can seem overwhelming and even quite terrifying if you have had no real experience of how to conduct business matters.

The technology trends that are revolutionising HR in 2019
The world of business is in a constant state of flux. As technology continues to improve and trends develop and change, the business world has to move with it.

US set to follow Europe's lead and move towards matched betting and in-play wagering
As the sports betting market in the US continues to evolve, operators, as well as new brands entering the market, are dreaming up innovative solutions in an attempt to entice more American sports betting fans to wager online.

Preparing Your Business for International Markets; What You Need to Know
More people are starting to look to international destinations for business opportunities. If your business is ready, this is what you need to know.

How Will Poland's Energy Transition Be Financed?
With the Extinction Rebellion protests spreading around the world, climate change is now top of the EU agenda. In particular, the EU is beginning to seriously ask how it will be able to finance its target of being a carbon neutral zone by 2050.

How will Brexit Impact on the Oil and Gas Sector in the UK?
The price of oil has fluctuated wildly over the course of the last five years, thanks to a number of geopolitical issues and the impact of a global supply line that continues to outstrip demand.

Working Visa - Tier 2 General Visa Requirements
The Tier 2 General Visa allows overseas migrants who have been offered a skilled job to come to the UK for employment purposes.

How Will Brexit Impact the Automotive Industry Trade in the UK?
For the past couple of years, Brexit has been a major talking point within the automotive industry. There has been a lot of uncertainty over how the industry will be affected.

Honey bees - nature conservation with genetic engineering?
In February 2019, the first paper on using CRISPR technology to produce pesticide-resistant honeybees was published in South Korea.

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