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How to Tell If Your Small Business Needs a Marketing Consultant

If you are the owner or manager of a small business with extremely low sales volume, it could just be that what you are in need of is some good, solid marketing. Unfortunately, you may not be convinced that marketing, or lack of marketing, is at the root of your current financial problems.

Here is where it pays to look at some of the telltale signs that you are in need of a marketing consultant.

No Marketing Strategy

When you need to ask yourself if you need a marketing consultant, chances are you have no marketing strategy whatsoever. You probably buy ads here and there as sales reps approach you and when those don't turn out to bring the business you had imagined or had been promised, you do away with marketing altogether. It is important to bear in mind that marketing will not, and cannot, be effective if it isn't built around a strategy. According to the marketing consulting Tampa services of the expert consultants at iFame Media, marketing simply will not yield results if it isn't built around a tailored strategy. You may get a few hit-and-miss sales, but that is as far as random attempts will go.

Lack of Time or Personnel

Then there is the fact that most small business owners and managers are already wearing several hats, as the case may be. There may be a lack of personnel and unfortunately, with low sales volume, not enough money to hire additional help. If you lack the time, expertise or personnel to design and implement a marketing strategy, you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you need marketing consulting without delay.

Few Leads and Sales Conversions

Perhaps you have been dabbling in marketing on your own or with your team. Do you find that you are not getting solid leads and the leads you are getting just aren't being converted? If leads and/or sales are low, poor or nonexistent marketing is probably at the root of your woes. Lead generation is both an art and a science and the key to an effective lead generation platform is in having a way to qualify leads before pursuing them. However, you know this but perhaps never thought of it in terms of marketing! In fact, lead generation is a big part of marketing and is, in turn, dependent on market research. Again, this is where a marketing consultant comes into play. They understand marketing analytics and can quickly identify your main audience in order to build a solid strategy to reach them and prepare them to buy.

These are just three of the signs that your business is in dire need of a marketing consultant. There are other things which may ring a bell, such as not being able to see what sets you apart from the competition, and believe it or not, this is huge. Besting the competition is critical in sales of any kind, whether in price or quality. A marketing consultant can get real results, but first, you have to find one! Do you want to generate more leads and boost sales? Marketing is where it starts and ends. That is your key takeaway for today.

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