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3 Reasons Your Online Store Isn't Attracting Customers

Despite investing much time and money into your online business, it might be failing to connect with your target demographic. While you might be tempted to shut your internet store for good due to limited traffic, you should first explore ways to grow your online reach and customer base.

To identify where you could be going wrong, read the three reasons why your online store isn't attracting customers.

1. Your Prices are Too High or Low

If your website routinely attracts customers, but you are struggling with a high bounce rate and limited sales, it could be an indication that your prices are either too high or low.

For example, if you offer an expensive price point, a potential customer might click away from your site to find a more affordable competitor. However, if your prices are too low, a visitor might assume you are selling poor quality products and will not trust your brand.

It is important to bear in mind that a high price point won't always equal a superb profit margin, and that customers aren't always looking to invest in the cheapest products on the market. It might be wise to adjust your price point to encourage more visitors to become customers.

2. You're Failing to Master SEO

If, however, you are struggling to drive much traffic to your ecommerce store, it could be due to poor SEO optimization. If you want to rank at the top of the search engines for powerful keywords, you cannot afford to ignore search engine optimization tactics.

It might be worthwhile hiring an established ecommerce SEO company to improve your position in Google. For example, they can conduct keyword research to identify the words and phrases your target market is searching for online. They can also expertly improve your site's structure, optimize your content with powerful keywords, and make improvements to your website to help you climb up the search engines.

3. You're Solely Focused on New Customers

While you might be eager to grow your customer base to increase your sales, a failure to retain your existing clientele could be your company's biggest downfall. After all, it can cost five to seven times more to land a new customer than to retain an existing one.

To encourage your past customers to order from your company time and again, you should:

  • Develop personalized and segmented email marketing campaigns
  • Build connections with customers via social media
  • Quickly respond to their questions
  • Provide incentives – (e.g., promotional codes on their next order or a free gift)

If you secure a customer's loyalty, they will be more likely to make multiple orders from your online store and recommend your brand to their family, friends, and colleagues.

You also could encourage them to return by regularly asking your customers for feedback, which could help you to tweak or change your products or services to build a stronger brand and improve customer satisfaction. Asking for their feedback could also make them feel valued, which can improve the customer experience.

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