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A Genuine Virtual Assistant: Why Alexa is a Big Deal

While technological leaps are marked by incredible milestones, it can often feel like taking two steps forward requires you to take one step back.

Students - Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

There are plenty of incredible leaps in technology that happened to come at the wrong time, such as the advancement of motion control. Instead of continuing down the path of motion control, touch technology became the next big thing.

It can often feel like with every significant accomplishment there are a few gimmicks that fall short. Surprisingly enough, the world of voice integration is being revisited with the dawn of powerful software and voice assistants such as Alexa. While it might have been seen as a gimmick before, it is making waves now for several reasons.

How Alexa integrates into everyday life

The reason why Alexa sees so much success where similar technologies have failed is due to how easy it is to integrate Alexa's voice request system into most modern apps. For example, a homeowner can have Alexa control some of the more high-end technology installed in their home. It can also be utilised with smart TVs and can be used to play music or games.

Alexa can be integrated with apps for transportation, dining, and so much more. Do you need to get from one place to another? Ask Alexa. Do you want to order a pizza for your guests? Use Alexa.

All about the timing

There are some ideas that fail not because they are bad ideas - but because the technology is not there yet. For example, the use of virtual reality was a big hit back in the day, but it never truly realised its potential due to the lack of commercial technology which supported it. On the other hand, Alexa was introduced to a world run by apps, and Alexa skills development has led to numerous breakthroughs.

While virtual assistants are nothing new, Alexa is unique due to how easily it can integrate into most useful applications available today.

From the casual experience to business meetings

The use of Alexa skills is not restricted to homeowners - entrepreneurs can also make use of the virtual assistant to make things more comfortable around the office. A good example would be to have Alexa as a virtual secretary. It can remind you of events and meetings, as well as organise documents. Depending on how willing you are to integrate it with business software, it can do much more than merely being a virtual reminder. Given enough time and dedication, Alexa skill developers could very well make things easier for employees in the workplace.

The best part is that despite all of the accomplishments of Alexa since its inception, it is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many different types of apps waiting for integration, and voice requests are slowly but surely becoming the norm in most households. It is an exciting time for voice integration!

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