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Claiming Against Your Employer: What You Need to Know
Many people are often too intimidated to make a claim against their employer, even if they are well within their rights.

Driving times and Tachographs: Political agreement recognizes construction specificities
On 21 January the TRAN Committee of the European Parliament approved the trilogue agreement on the "Driving times" and "Tachograph" Regulations reached before Christmas.

Unique benefits gained from using collaborative robots
When companies decide to automate their production process, they check what their competitors are doing and copy it. No need to reinvent the wheel!

What are the Best 4x4s for Businesses?
In the market for a new company car? You cannot go wrong with a 4x4 because these vehicles can make it easy and comfortable to transport multiple people with plenty of storage space, plus their strong ability on the road ensures that this is a type of car you can rely on even in the midst of winter - they can also look great too.

Is Europe Unified in its Banking System? The Key Questions and Challenges
While the EU may be synonymous with the Euro and the single currency, this also betrays the attempts that have been made to create a unified banking system over the course of the last five years.

The Top Strangest Cryptocurrencies
The internet is no stranger to weird and wonderful creations, with the cryptocurrency scene being no exception to this.

Where We Stand with Brexit Now
Brits shouldn't think that they alone are tired of the stress of Brexit and can't wait for the government to decide one way or the other. A lot of people in other countries are feeling the same, and Brexit fatigue has set in there too.

10 Inspiring Philanthropy Projects
From celebrities to people just like you and I, it's important to recognise philanthropy projects that have inspired us and made a difference to our society.

Indiscriminate data retention considered disproportionate, once again
Today’s Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) Advocate General’s Opinions continues the firmly established case-law of the CJEU considering mass collection of individuals communications data incompatible with EU law.

Five ways to maximise your potential return at an online casino
Luck is probably the most crucial factor when playing at an online casino. Still, before punters even begin playing their favourite game or backing their favourite side, there are promotions offered at casinos which can maximise winnings - or at the very least help improve your chances or not losing.

ETUC Quote on Just Transition Mechanism
Commenting on the publication of the European Commission's proposal for the establishment of a Just Transition Mechanism, ETUC Confederal Secretary Ludovic Voet said:

Business culture differences between the EU and the USA
Globalization has been without a doubt one of the most talked about subjects of our generation. In a world that becomes more connected by the day, people get the feeling that geographical and cultural barriers seem less important.

How to Take Online Courses to Reach Your Goal
It could be that you want to climb further up the ladder in your existing career, or that you want to change the profession you are in for something else. It is never too late to do either, as long as you have the qualifications and gain the experience you need.

Tips For Making Your Business More Productive
It's one thing running a small (or even large) business, but it's quite another to run a productive one. The problem is, you need your business to be productive in order to be as successful as possible, and it is this that many business owners struggle with - not only do they have to make sure they are productive, but they also have to ensure that any staff they have are productive too.

Latest Trends in Small Business Funding
One of the most common hurdles small businesses face when growing their company is making sure that there is sufficient finance to help this growth. Most small businesses, at some point in their evolution, need funding to grow - and many need funding to simply keep their heads above water.

The Best Budgeting and Personal Finance Apps To Try
With all the daily expenses and responsibilities, managing your cash might not be the easiest thing to do. As such, tracking your expenses and keeping track of your bank records can get a little tricky, especially when maths isn't your strongest suit.

What Is The Outlook For Europe Business In 2020?
In 2019, European equities remained buoyant throughout the year, with ex UK Index MSCI Europe recording up to 20% profit in sterling pounds, while Stoxx 600 just hit a record high of 20.5% profit in a year, despite a slowdown in economic growth and political uncertainty.

Here's How You Can Use Video Advertising to Sell Products in 2020
Looking for a way to disrupt the industry with your marketing prowess? You should be using more video advertising.

Top Tips for Buying A House in The Cayman Islands
The Cayman Islands has an abundance of high-quality real estate for sale but there are a few things you need to know before you buy. Luckily, the process of buying property in the Cayman Islands is fairly straight-forward.

EU Employees Feel Underappreciated
Recent statistics have shown that EU employees feel undervalued within the company that they are working for, which can have a negative impact on productivity and efficiency.

How to Know Your Rights in 2020
Living in 2020 is all about finding the power and the voice - the confidence, indeed - to make the most of your career. With so much focus now on the individual in the workplace, it's up to you to set your boundaries, set your own personal goals and set your expectations on the treatment you think the law and regulations entitle you to.

Work Problems
Virtually everyone runs into problems in the workplace at some point or other.  How you deal with these issues can mean the difference between a happy workplace or looking for a new job.  We have compiled a list of the most common reasons for workplace problems, disputes and issue and how you should deal with them.

Key Steps for Starting a Dental Practice
Everyone requires dental care, so starting your own private practice can be a smart and safe business idea for an entrepreneur or dentist.

Why Money Laundering Doesn't Work with Online Casinos
Want to understand why the act of money laundering doesn't work in the online casino industry? We can help. Click to find out why it just isn't doable.

UKGC updates its anti-money laundering regulations
The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) has set out its new anti-money laundering regulations which are set to be implemented next year (2020).