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7 Strategies For Landlords To Preserve Their Real Estate Investments
Looking for ways to protect your real estate investment from a distance? These strategies will help:

Brilliant Ways to Make an Online Course Attractive To Customers
Global market insights predict the yearly growth rate of eLearning market is to be 5% by 2025. A lot of people rely on the internet for information.

Retailers and wholesalers commend Commission action on AB InBev
Speaking today about the agreed resolution of the Commission's investigation of AB InBev's actions in hampering cross-border sales of beer, EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren commented:

Shaping Europe for SMEs
The European Union is at a crossroads. The upcoming elections of the European Parliament will be decisive, including for SMEs and the environment they do business in.

"This time I'm voting" - EuroCommerce supports campaign to mobilise citizens to vote in European elections
Speaking today on the occasion of Schuman Day, EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren said: "On 9 May 1950, French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman issued the declaration which laid the foundations of what, some 70 years later, has grown into today's European Union. This is indeed an achievement we should all celebrate today. The EU has brought all of us immense benefits, which it is sometimes easy to take for granted."

Considering Brexit
There are many that have the idea that the UK is the birthplace of online betting. Take Microgaming as a prime example. As one of the top software providers today Microgaming launched the first online casino and is still based in the Isle of Man, one of the crown dependencies.

With the Fall of Wonga, a New Era for High-Cost Credit
Many recent events have the United Kingdom's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) calling for the consumer credit sector, but one case in particular has regulators and civilians alike showing more scrutiny.

Find how the world of casinos has changed
People have been fascinated by the gambling world ever since they first saw a rolling dice. But the gambling world has not remained unchanged. In fact, the gambling industry has been in a state of constant development ever since its official commencement hundreds of years ago.

Hello Fresh Wants to Be the New Face of Food Internationally
Berlin-based meal kit delivery service Hello Fresh has been hungry in its aspirations in the food industry and now has a global market in its sights.

How Brexit drama keeps impacting the trade market
If there's one thing the financial markets dislike, it's uncertainty. We know that economic and political upheaval, natural disasters and conflicts can all affect currencies in the short-term, but uncertainty leaves a dark cloud hanging overhead. And when that uncertainty lasts for years, things can look very gloomy indeed.

As EU countries pursue CBD production, the US is key for CBD isolate and superior plant genetics
European countries are all following in the steps of the US, legalizing the use of CBD cannabidiol. The Netherlands, UK, Malta, Greece, Spain are all countries with big ambitions in this industry. But as many learn, it takes more than green soil to produce a superior end-product.

Is rebranding the right way to rebuild trust in political parties?
The British public is increasingly disillusioned with the political class - but can a rebranding exercise bring voters back on-board?

Avi Ben Ezra explains why European countries now embrace Chatbots
Europe is one of the regions that benefited the most from Chatbots - with more SMEs than ever starting to migrate towards full adoption of AI and Chatbots.

Make the Most of Your Business Trip Today
There are a lot of factors you need to keep in mind when you run a business, and this is something you need to think hard about. Do as much as you can to keep in mind the fact that you need to travel if you are serious about running a successful business. Generating interest abroad is so important, and this is something you need to make sure you work on moving forward.

Ways to Supplement a Single Income
With interest rates at near record lows and the squeeze on consumer finances always posing a risk, more people than ever are looking for ways in which to supplement their income source(s). This may be necessary due to an expanding family, unexpected financial emergencies or just one’s wages not going quite far enough.

Investors still have an appetite for UK property investment despite Brexit
The announcement that "Leavers" had won the 2016 independence referendum understandably prompted a slew of newspaper headlines many of which revolved around what it would mean for investment in the UK.

6 Of The Best Cities In Europe If You Want To Do Business
Doing business in Europe can be wonderful or simply horrible. There are many different things to consider and what city you base your operations in is definitely vital. Fortunately, in Europe there is no shortage of wonderful cities for those interested in doing business.

Top 3 Reasons to Make a Claim Against Your Employer
As an employee, you have rights. Click here for three reasons why you might decide to open legal proceedings against your employer.

How are Eurozone Nations Taking Advantage of E-Commerce Technology?
The European Union is a true powerhouse in terms of the production of goods and services. While some may argue that China is hot on the tail of this region, the EU nonetheless represents a retail juggernaut.

How to Keep Up With Your Business Finances
When running a business, it can be incredibly difficult to understand your finances. However, keeping up with your business's finances is of the utmost importance and should be one of your main priorities while running a business.

How to Start Your Own Luxury Watch Business?
Watches are quite a popular accessory worn irrespective of gender. Watches are one accessory that goes with each and every outfit. If you have always loved watches and also wanted to be your own boss then what better than to start your own watch business.

UK online gambling market likely to become more restricted upon a no deal Brexit
The continued uncertainty surrounding Brexit is a cause of concern for many industries operating in the UK non the least the gambling industry.

EU Parliament deletes the worst threats to freedom of expression proposed in the Terrorist Content Regulation
Today, 17 April 2019, the European Parliament (EP) adopted its Report on the proposed Terrorist Content Regulation.

Research reveals how lenders lure customers into high cost products
Research conducted by both Durham and Newcastle university exposes the numerous techniques that high-cost credit providers use to lure in borrowers. The leading researcher for the study was Newcastle University's Dr James Ash, who presented his findings at China’s Xi’an Jiatong-Liverpool University last month.

Tips For Landing Your Dream Job
Working a dead-end job you don't feel passionate about can be mentally and physically exhausting. This is why it's important to find a career that not only satisfies you but that also puts your skills to use daily, and something that you can see yourself doing for the long-term.

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