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EU Continues Strong Stance Against Harmful Chemical Cleaners
Not all cleaning products are safe for humans to use. While they may kill off bacteria and germs, they ultimately leave a host of harmful chemicals and toxins behind. Thankfully, the EU has been a proactive global leader in overcoming this issue.

What Makes a Good Online Brand?
With the UK’s ecommerce reaching an impressive £137.38 billion in 2018 (statistics from ONS data), the importance of online branding is becoming an increasingly important component of all types of businesses.

What EU regulations are there regarding cryptocurrency?
As Facebook plans to launch its own cryptocurrency, the Libra coin, governments have expressed doubts around whether the social media giant is adequately equipped to manage its own digital currency.

Setting up an efficient business invoicing system
An adequately designed invoicing system helps a business to get paid on time and offers legal protection for both parties involved in the business deal.

Features of the gambling business in Europe
Gambling and gambling can bring not only positive emotions, adrenaline, and drive to the players, but also an excellent profit to the owners of these assets! Gambling is considered one of the most profitable types of entrepreneurship; it constantly grows as a result of which entire cities devoted to gambling grow, whole gambling centers appear.

Born to Lead: Why the MBA is Still the King of Business Qualifications
The Masters of Business Administration degree (MBA) has long been considered the gold standard for demonstrating managerial competence.

Summer Party Launches in Hatton Garden This Week
The London centre for jewellery and diamonds, Hatton Garden, will be transformed into a vibrant pop up park later this week.

A Guide to Drip Marketing and the Tools You Need to Succeed
Maybe you've heard the term 'drip marketing' before; it isn't a new idea. Drip marketing has been around for quite some time, but it's gained more traction recently because it has been transformed by automation software and social media.

Relocating to a New Country Can be Easy
People can't always help what happens to them. Everyone hopes for a better life and when the opportunity comes, they go in the pursuit of what they have always hoped for. 'Going in pursuit' can mean to relocate from one state or country to another.

Marketing And Designing Your Engineering Firm: A Guide
The world of engineering is often associated with industry-specific skills. It's often assumed that it involves a one-way path into the industry that brings with it a heavy focus on experience and specialist knowledge.

Secured Loan for Debt Consolidation: A Safe Option?
These days, falling into debt isn't the 'game over' scenario it once was. Debt can have a huge impact on various aspects of our lives, but is nonetheless something that can be negotiated and reversed with due care and effort.

Getting the Lowest Rate on a Bridging Loan
Bridging loans typically attach exceptionally competitive rates of interest. When considered in context, rates as low as 0.5% on loans typically offered over a period of six months or so are borderline unbeatable. Especially when combined with modest administration fees and the convenience of accessing the money you need just days after submitting your application.

Swift Parking just got Swifter: TfWM & Cammax Take Step Closer To Integrated Travel System
Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) have taken another step forward in their bid to develop an integrated travel network across the region with the launch of a hybrid parking payment system at Bromsgrove railway station.

Is Bingo Back? The Old Game Is The New Craze
You'd perhaps be forgiven for thinking bingo is a game for the older generation. You'd also be forgiven for thinking that setting up a new business based on the game is a little crazy.

UK Gambling Commission May Ban Gamblers From Using Credit Cards
The UK Gambling Commission has announced that it will be holding a 12-week consultation which could result in the ban on the use of credit cards at online casinos.

Is There a Solution to Growing Concerns Over Nursing Home Abuse?
Of all the vulnerable classes and people groups in society, the elderly are among the most helpless. They require care and assistance, often turning to nursing homes and senior care facilities to get the help they need. Maddeningly, these caregivers don't always live up to their responsibilities.

Preparing Your Business for European Growth
If you have been running your business for a number of years in one country, you may have been considering expansion for a while. It's a scary subject, but if your business is showing signs of successful growth, looking into European expansion could be the next opportunity.

What Is Day Trading?
Day trading is a strategy where the traders open and close positions the same day. Day traders do not hold their positions overnight, and that is why they close their positions in the evening and open them again in the following day.

Who Is the Legal Owner of a Car on Finance for Insurance Purposes?
One of the biggest points of confusion among motorists considering car finance is where they stand in terms of legal ownership.

What Is the Best Strategy for Blogger Outreach?
One essential strategy in search engine optimization, which goes hand-in-hand with link building is blogger outreach. It not only increases brand recognition but also generates high-quality backlinks to your website.

5 Uses of Bridging Loans Everyone Should Know
When you see a perfect opportunity to buy a property either for investment, to relocate, or downsize, sometimes it's not possible to wait for the sale of your existing property to finance your new purchase. Bridging loans can help if you don't want to risk missing out on a property that seems exceptional to you.

What Tech Should A Business Invest In?
Technology and business are more intertwined than ever before. From new and emerging technologies to the tools and resources being used in regular daily operations, tech is everywhere in the business world.

GDPR one year in - working well, but care needed on burdens for SMEs
Speaking after the European Commission today published its report on the first year of implementation of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren commented:

The Most Popular Education Career Choices in the UK
Gaining a qualification in education is a great way to get into teaching as well as many other roles. Education doesn't necessarily just mean that you must be a teacher or lecturer in your subject; there are many other popular education career choices in the UK. Below we look at some of these and what their roles include.

An easier consumer journey when buying online - Business presents new tool to improve consumer information
Today the European business community is presenting its voluntary tool to better inform consumers when they're shopping online. The aim is to help companies find good ways to present their information to consumers including standard terms and conditions.

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