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Why is the Tesla Cybertruck Revolutionary

Tesla recently unveiled the highly anticipated Cybertruck and it is safe to say that they did not disappoint - not that Tesla ever does with their incredible events.

The Tesla Cybertruck looks set to be a revolutionary vehicle which promises the utility of a truck with the performance of a sports car.


Elon Musk claims that the Cybertruck has incredible specs, including the ability to tow and carry as much or more than the Big 3 pickups while also accelerating 0-62 in just three-seconds. Not only this, but the most expensive version of the striking-looking vehicle will be capable of delivering a staggering 500-plus miles of range which will certainly put worries about range anxiety and new technology to bed in the electric car market.


What is most notable about the Cybertruck is its futuristic look. While some have criticized the design of the vehicle like something out of a science fiction film, there is no denying the strength of the stainless steel body which was left without a mark after it was hit multiple times with a sledgehammer during the unveiling. Not everything went according to plan, however, with the windows shattering when a heavy steel ball was thrown despite Musk's claims that the glass was virtually unbreakable - a gaffe that he was able to laugh off.


Despite its angular and loud exterior design, the Cybertruck adopts a more minimalist approach inside with a smooth white table-top dashboard which contains only a large infotainment tablet and a strangely shaped steering wheel. The Cybertruck is also capable of carrying a total of 6 people with two rows of three so it is a vehicle that will be fit for commercial purpose.


The Telsa Cybertruck is not available until late 2021, but those that are eager can already reserve the truck for just $100. There are three options available; the single-motor, rear-wheel drive (predicted to have a range of 250 miles) for $39,000, the dual-motor, all-wheel drive (predicted to have a range of 300 miles) for $49,000) and the tri-motor, all-wheel drive (predicted to have a range of 500 miles) for $69,000.


While it may be some time till the Cybertruck graces the streets, you can still lease existing Tesla models like the mightily impressive Model 3, Model S and Model X vehicles from places like ZenAuto which can be a cost-effective way to get behind the wheel of these progressive automobiles.

As you would expect with any Telsa event, the unveiling of the highly-anticipated Cybertruck was a huge and shocking event and it is certainly a vehicle which has created a lot of buzz and excitement. It could prove to be a revolutionary pickup truck and one which plays a huge role in modern life for many in the near future.

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