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How to Earn a Degree Faster

Whether you're planning on founding your own business or pursuing employment in the corporate sector, the skills and credentials obtained through a degree program can help you enhance your career and increase your income.

However, the downside is that it can take years to graduate, and even then, you're not immediately guaranteed a high-paying position. In fact, you'll often have to establish a base level of experience before you can gain access to the more prestigious roles that are available to holders of the degree type you've chosen. Luckily, you can reliably expedite the process by heeding the following three tips:

1. Opt for an Online Degree Program

Web-based degree programs like the kind offered by Marian University Online allow you to complete courses at your own pace. As a result, you can earn the same kind of degree you would obtain from a physical university in a fraction of the time and have the flexibility of doing your schoolwork anywhere there's an internet connection. That means you can even study and take tests directly on your smartphone or tablet while commuting. With the ability to accelerate the learning curve and bring your schooling everywhere, you'll be in an ideal position to earn your degree as quickly as possible.

2. Choose a Shorter Educational Path

Of course, another way to graduate faster is to select a degree program that's designed to let you graduate in 2 years or less. Obviously, opting for a 4 to 8 year degree program won't be an optimal course of action for anyone who is in a rush to get out into the workforce. Fortunately, there are many 24-month Bachelor's degrees that can be earned in high demand industries like nursing. With a BA in any field, you should be able to land a decent entry-level salary while you continue your education in your spare time to level up to a master's degree and the higher incomes that come with it.

3. Stick to a Full-Time Schedule

Even though an online program would give you the convenience of doing the work any time you'd like, that doesn't mean the work is going to do itself. You still need to have a level of commitment that will keep you actively advancing at an accelerated pace. Use a scheduling app to carefully plan out your work weeks and you'll find it much easier to reach your educational goals faster.

Self-Paced Learning Can be Faster, or It Can be Slower

In closing, one common misconception that is important to correct is the assumption that enrolling in a self-paced program is automatically going to decrease the amount of time it will take to earn your degree. If you don't heed #3 above and make a personal goal of chipping away at your education on a daily basis, the opposite – a lengthened course of study – will probably be the result. Ultimately, if you're not confident that you'll be able to keep up with your own schedule, then a conventional on-campus program might be the quicker route.

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