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How are Eurozone Nations Taking Advantage of E-Commerce Technology?
The European Union is a true powerhouse in terms of the production of goods and services. While some may argue that China is hot on the tail of this region, the EU nonetheless represents a retail juggernaut.

How to Keep Up With Your Business Finances
When running a business, it can be incredibly difficult to understand your finances. However, keeping up with your business's finances is of the utmost importance and should be one of your main priorities while running a business.

How to Start Your Own Luxury Watch Business?
Watches are quite a popular accessory worn irrespective of gender. Watches are one accessory that goes with each and every outfit. If you have always loved watches and also wanted to be your own boss then what better than to start your own watch business.

UK online gambling market likely to become more restricted upon a no deal Brexit
The continued uncertainty surrounding Brexit is a cause of concern for many industries operating in the UK non the least the gambling industry.

EU Parliament deletes the worst threats to freedom of expression proposed in the Terrorist Content Regulation
Today, 17 April 2019, the European Parliament (EP) adopted its Report on the proposed Terrorist Content Regulation.

Tips For Landing Your Dream Job
Working a dead-end job you don't feel passionate about can be mentally and physically exhausting. This is why it's important to find a career that not only satisfies you but that also puts your skills to use daily, and something that you can see yourself doing for the long-term.

How Your Website Can Make or Break Your Business
Changes in the digital era happen so rapidly, and so exponentially that it is easy to think about last year's technological paradigm as ancient history.

The State Of UK-Forex Trading Market In 2019
In markets called foreign exchange markets, currencies are bought and sold just like any other commodity. Forex trading seems to be a growing popular strategy for building wealth and have a lavish lifestyle and a high degree of financial independence.

Europe's Brand-New Tech Giant Doesn't Even Have a Name Yet
This year, by far, hasn't been great for the Europeans in term of the tech market. Although one major event has turned the tables quickly, a spinoff company recently made public that it’ll be investing in tech for a wide range of applications.

Gaming is About to Get Serious: Here's Why
If you are an avid video game player than I am sure that you have been using your smartphone to play some games. However, the worst thing about using your phone is that regularly ads keep on popping while you are playing. But things are about to change especially for iPhone users.

Geeks: The True Warriors Out There Today
Imagine how our lives would be if we were not playing any video games? I am sure that even the thought of it feels like a horror movie. A world without Fortnite, Minecraft, Spore, Resident Evil and so many others would be impossible to live in this current world. But to whoever came up with the concept of video games we would like to say a special thank you.

4 Tips To Simplify Your Business
It isn't hard to understand that it can be tough being a business owner. Everyone has their personal and professional lives, and that doesn't even count the social life that many try to enjoy outside of their career and family. Your business alone might take up an extraordinary amount of your time, energy, and even money. However, there are some ways to make sure that you can keep things as simple as possible. Here are 5 tips on how to simplify your business.

3 Reasons Your Company Should Use a Proxy Server
There are many advantages to using a proxy server for business. With the endless evolution of the internet, it is getting harder and harder to operate online without making your information vulnerable or having your customers' data available for hackers to exploit.

Retailers commend European Commission for swift action against discriminatory Slovak tax
Commenting today on the European Commission announcement of an in-depth investigation into to the Slovak Retail Tax Law and an injunction suspending the application of the law, EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren said:

Switching Business Gas Providers: Why Every Business Needs to Do It
Running a business does have its pitfalls, and one of the hardest to control is overhead expenses. If your company relies heavily on electricity and gas to operate, you need to take a closer look at your utility bills and ensure that you are paying the most competitive tariff.

What to Expect at the EU-Startups Summit 2019
On May 2-3, the 2019 EU-Startups Summit will be held in sunny Barcelona. At the annual flagship event, Europe’s hottest startups will meet the most successful European entrepreneurs, innovators and investors to learn from them.

5 Reasons why you need personal finance apps
Everyone wants to improve their finances. Most of us carry several thousand dollars in credit card debt and are in bad shape, financially speaking.

The EU DIY Market Is Changing
In 2017 the European DIY market grew by 2% reaching a massive EUR 726.5 billion. The actual range of products on offer increased by 0.9% however the gardening range shrank by 0.1%.

Gambling Tax Across The EU: Which Countries Are Earning The Most Winnings From Casino?
Online gambling is one of the biggest markets in Europe. It’s worth billions of euros and contributes hugely to taxes across the continent.

Top Tips For Writing A Will
Writing a will is very important to make sure that your money and possessions go into the right hands when you die. Find out our top will writing tips here.

Why is Wordpress good for creating landing pages?
In a world dominated by digital marketing, it is important to attract and keep your customers on your website long enough to complete a transaction (be it a purchase or just a subscription). Landing pages are suited to achieve just this.

Joint action needed to tackle problems of plastic waste
Speaking today ahead of the European Parliament vote on the Plastics directive, EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren warned that the directive needs to be implemented properly and to avoid distorting the Single Market:

Censorship machine takes over EU's internet
Today, on 26 March, the European Parliament voted in favour of adopting controversial upload filters (Article 13/17) as part of the copyright Directive. This votes comes after what was an intense campaign for human rights activists, with millions of signatures, calls, tweets and emails from concerned individuals, as well as Europe-wide protests.

International Ecommerce Strategies for Better Online Purchases Worldwide
Doing business globally has now become easier than before. With so many international ecommerce platforms ready to be utilized to develop your online store, it is hard to say that your business will not do well worldwide. But developing a website is one thing and knowing about the international market is another thing.

Changing Demographic Trends Make It More Important to Sell Value Than Price
What's the easiest way to steal away a client from the competition? The old answer used to be: Offer to do the same, or better work for less money. In 2019, the answer is a little more complicated.

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