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Bayer to offer access to its owned glyphosate studies
Bayer will soon include safety study summaries of glyphosate on its dedicated transparency platform. This next step will mark the first anniversary of the company's Transparency Initiative, having been launched on 7 December 2017.

Gaming Industry's Sustainability Focus: How It's Changed Down the Years
In the gaming industry, sustainability is generally comprehended as greenwashing, and therefore, if a company seeks to improve their reputation by marketing environmental awareness, it is sure to affect their success in the near or later future.

EU Interest in Gambling Trends
Ever since the Supreme Court of the US struck down the Professional and Amateur sports Protection Act of 1992 last May, several US states including Mississippi, West Virginia and New Jersey have passed laws which precede the opening of sportsbooks within their boundaries.

Europe Aims to Improve Helicopter Emergency Medical Services
The invention of the helicopter in 1939 was revolutionary to the aircraft industry.

Court's decision makes a case for excluding dirty energy from capacity mechanisms subsidies
The General Court of the European Union has decided today to annul the European Commission's decision not to raise objections to the aid scheme establishing a 'capacity market' in the United Kingdom. The ruling puts into question many capacity mechanisms in place across Europe, including the Polish capacity market which is based on the UK model.

Sports Minister Crouch resigns over delay of £2 betting machines
The UK's sports minister Tracey Crouch has resigned from her position following the delay in reducing stakes for fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs).

Short term lenders fear new rise in compensation claims
It looks as though payday loans are becoming the new PPI in that many people have been mis-sold it and are seeking compensation as a result. You have long been able to get compensation for a mis-sold payday loan, however many people have remained unware of this until the fall of major player, short-term lender Wonga.

Which Companies Convert Your 8mm/Super 8 Film?
Since 8 mm and Super 8 film has quickly become a thing of the past, it's important to find the companies that can convert these types of films.

Retailers and wholesalers warn of dangers from direct consumer imports
Speaking today on the occasion of the International Product Safety Week, Christian Verschueren, Director-General of EuroCommerce said: "Our members are deeply worried at the influx of dangerous products sold by unscrupulous non-EU manufacturers and sellers, directly targeting EU customers. These products are not subject to any controls and can cause serious harm to consumers. They also represent unfair competition to responsible EU producers, importers and retailers who work hard to ensure that their products are safe and meet EU standards. Any new regulation has to reflect this new reality and help national authorities in responding appropriately to these threats. Rogue traders who deliberately bring non-compliant products into the EU should be stopped and punished."

What Are the Best European VPN Providers?
Cybercrime has been growing in Europe, just like the rest of the world. Recent years have seen governments in Germany, Russia, and Ukraine among others record high incidences of crime. The scope and nature of crimes have also evolved. Security and privacy are thus huge concerns in the region.

2018 Ease of Doing Business Ranking Reveals Disparities Across EU
The World Bank's "ease of doing business" rankings is an annual leaderboard that compares all of the countries around the world to see which ones are the easiest to start and succeed in business in. The index has been going for 12 years now, with the top countries seeing few shifts in the rankings for 2018.

Top level leaders - the resource your business cannot be without
It has often been said that in an organisation, all departments must work together like cogs in an oiled machine, but while this metaphor emphasises the importance of synchronisation and teamwork, it somehow inspires the idea that all staff are interchangeable. This isn't a good mindset to start recruitment with, because each and every employee can contribute to your organisation in a unique way and, when it comes to top level executives, they can make the difference between success and failure.

Spain Employs Article 155 to stop Catalonian Independence
Maximum tension continues to dominate the political climate in Catalonia and Spain, with Spanish president, Mariano Rajoy, deciding to apply article 155 of the Constitution for the very first time in Spanish history; article 55 is a widescale power that has resulted in Rajoy announcing the destitution of the president of the Catalonian Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, and of all the counsellors of his government.

E-Commerce Supply Chain Models to Consider
In the rapidly growing e-commerce industry, myriad opportunities exist for entrepreneurs with an ingenious concept and the ability to scale a business. But in the age of free shipping, competitive branding and customer-focused shopping experiences, online stores stand little chance to flourish without a streamlined, cost-effective supply chain.

Soaring Spanish House Prices To Benefit Local Economy
During the third quarter of 2018, the value of second-hand properties throughout Spain grew by an average of 2.4%, according to a new study by Fotocasa.

Eurozone October Bank Lending Survey Results
The Eurozone Bank Lending Survey (BLS) has been released for the third quarter of the financial year. The report focuses on lending conditions in the Euro area, and covers issues around the supply and demand of loans, from the consumer need for loans across different categories, to the credit standards and terms of banks.

US-China Trade War Could be a Blessing in Disguise for European Tech Companies
The latest battle in the ongoing trade war between the US and China has claimed another victim.

Malaga's Popularity is on the Rise According to Reports
Malaga is increasingly becoming one of the world's most prized destinations due to a variety of factors. While this may look like an overnight success for the small port city, this comes as a result of many efforts to make it a prime destination.

Field sales solutions: How to improve efficiency
Field sales can be massively rewarding, giving a friendly face to a business and making sales much more personal. With the right training and techniques, you can position your business to be able to pounce on the opportunities that arise.

Why Advertisers Aren't Reaching Any Generation (and What to Do About It)
Advertising isn't about broadcasting a message. It's about making sure a message gets heard.

How to Deal with Product Changes, Corrections or Promotions
When dealing with products and product sales, there are many different situations that come up which a company in the UK or Europe has to deal with.

The Makeup of the UK: How It Makes Money and Future Outlook
As of 2017, the United Kingdom had a population of 66 million and a gross domestic product (GDP) of approximately 2.6 trillion dollars. That puts the UK as number five in the largest economies around the world.

Why Departmental Silos Are Dangerous (and 5 Ways to Break Them Down)
Business silos are more than just a buzzword - they're a threatening phenomenon that can manifest in almost any business, and if left unchecked, they can seriously undermine your organization's communication, goals, and focus. To overcome them, you'll need to take the time to understand their true nature and invest the time and energy necessary to break them down.

#IGForexChat 3: What does the next year hold for emerging market currencies?

How to Become a Heating Engineer
Gas engineers can have very varied roles. From the installation or service of domestic appliances to the maintenance of office buildings, or even specialising in the heating system of an entire industrial estate, no two heating engineers have the same working day.

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