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Where should I look for regulatory advice?

Attempting to succeed in business is difficult. Combined with the day to day management of the business itself, there are huge amounts of admin, regulation, and legislation that all need to be followed to the letter.

One small mistake in any of these areas can have significant consequences, often ending in financial payments or worse. In many of these situations, you can't claim ignorance of the rules as an excuse either, so there is even more pressure on you to get everything right.

However, a quick google search will bring up lots of regulatory advice, from FCA compliance to European financial regulations. This does present its own problems though - where should you go for advice and who should you trust on the important issues?

Online advice guides only go so far

While FAQs and advice guides can present useful information on a range of topics, they will always be limited to the bare minimum, and are only able to discuss things in a general sense. If you have specific questions or are facing a difficult and complicated situation, don't expect these to provide you with everything you need to know.

Find trusted sources

Although the internet is to be praised for its accessibility, you can't necessarily trust everything that you read. If your source seems to be lacking in references or is written badly, then it might be worth steering clear of it. Anyone can post anything to the internet, and this includes regulatory advice, but if you don't know who has written it, then how do you know if the information is true?

Engage with specialist consultants

There are a number of companies who specialise in offering expert regulatory advice for all your needs, and it is well worth approaching one of these if you need specific information. Not only will a face to face discussion allow you to explain any queries, but each problem can be tackled with relevant contextual information, so you can be sure that you have been given the correct information.

Companies will also take on different aspects of compliance and can advise you in areas you assumed you had all the information, potentially saving you from a costly mistake.

At Robert Quinn Consulting, we pride ourselves on excellence, offering value for money across every sector of compliance and regulatory advice that you need. For more information, please take a look at our history.

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