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EuroCommerce calls for rapid global agreement on OECD digital tax proposals
Commenting on the presentation yesterday of the OECD Secretariat's proposals on tax challenges from digitalisation of the economy, EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren commented:

Which Areas To Consider Outsourcing As A Business
When markets are unpredictable and the unknown territory surrounding Brexit yet to be decided this can be worrying time for businesses and their future.

3 Reasons Your Online Store Isn't Attracting Customers
Despite investing much time and money into your online business, it might be failing to connect with your target demographic. While you might be tempted to shut your internet store for good due to limited traffic, you should first explore ways to grow your online reach and customer base.

Professional Transcription Service: Pros and Cons
If you are thinking about hiring a professional transcription service, then it helps to know the pros and cons before you get started.

How to Make Your Business More Inviting
One of the best ways to get more business and retain more customers is to make your business more inviting. A warm, inviting business will encourage more foot traffic, make a better impression on first-time customers, and help distinguish you from your competitors. The question is, what steps can you take to make your business more welcoming?

CJEU ruling on fighting defamation online could open the door for upload filters
Today, on 3 October 2019, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) gave its ruling in the case C‑18/18 Glawischnig-Piesczek v Facebook.

Comparing Gaming Tax Profits around Europe
For the past two decades, the EU has been aggressively pushing its members to relax gaming laws.

Brexit impact on the workforce: HR implications
Brexit is the word we are all probably sick of at this point. It is also, however, at the center of an undeniably fascinating and disruptive time in UK and EU politics. For businesses, the implications could prove devastating if they're not prepared, particularly from an HR standpoint.

How to Tell If Your Small Business Needs a Marketing Consultant
If you are the owner or manager of a small business with extremely low sales volume, it could just be that what you are in need of is some good, solid marketing. Unfortunately, you may not be convinced that marketing, or lack of marketing, is at the root of your current financial problems.

Tips for Staying Focused While Getting an Education in Business
When a person decides to go back to school, it is only for one reason. Improving your quality of life by focusing on your career is not an unheard-of concept. In fact, the prevalence of online schools has changed the ratios and ages of the average adult student.

Why Corporate Businesses Should Operate in Flexible Offices
Corporate businesses are increasingly drawn by the advantages offered by flexible workspaces - but why? Our article provides the answers you're looking for.

A UK Business Guide to Unsecured Loans
Whether you are planning to launch your own company or are already a successful entrepreneur, being part of the business world requires regularly raising money to sustain and grow your enterprise.

Research reveals how lenders lure customers into high cost products
Research conducted by both Durham and Newcastle university exposes the numerous techniques that high-cost credit providers use to lure in borrowers. The leading researcher for the study was Newcastle University's Dr James Ash, who presented his findings at China’s Xi’an Jiatong-Liverpool University last month.

Unpacking the language of online retail
Increasingly people are taking their shopping online as the pain of finding parking and negotiating crowds at the mall slowly but surely takes its toll on busy people.

Are Top EU Officials Using Private Jets Too Often?
In recent months, the subject of high-ranking government officials travelling by private jet has been all over the news. It all started with a comment by the European Commission President, who has since been labelled "entitled" by the public.

Professionals and businesses: the best banks in EU
With the opening of competition in Europe, the battle is raging in all sectors of activity. The banking sector is no exception to this trend. Between commercial banks, investment banks and neobanks, the offer is dense. We will try to see more clearly so that you can choose your bank with complete peace of mind.

When should you hire a financial advisor?
When you see the number of people who would rather discuss things like "how to lose weight" rather than talking about money-related issues, then, you wouldn't be surprised to discover why so many people haven't even considered hiring a financial advisor yet.

EuroCommerce joins the Circular Plastics Alliance as retailers & wholesalers contribute to a more sustainable future
EuroCommerce today joined the Circular Plastics Alliance.

Why and when you need a business bank account
There are many different situations which would warrant the need for a bank account, for both those who simply need to improve their business's finances, to organisations that are legally required to set one up. Business bank accounts are necessary tools many businesses need to function.

6 Smart Strategies to make your Food truck more profitable
Food trucks are indeed one of the trendiest and smartest business ideas in the present day. This is only because the absolute truth is that people won't stop eating out ever!

Why the EU's Controversial Copyright Reform Will Ultimately Fail
The Eu is set to implement a controversial copyright policy within the next couple of years, one that will severely restrict the fair use of online content and one that the EU hopes will reshape the internet.

EU Businesses Are Still at the Forefront of the Fight Against the Climate Emergency
The EU was the first major economy in the world to set out a legally binding framework for ensuring that all member states in the union lived up to their climate change obligations, as stipulated under the Paris agreement.

Is it a Good Time to Buy a Car Pre-Brexit?
Despite the recent legislation passed by Parliament, there remains a strong chance that the UK could leave the EU on a no-deal basis on October 31st. It's thought that this would decimate certain industries in the UK, with the automotive trade one of the most likely to experience widespread disruption and job losses.

10 reasons to invest in Artificial Intelligence
Innovations in AI has meant that this technology is steadily infiltrating every aspect of everyday life. Before it increases even more in popularity, here's ten reasons why you should be investing in AI now.

Microgaming expanding its presence in Italy
Microgaming, widely recognised as amongst the biggest developers of online casino games, is rapidly expanding and cementing its place in the Italian iGaming marketplace.

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