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EU-Singapore Trade Agreement underlines free trade as a vehicle for growth and prosperity
Speaking after the approval of the EU-Singapore Trade and Investment agreements by the European Parliament today EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren said:

How to Create the Perfect Sales Strategy for Real Business Growth
In order to grow your business and ensure it will have any kind of longevity, you need to attract new leads each and every day. Trying to wing it as you go isn't likely to cut it; you need to have a carefully-developed sales strategy in order to set out realistic goals and plan the steps you need to take to reach them.

How to Make the Most of a Business Trip to London
Business travel doesn't need to be all work and no pleasure, especially if you are heading into London. After all, the city is filled with many fantastic restaurants, exceptional attractions, and superb stores you would be foolish to ignore. If you have limited knowledge of the city but want to enjoy your time in the English capital, find out how to make the most of a business trip to London by following this guide:

Transparency and speed are vital when dealing with food safety
Speaking today after agreement in trilogue negotiations on the Regulation on Transparency and Sustainability in the EC Risk Assessment Process, EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren said:

No Deal Brexit Impact on Personal Finances
Since the 2016 EU Referendum, great swathes of the British public have little faith in a seamless Brexit transition.

Dealing effectively with dangerous imports is vital for consumers and fair competition
Speaking today at the conclusion of trilogue negotiations between Council, European Commission and Parliament on the Compliance and Enforcement Regulation, EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren congratulated the negotiators on finalising this important new regulation for consumers and all the supply chain:

United Coworking Kingdom - Why A Coworking Space Can Help Build A United Workforce
One article described the UK coworking scene as the "new normal" in office workspace. In fact, the numbers seem to agree with this assessment of London's coworking scene. Last year, the average desk occupancy rose from 102 members to just over 120 per space.

8 Steps to follow before taking out a Commercial Lease
Great, you have worked hard to get your business off the ground and now it is time to take up a commercial lease for the business premise.

Internal and External Links: What Do They Actually Do for Your Website?
Having a website that promotes your products and services online is great. It allows you to reach people who spend much of their time surfing the Net. Targeting them is going to pay off for sure because they form a big chunk of the population today. What's good about them is that they usually have the money to buy the products and services that you sell.

Vital Marketing Tricks for Amazon Sellers
Marketing products and services on online platforms like Amazon and eBay is different from advertising from your website. Sellers can find multiple selling opportunities on online marketplaces. You have to learn how to use these opportunities effectively to boost sales and grab the huge audience.

Discriminatory Slovak retail tax hurts consumers - EuroCommerce files official complaints
EuroCommerce has lodged two complaints to the European Commission against a new tax on retailers (Act No. 595/2003).

As the U.S. Opioid Crisis Rages On, Europe Continues to Hold Steady
If you were to rate the biggest health issues in the United States, you'd find that opioid drug addiction has become one of the most significant epidemics of our lifetime, by far. Yet, despite the well-publicized fact that the crisis has grown steadily over the past decade, the nations of Europe continue to function without experiencing any appreciable opioid-related issues.

Tips for financial managers in 2019
Companies have always relied on the financial strategy of their CEOs, and once a financial manager has been hired, that soon becomes their task. More than ever, new technologies are being rolled out each sector, and it's often down to a financial manager or director to decide whether it's worth their while to invest in them or ignore. With this in mind, here are a few strategic tips to save money, but also improve productivity.

Tips For Launching A Career In Business
Securing a career in business is a great goal to have but doesn't mean it's going to happen overnight. There are certain steps you'll need to take so you can get noticed and head down a path that's going to utilize your skills and talents appropriately.

5 ways to balance profit with purpose
Influencers of many kinds gathered in Davos again recently to discuss the problems our world faces. More than ever, they looked to business to come up with solutions.

Efficient Ways to Cut Costs, but still, Enhance Profits
The global economy is booming, the inception of new and efficient technologies has paved way for new businesses to barge in and take the lead. The digital revolution has created an array of pathways for a number of businesses to serve, create and hence become profitable. However, the increasing competition and financial scarcity have forced many corporates to cut down on their financial expenditures and even pulled some of the start-ups from the radar.

Handy Tips To Run A Productive Commercial Space
There are a number of ways that you can use a commercial space. Some include renting it out or making a profit by capital gain. Nevertheless, if you're thinking about running a productive commercial space, there are several important things that you should know.

Unicredit Stocks - Best Investment Solution for Traders
Unicredit is one of the world largest banking financial services companies. Based in Italy, and founded in 1998, Unicredit have a network of 8,500 branches which spans 17 countries and employ almost 150,000 people in total.

The Evolving 3D Printing Trends in Europe
3D printing was invented way back in the 1980s with the successful printing of a little black eye wash cup.

Brussels offers a secure alternative to London for UK creative industries post-Brexit
The Brussels Capital Region sets out to attract UK-based media, broadcasters and creative organisations to ensure access to European markets following Brexit

Call for an immediate moratorium of patents on plants and animals - International appeal to the President of the European Patent Office, Antonio Campinos
No Patents on Seeds! together with more than 40 other organisations today published an international appeal to the president of the European Patent Office (EPO), Antonio Campinos.

Competition between EU Businesses May Not Be the Worst Thing Ever
Competition can be defined as a test of rivalry. More often than not, it is associated with business. Business competition refers to the matchup between two firms looking to win sales, profit, and market share. It exists in every industry and, surprisingly, competition is good for a business venture. It is impossible not to find competitive rivalry.

Securing Your Business: 5 Online Hacks
Online hackers can cause a real problem for businesses, so being aware of this risk and aiming to prevent such hacks from occurring can make all the difference between a successful cyber attack and an unsuccessful one. Read below to get clued up on how you can prevent a cyber threat attacking your business' data.

A Guide to Running a Stress-Free Business in 2019
Stress and business don't need to go hand-in-hand. How you run your company can determine the level of pressure and strain you feel each day.

What It Takes To Find the Perfect Apartment
Finding a new apartment to rent in Edinburgh can be stressful if you don’t know how to go about it.

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