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Software Development Outsourcing Trends in Europe
Software development outsourcing is common practice all over the world. The market has grown sensitively between the 2015-2019 period, and it doesn't seem to stop. What drives development and innovation in businesses across different industries, also drives developments in the IT and software development outsourcing sector.

How Businesses in the EU are Saving Money by Going Green
Real estate platform Merin found that implementing new energy efficiency measures into commercial and residential properties in the Netherlands saved an average of over £13,000 per year in energy costs. For a small business, this is a considerable amount of extra money to put towards growth.

The changing faces of epayments
69 per cent of all internet users in the European Union regularly shopped online last year, with the average user purchasing a service or product 6 times per month.

Traditional Business Gifts from Around the World
Gift giving around the world is challenging because different countries have different cultures that affect it.

The UK Gambling Commission Continues Its Online Gambling Crackdown
The UK Gambling Commission has continued its online gambling crackdown.

Charities in Flux: 3 Giving Trends Rising in the UK
Giving is a natural desire that most human beings have. It allows people to feel good about themselves, and it helps society, but the way people give constantly changes. The following are three of the mos interesting trends in giving taking over the UK's giving heart.

Why The European Copyright Directive Might Be More Sinister Than It Seems
The Internet is cathartic in the sense that it is an avenue where we are able to express thoughts and emotions that we would otherwise try to consciously keep to ourselves.

Four biggest trends impacting the European display advertising industry in 2019
Display advertising continues to thrive across Europe with a total ad spend predicted to hit $17.3 billion across France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK, increasing by 14.7% from 2018. With technology changing the way online banner ads engage with consumers, display advertising continues to grow in popularity. But are marketers utilising this type of advertising effectively?

The Insufficient Technological Growth in the European Market Needs to Change
European tech business needs to improve and improve fast.

Arcadia Retail Empire D-Day Looming
A decisive D-Day vote between landlords and creditors is set for Wednesday 12 June in London, in order to decide whether they wish to help save Sir Philip Green's Arcadia retail empire from annihilation.

Contractor Mortgages: Why They Aren't Uniform Throughout the EU
Contractor mortgages have always been somewhat unique. Despite their challenges, you might expect contractor mortgages to be pretty standard across the EU. They are not. Getting a contractor mortgage in Germany is far different from getting one in Spain or France. And as long as the UK remains part of the EU, our contractor mortgages will be different still.

Why Nominating a Power of Attorney is a Must for Any Business Owner
If you have not granted someone your power of attorney, you should look into doing so, especially if you own a business. Click here to find out why.

5 Reasons To Try An Employee Share Scheme
Employee share schemes can be extremely beneficial to your business if you implement the right kind. Find out some reasons to try these schemes here.

The 5 Most Promising Careers in Europe - 2019
The world is changing, and one of the places where that change is greatest and most marked is the job market. In fact, the job market is a good proxy for the prevailing trends in the development and needs of society.

The Possible Impact of Brexit on the iGaming Industry
We always hear about the negative side of the gambling industry - how it causes people to become addicted to gambling to such an extent that they lose homes and families, and blaming a faceless industry can be easier than addressing the human side of addiction, addressing the person themselves as the cause rather than blaming the tools they use to get into bother.

How To Get A Job Overseas
For some, working overseas is the ultimate career move. Not only can you find a job that you love doing, but you can travel the world at the same time, and start a new life in another country of your choosing.

Starting a Business: The Ultimate Guide to Starting A Business While Working Full Time
Quitting your day job and starting a company isn't as easy as it sounds. There several responsibilities like paying bills, paying mortgage and putting food on the table that need to be performed. While jumping in with both feet is very risky, you can still hang onto the security and income of your job while still launching your business.

How To Run A Smoother Business
Being in charge of a business is a big responsibility and comes with a lot of extra pressure. Think of how much easier your job will be when you learn how to run a smoother operation.

4 Big Benefits of Online Study
The internet has been responsible for many changes to our world – both good and bad - but one of the best products has to be online education.

Why Royal Cleaning Is Best For End of Tenancy Cleaning Services in London
As your lease agreement comes to an end, you want nothing more than packing your belongings and transferring to a new home. However, the reality is, moving is a challenging task.

Why You Need IT Support Services for Small Businesses
Small businesses face several challenges from having limited staff to maintaining quality sales. For every business to run effectively, all operations need to function at their optimal potential. For small businesses, it can become really difficult to cater to all their needs.

EuroCommerce and GS1 in Europe agree to strengthen cooperation
EuroCommerce and GS1 in Europe signed on 29 May a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to work more intensively together in the field of supply chain cooperation, standards, and technologies.

What to Know Before Opening a Manufacturing Plant in the European Union
Congratulations. You've decided to open up a manufacturing facility in the European Union. Before diving into the daily routine of running a factory or startup, however, you need to ensure that you have a good feel for how life works for business owners in the EU.

New report shows some EU Member States intent on burning coal for electricity beyond 2030 whilst banking on EU funding for a just energy transition
Today, a new report by Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe and Sandbag reveals Member States are receiving EU energy transition support but not committing to phase-out coal.

Better work-life balance would shrink the gender pay gap
The gender pay gap reveals the different realities that women and men face in their professional and personal lives. Today, women across the EU earn on average, 16% less per hour than men. The biggest gap in earnings is among couples with children - showing that the financial cost of having a family falls heavily on women’s shoulders.

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