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How Does Uber Fare Outside Of Europe?
Few companies have grown quite as quickly and expanded as aggressively as Uber have, but at the same time, it’s hard to argue with their success. By some distance the largest ride sharing app in the world, the company have spearheaded a significant shift in the private hire vehicle market that has been so pronounced that traditional taxi companies have become severely under threat as a result.

Europeans are not fully protected by EU rules for online gambling: study
All EU member states, except Denmark, have not fully implemented EU consumer protection guidelines for online gambling, putting the protection of online gamblers at risk by leaving them exposed to unequal and inadequate levels of consumer protection across EU member states, according to a study published today by the City University London.

How European Businesses Can Keep Up With Shifting Trends In UK
Businesses are always having to keep up with trends and evaluate their best practices, so they can continuously look forward. However, to do so, it will involve adapting to current trends and understanding the effect these can have on specific businesses and the industry on the whole.

Retailers and wholesalers warn of risks in collective redress proposal
Speaking today after the vote of the European Parliament JURI Committee report on collective redress, EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren warned of the risk that the proposal as amended will spark a wave of vexatious litigation:

3 Benefits of Purchasing a Contractor Bond Online
In many states, it is a requirement to have a valid contractor bond before you are issued with a contractor's license. The same is true if you are applying to renew an active license or reactivate an inactive one.

GDPR & Digital Marketing: What To Be Aware Of
Although we are well into the swing of the new GDPR laws, for those who are yet to catch up, this handy guide can help clear up any potential concerns you may be facing with your digital marketing approach and the new EU laws that have been in place since 25 May 2018.

New commitments on foreign cards only a small step, but fails to create an online/offline playing field
Retailers and wholesalers today welcomed the announcement that Visa and Mastercard have made commitments to bring transactions on cards issued outside the EU (non-EU visitors purchasing within the EU) broadly in line with those EU-issued cards.

The pros and cons of small business loans
Whether it's a major equipment purchase or for an expansion project, getting an additional influx of working capital is something all businesses need at some point. As either a small, large or startup business, there are a number of different paths available when you’re seeking finance, each with their own set of advantages.

Will the UK Car Industry Be Affected by Brexit?
The UK car industry has a collection of European Union regulations relating to a variety of automotive issues such as environmental emission levels, technical requirements, safety levels and how vehicles are categorised.

What is a VPS Server and How Does It Help Business?
A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a type of web server that is offered mostly to businesses.

The Best Ways to Encourage Team-Work
Teamwork is something that helps everyone come up with better and more creative ideas. More than this, it makes the work day go by much faster, and the daily operations are more efficient as a result of it.

What to Expect in Online Marketing Five Years from Now
Online marketing is the most dynamic sector in the marketing world. Although we are living in the age of technology already, things are going to change a lot over the next five years as almost everything we know about digital marketing will evolve to a greater degree.

2 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019
For any business owner who dreams of growing their company tenfold, there’s no better way to ensure success for your venture than to market it effectively. Marketing is the only way consumers near and further afield will know your name, what you do and, most importantly, what you offer.

Agreement reached on the new Spirit Drinks Regulation: a glass half full
EU spirits producers welcome the political agreement reached last night at the trilogue on a new Spirit Drinks Regulation, which sets rules for the production and labelling of spirit drinks and for the registration and protection of the more than 240 spirits with Geographical Indications (GIs).

USA Visa Waiver Program: Application Process and Requirements
With the Brexit deal details now becoming clearer, you might be wondering whether this will impact travel arrangements.

5 Proven Growth Hacks for Digital Startups
Having a digital startup is exciting. The idea that the more traffic and sales you make, the more money you can make. Plus the digital startup allows you to make money in your sleep, what an amazing way to make a passive income.

European Commission reports on European standardisation system: EBC calls for greater discussion and coordination to continue the successes
Last week, on 22 November, the European Commission published the communication "Harmonised standards: Enhancing transparency and legal certainty for a fully functioning Single Market", highlighting the success of standardisation in developing the Single Market and proposing further improvements to the standardisation process.

EuroCommerce celebrates achievements of retail & wholesale on its 25th anniversary
This year marks the 25th anniversary of the European Single Market, but also the 25th anniversary of EuroCommerce, the principal European association representing retail and wholesale, the largest private sector employer in Europe, accounting for 10% of its GDP.

Apple Touts Security In EU Speech, But Tech Remains Vulnerable
Apple has a difficult relationship with the EU, where the company has been doing battle over illegal tax benefits from the Irish government, and facing challenges in light of the new GDPR standards.

EU has last chance to improve services markets
Speaking today after publication of the Commission communication on the Single Market in a changing world and yesterday’s Annual Growth Survey, EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren commented:

Government Chaos Continues Outside Of Brexit With FOBT Sanctions
The government have made a huge u-turn on cutting the maximum stake on fixed-odds betting terminals, with it now coming into play in April 2019.

Spain Threatens to Vote No To Brexit Deal Over Gibraltar
After two years of painstaking negotiations between the UK and the EU, and with sign-off very close, the Spanish government has threatened to veto the draft Brexit deal this week over the handling of discussions on the future of Gibraltar.

#IGCommodityChat: what is the future of gold?

Renewable gas lobby exposed as misleading ahead of EU 2050 Climate Strategy
Ahead of the European Commission announcing its '2050 Climate Strategy' for complying with the targets set out in the Paris Agreement, Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) today released a two-part briefing (Part I, Part II) on the gas industry's attempts to promote so-called 'renewable gas' in the EU strategy.

Bayer to offer access to its owned glyphosate studies
Bayer will soon include safety study summaries of glyphosate on its dedicated transparency platform. This next step will mark the first anniversary of the company's Transparency Initiative, having been launched on 7 December 2017.

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