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EU lifts one key barrier for public investments in energy efficiency, easing adoption of ambitious 2030 targets and measures 20 September 2017, 17:58 CET
Yesterday, Eurostat published a guidance note on how to record Energy Performance Contracts in government accounts. The new guidance note clarifies and makes it easier for governments to invest in improving the energy efficiency of their buildings and infrastructure by using Energy Performance Contracts.

How will Brexit affect parcel delivery between the UK and Europe? 19 September 2017, 18:32 CET
Brexit will affect almost every business, including parcel delivery services. Sending a parcel between the UK and Europe will no longer be as simple as dropping it off at the post office for a small fee. In fact, shipping costs are estimated to rise by 30 per cent.

How Useful Is European Segmentation in iGaming Trends? 18 September 2017, 18:49 CET
The beauty of iGaming as an industry is the international appeal that can be created around almost any new site.

How Has Brexit Affected the Construction Industry? 14 September 2017, 12:59 CET
We're all aware of the outcome of the historic EU referendum, but what you might not know is the continuing effects of the Brexit result and the challenges that small businesses have gone on to face as a result.

Will Brexit have an effect on accident claims? 11 September 2017, 23:02 CET
With Brexit uncertainty, no wonder UK citizens are worried able the effect it could have on accident claims.

How to Reduce Your Online Marketing Costs 09 September 2017, 19:01 CET
Do you want to make your marketing budget go further? Unfortunately, many businesses and individuals who have an online presence waste a lot of money on their online marketing activities. However, there are many ways you can address this issue, including the tips mentioned below.

What EU Companies Can Learn from Last Month's WireX Malware Attack 08 September 2017, 11:04 CET
This past year has increased awareness regarding how companies are vulnerable towards hacker attacks, as the world – and especially Europe and Ukraine in the case of the recent Petya attack – have experienced a series of sophisticated and widespread ransomware attacks.

WEEE Forum and EucoLight raise concerns about WEEE compliance of online retailers 08 September 2017, 00:19 CET
At a seminar on 13 September 2017 in Brussels, the WEEE Forum and EucoLight, two European trade associations that speak for e-waste producer responsibility organisations, will facilitate a high-level debate around the compliance of online retail platforms with EU e-waste (WEEE) legislation and ways to address free-riding behaviour among online sellers.

First generation biofuels are just as sustainable as second generation – both show significant reductions of greenhouse gas emissions 07 September 2017, 23:37 CET
A comprehensive sustainability assessment carried out by nova-Institute shows that first generation bioethanol is as advantageous as second generation bioethanol for a feasible climate strategy. The results clearly indicate that the systematic discrimination against first generation biofuels of the current Commission proposal is in no way founded on scientific evidence. It would be counterproductive to further lower the share of first generation fuels in the EU’s energy mix.

4 Tips on How to Optimise Your Brand 06 September 2017, 23:49 CET
It's the little things that matter to customers. Attention to detail can set you apart from your rivals, as you will become synonymous with exceptional customer service. If you are unsure how to deliver an improved customer experience, we're providing four effective tips on how to optimise your brand.

EuroCommerce: protectionism, Europe's greatest challenge 06 September 2017, 23:12 CET
Speaking at the Finnish Commerce Federation conference in Helsinki today on trends in retail and wholesale, EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren highlighted the challenges facing the sector due to a rising tide of protectionism worldwide and within Europe:

Google and Bertelsmann fund 75,000 new Udacity scholarships across Europe 06 September 2017, 23:04 CET
Google and Bertelsmann announced Tuesday that they are to fund 75,000 scholarships through Udacity to provide free technology education to residents of Europe and beyond. The launch builds on the success of last year’s programme, where 70,000 people applied for 10,000 Udacity scholarships.

How to Plan for Self-Employment After Brexit 06 September 2017, 00:09 CET
Another day and another Brexit headline is written and recently, many of those headlines have addressed discussions on the rights of EU and UK citizens, post-Brexit. What will Brexit mean for the rights of EU nationals living and working in the UK, along with Britons living and working across the European Union. And, among those rights are those of self-employed workers.

EU Binary Laws & Regulations 05 September 2017, 13:10 CET
Binary trading was once a product of America, having been invented their and taking off in dramatic fashion. However, binary trading brokers are also very active in the European Union, and this form of trading has already proved popular in the continent.

New Trade Deals Will Affect US and UK Technology and Defence Spending 04 September 2017, 20:29 CET
Outside of the EU, the USA is the UK’s largest trade partner, with 15% of all UK goods exports going to the US, while 47% go to the 27 other EU countries.

Improve Your E-commerce 31 August 2017, 18:57 CET
In many ways, the internet is an essential tool for today's small businesses. It gives you access to customers all around the world, while it gives local customers all the information they need if they want to check out your services before using them. Make sure you're taking full advantage of the benefits of being connected.

What Makes European Small Businesses Valuable 31 August 2017, 14:18 CET
Last year, the number of businesses in Europe that were cashing out reached unprecedented levels.

Will UK Businesses Look to the US Rather than the EU Post-Brexit? 29 August 2017, 18:00 CET
There's much to be decided when it comes to the UK's future relationship with the EU. With politicians locked in talks between now and March 2019 - when the UK is due to leave - much attention will focus on the results of these all-important meetings on both sides of the Channel.

Bulk Domain Buying: Everything You Need To Know 29 August 2017, 17:12 CET
Bulk domain buying is great if you want to cover all bases as a brand, or use the sites to build links, although this is less common now thanks to Google algorithms.

5 Powerful Digital Marketing Tactics That Will Take Your Accountancy Firm Forward 28 August 2017, 15:36 CET
Investing heavily in marketing methods to make an accountancy firm a success can often prove to be costly. However, with the right marketing strategy on the table along with some excellent digital marketing tactics, those costs are quickly lowered.

Workplace Injuries at UK SMEs Rise Sharply Over Last Five Years 24 August 2017, 22:37 CET
Injuries at work are rare, but the number of those recorded in the UK has gone up by more than expected in recent years.

Serial Entrepreneur Alex Jeffreys Shares The Importance Of Finding Your Niche 23 August 2017, 18:20 CET

Tips for Improving Your Uber or Lyft Driver Profile 18 August 2017, 16:01 CET

3 Customer Loyalty Mistakes You Should Avoid at All Costs 16 August 2017, 13:24 CET
Customer loyalty is important to every business because it determines the level of profitability and performance.

PNR: EU Court rules that draft EU-Canada air passenger data deal is unacceptable 15 August 2017, 20:51 CET
On 26 July 2017, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) confirmed that the EU/Canada deal on collection of air travellers' data and sharing it breaches European law. This is the third time that the European Court has ruled against arrangements for mandatory storage of personal data.

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