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Unpacking the language of online retail

Increasingly people are taking their shopping online as the pain of finding parking and negotiating crowds at the mall slowly but surely takes its toll on busy people.


It is so much easier to go online, click a few boxes and then leave your card details, purchase arriving anything from 30 minutes to a month later – depending on the nature of the transaction. It is also that to browse and shop online, as unlike the mall, the internet is open all the time. As people are increasingly going online to shop, so too are smaller operations or individuals setting themselves up with their own stores. If this is something that you are interested in exploring but you are still confounded by all the jargon and technical terms, here are a few things to help you unpack it.

What is Magento

Magento uses PHP code and provides an open-source e-commerce platform. It provides online retailers, brands, and merchants with a platform to sell their products or services online. It is the shopping cart functionality that we are most familiar with, but Magento is so much more than just that. It is innovative and adaptive and flexible to the client's needs and can grow in capacity and style as you grow. You have control over the look and feel of the e-commerce platform, you can control the content and even the functionality is can be tailored to suit your company's style of selling. Find a Magento SEO company that knows the platform and can professionally steer customers to your online store.

Search engine optimisation of e-commerce

It is important to have a regular supply of original content. It can't be repeat information from other sites which are unoriginal and recycled and it must be fresh and up to date. Don't have content sitting there for months getting old. Also have links embedded in your site that link to other external partners and the same vice versa. This improves search engine rankings as it shows credibility and reliability. When operating an online store, eCommerce SEO is your lifeline to attracting new customers.

Making use of drop shipping

This is a relatively new term that has come about since the rise of online stores and online shopping. What this is, in the e-commerce space, is the selling and delivering of goods that are not kept and even owned by the business. Rather, it goes straight from the wholesaler or even manufacturer directly to the customer or consumer. So essentially this is a frontend supply chain management of customer orders and shipments.

What about Shopify?

Shopify offers a holistic end to end e-commerce solution for you which can be clothed in your branding and adapted to your unique needs. It provides seamless integration between your website, social media, the purchase portals and pretty much everything you need to be able to sell online. Instead of building all this from scratch or using several providers to plug different required services into your online store, Shopify gives this to you all in one place.

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