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The UK Gambling Round-up: Last Year in Numbers

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is known as a world-class and leading gambling regulator for good reason, and it doesn't just relate them being head honcho and top dog when it comes to player protection and a legislative framework but is more a reflection on the holistic approach they take to the whole industry.

Each year, the UKGC undertakes in-depth research and data collection about the UK gambling industry. Including key EU business insights such as who is playing, from what devices and which locations- it's incredibly interesting stuff, especially if you're on the look-out for the latest trends and consumer info about the gambling industry. Here's the round-up, from the experts at and the UKGC of last year in facts and figures!

How Big is the UK Gambling Market and What Changed Last Year?

UK gambling - Image UKGC(2019)In terms of gambling yield, the UK market is one of the biggest, worth a huge £14.5bn, falling slightly from 2017's figures. Online gaming contributes the most to UK growth and gambling revenue at >38+ of the market share. Whilst the non-remote sector saw a decrease in revenue and land-based betting shops and bingo premises, but casinos are still on the rise!

Who Gambles in the UK?

From the revenue figures above, you wouldn't be mistaken in thinking the whole country is having a cheeky side bet on creative markets. However, that's not quite the picture. According to the UKGC Gambling Participation Survey, 48% of respondents had gambled in the past 4 weeks

(keep in mind that this includes the national lottery) of which 40% was online gambling.

More men (51%) than women (41%) had partaken in gambling during this period. The most active age group for UK gambling is 55-64 years olds, unless we minus the national lottery, then the 25-34-year-old age group are the biggest target market for online gaming.

How and Where Do Online Gamblers Play?

In terms of where online players opt to gamble, the watershed trend is from home with 96% of respondents giving this as their main location for partaking in gambling.

Although almost 100% of players are stationary at their home, and not on the go, there's still a 55% use of mobile phones as the main way to partake in gambling. Showing that players prefer the ease of using a mobile over a laptop and leaving no doubt as the figures finally reflect that mobile gambling has come to dominate, with 55% of players opting for instant access.

Mobile gambling - Image UKGC(2019)

The use of mobile gambling in Europe shows even more market penetration, but without industry figures, however operators such as Sky Bet report in excess of 80% of revenues coming through the mobile channel (EGR Global, 2017).

What Does This Mean for Online Casinos and the Industry?

Online Casinos needs to stay fresh, funky and competitive, appealing to their younger target market. Platforms and casinos should be mobile-first when it comes to design and company outlook, but not leave desktop players behind.

As the race to provide the best mobile casino experience has never been tenser. The fight for the top spot is on and everybody has something to offer, but who players ultimately side with is up to them. Check out the top contenders for best mobile casinos, according to CasinoGuide, and find out what it takes to reach the top spots in the eyes of the experts.

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