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The Most Popular Education Career Choices in the UK

Gaining a qualification in education is a great way to get into teaching as well as many other roles. Education doesn't necessarily just mean that you must be a teacher or lecturer in your subject; there are many other popular education career choices in the UK. Below we look at some of these and what their roles include.


In higher education systems, research staff can be employed to work on collaborative projects or individual projects. Mostly this research will be science-based and so holding a degree in a science subject bodes well. There are other opportunities too, though, such as social science projects and humanities, so research is still worth a consideration no matter what your background. For those who aren't looking for full-time work or want a flexible role, research staff are usually employed on a temporary basis and the work is flexible.

Teaching Assistant

Every modern classroom needs a teaching assistant to help support the teachers. The role of a teaching assistant is usually to help with classes, administrative tasks, and it can involve a range of age groups. Some teaching assistants assist children in schools that have special needs and may need help reading and writing in class. You may even choose to become a teaching assistant in SEN (Special Needs Education). As you grow in confidence in your role, you will be able to coordinate teaching areas and take more responsibility.

Careers Adviser

A careers adviser helps children usually around the age of 13 onwards and guides them into career roles. As a careers adviser, you will be explaining and providing information regarding job roles or higher education paths that will lead to a career in the future. This can be done by getting to know the child and their skill set, so you can get them onto a career path that would suit them. You will also assist in creating CV's, cover letters, and holding mock interviews for students to gain experience before going out into the real world.

Curriculum Management

If you want to move away from teaching slightly and take on a more managerial role then curriculum management may be the right career choice for you. This role is usually in schools and is linked to one specific teaching area. The general duties include monitoring teachers' performance as well as students and increasing the standards of education in your specific field. If you want to get into education, you will need a masters degree in education UK. This can be gained through an online university, meaning you can work whilst you study for your new degree.

There are plenty of other career options in education and they do not stop here. You may also choose to work in a museum, in the community as an education officer or in a university setting. This will all depend on your previous background and what age range you are willing to work with, but getting into teaching provides plenty of opportunities.

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