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Immigration in the Age of Covid-19
Covid-19 has had a huge impact on international travel which in turn has had massive implications for immigration.

4 Reasons Why You Could Benefit from a SIM Only Contract
When deciding on a new mobile phone or deciding to change networks, most mobile phone users choose a contact that includes the handset and a long-term agreement detailing specific amounts of minutes, data and texts.

What You Need for an English-teaching Career in Germany
The demand for English classes has continued to grow all around the world. In most European countries, English is not spoken as the native language. The countries in Europe, however, recognize the role of English in international business and relations.

Why Women's Sports Industry Must Be Protected
The summer of 2019 was something of a watershed moment for women's sport, as the FIFA Women’s World Cup took center stage in France.

How to Reduce Your Business’ Vehicle Operating Costs
Whether you have a single vehicle for running business errands or a gigantic fleet, vehicle operating costs can be significant.

Getting Emergency Loans: What You Need to Know
At some point in life, everyone would have emergency needs, whether for personal use or for business. The question, however, is if they have enough to cover for the emergency.

Farm-to-Fork – helpful step on the road to sustainable supply chains after COVID
Speaking today on the launch of the European Farm-to-Fork Strategy, EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren said:

Understanding cultural diversity in the European business environment
In the last few years, there has been a growing interest in doing business in Europe. Companies are keen on expanding internationally and appreciate that Europe offers the perfect climate in terms of positive investment.

5 Ways to Minimize Your Risks While Trading Forex
Despite what a lot of the sales pitches tell you, trading Forex comes with risk

The Basic First Steps to Becoming Your Own Boss
If you've spent years slaving away at a job that leaves you feeling uninspired and unsatisfied, you might decide that it's time to make a change.

How to Get Your Startup Ready for Funding
Many startups depend on funding to get their operations off the ground. When investors are doing their due diligence to find out if their money will be in good hands, there are a few things they look at. Many startups do not know what these things are, and so below we will look at what you can do to ensure your startup is ready for funding.

Why Customer Experience in a Crisis Matters More Than Ever
The world is going through one of its most challenging and unprecedented periods in history. Aside from its threat to human life, COVID-19 has flipped daily routines upside down and forever altered the business landscape.

Saving Money During an Economic Recession: What Works?
During an economic recession, a savings account can make or break financial fortitude. Now, more than ever, having a surplus of savings to rely on is crucial during these uncertain times.

Retailers and wholesalers call for urgent amendment of card fees regulation
EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren today pressed the European Commission to act on the growing problems facing retailers and wholesalers resulting from the limited scope of the Interchange Fee Regulation (IFR).

European Patent Office gives green light to prohibit patents on plants and animals
Patents on plants and animals derived from conventional breeding can be fully prohibited in Europe. This is the result of a verdict published today by the Enlarged Board of Appeal, the highest legal body of the European Patent Office (EPO).

Top Reasons to Translate Your Website in Coronavirus Time (COVID-19)
Certain events and mishaps take a massive toll on the business scene, and one of the recent examples is the COVID-19 menace. This pandemic has brought the world a standstill. Many countries are reeling under its grip, and they have been forced to deploy lockdown.

Civil society calls for a ban on biometric mass surveillance in Europe
European Digital Rights (EDRi) releases its paper "Ban Biometric Mass Surveillance: A set of fundamental rights demands for the EU Commission and EU Member States".

Should Your Business Be Using RegTech?
After the last great global financial crisis, financial service companies searched high and low for a tech tool that would allow them to keep pace with all the new regulatory rules that were being enforced upon them. For whatever reason, nobody was ever quite able to find a piece of tech that made life easier in this sense. That was until a few years ago…

Do European Businesses Make the Most of Welcome Offers?
Growth is key to businesses, along with ambition, for those who seek to capitalise on a gap in the market. Many use the measurement of growth as the benchmark of success, and so, are continually seeking new ways to grow.

Europe - at 70, needed more than ever
To mark Europe Day tomorrow, and the anniversary 70 years ago of the Schuman Declaration, Christian Verschueren, Director-General of EuroCommerce issues the following statement.

COVID-19 Lockdown: New Measures and Research Come to the UK as Concerns of Problem Gambling Rise
Whilst the bricks-and-mortar side of the gambling industry has faced major closures, online casinos are still in operation, leading many to grow concerned over the impact lockdown will have on problem gamblers.

How Businesses are Using Virtual Data Rooms to Solve Problems
In an effort to make this world a better place, more and more businesses are showing eco-friendly initiatives. Not only has it saved them much money, but it has also increased their efficiency and productivity.

Get the Right Mobile Deal for You Moving Forward
There are always going to be occasions in which you need to make sure you are looking for the perfect mobile phone deal.

Unpacking the EU's renewables strategy
Renewables are currently a hot topic in politics. But the measures we go to save the planet are only as powerful as the number of countries and people following the rules.

Sports betting firms and Premier League relationship won't end anytime soon
English football clubs have long been associated with the world of sports betting. Just look around the stadiums of the Premier League and you will find adverts for sportsbooks at pitchside or on the shirts worn by players.

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