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US set to follow Europe's lead and move towards matched betting and in-play wagering

As the sports betting market in the US continues to evolve, operators, as well as new brands entering the market, are dreaming up innovative solutions in an attempt to entice more American sports betting fans to wager online.

Sports betting US

As mobile technology continues to develop too, ideas and concepts from Europe, where the market is much more mature, could soon be heading across the Atlantic, as operators turn their attentions to in-play betting and matched betting, both of which have proved popular in Europe.

In-play betting

In-game betting refers to laying on an outcome of a game whilst the action is unfolding, For example, if you happen to be watching a football match with you mobile device nearby, you can login to your chosen bookmaker and instantly gain access to a plethora of in-play markets to bet on; for example you could bet on the next goal scorer in a football match.

This way of wagering is becoming increasing popular, particularly in this 'on demand' era; no longer do punters have to wait hours for matches to finish, they can place bets and reap the rewards (or not) in a short period of time.

Matched Betting

Matched betting is different in that it's viewed as more of a 'risk-free' proposition. Essentially the best matched betting sites allow users access to a system whereby bookmaker incentives like free bets are used to bet on both outcomes of a sporting content. If you bet on a both outcomes, then you cannot lose, and this system is generally considered win-win if done properly and you make use of the tools and strategies.

There are a number of matched betting calculators, strategies and guides to help but it's regarded as a relatively simple and easy-to-understand phenomenon and it has taken iGaming markets like the UK by storm.

Learning lessons

Vegas aside, the majority of US sports fans who bet online are new to the whole process, particularly given that it's been not long over a year since regulation was changed in certain states, although more are likely to follow suit quickly.

In Europe, online sports betting took off in the late 90s and American brands and operators are keen to draw on the decades of experience the continent boasts in this market.

Traditional approaches like simply offering would-be punters the chance to back their favourite sports team isn't enough; European bettors have engaged with brands and capitalised on the thrill of features like in-game betting, or the softer assurance of matched betting,

In fact, at an industry event, FSTA 2018, a Paddy Power employee declared that roughly 70 percent of bets taken in Europe are in-game bets and with the market saturated with bookmaker bonuses and incentives it was only going to be a matter of time before matched betting was born.

Sara Slane, senior vice president at the American Gaming Association, citing sources, said that "…this is the future. This is where we want to head."

With that attitude and approach publicly declared it won't be long before matched betting and in-transform the US sports betting market, which will be good news for the US economy and avid sports bettors.

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